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Located between Rock Mountain and Lavendar Mountain in the Texas Community.

Church Minutes Jan 12, 1883

The following ministers C E Wright and D C Espy by invitation met with brethren and sisters at Weathers School

House for the purpose of organising a church. Deacons J S Espy, C D Murdock and Brethren Virgal McKenney and William

McKenney were invited to become members of the Presbytery.  Presbytery organised by electing D C Espy, Mod., J S Espy,

 Clerk.  Sermon preached by C E Wright.  On motion, Presbytery approved of the Church being organised. 

When the following persons presented letters:

Males: Wm Caudel; Michel E Cooper, Wm R Cooper, Cyrenious R Caudel, Calvin Caudel, Joseph Hicks

Females: A A Hicks, L M Caudel, Iantha Burnes, Nancy Cooper, Hulda Caudel. 


The church stopped having regular services in 1929 because the boll weevil destroyed the cotton crops on the surrounding

farms and many of the families moved away.  In 1974 an arsonist burned down the little church.  It was rebuilt in time for the

San Springs Homecoming in July of 1974.  This homecoming has been held for many years and continues into the present.

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