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Robert Leath - 01/05/98 Loking for information on a Baptist Church that was started in the late 1800's in Livington, GA, Which understand is across the river from Plant Hammons, which is in Coosa. I have called everyone I can think of about this, do you have any suggestions. It is said that my G-grandmother Mrs Cullie Ray, started this church sometimes between 1880 and 1900. Robert Leath, P.O. Box 3182 Auburn, AL. 36831
C O Pierce/ B. Pierce - 01/05/98 Looking for information in Paulding, Polk & Floyd Counties on the COKERS, listed in 1920 Census (under Pierce) Vina Coker, PIERCE, James Richardson, PIERCE, Bartow (J H), PIERCE, John H, PIERCE Elder D. (L D), PIERCE, Carrie, PIERCE, Charley H., PIERCE, Horris W. PIERCE, Charley H. (These were listed in the 1920 Census with the spelling PEARCE, don't know if that was a mistake on the Census Taking Person, but James Richardson was my father, and he spelled his name PIERCE. They resided in Rockmart at the time of the 1920 census, unsure of before & after that, but it appears that most of them stayed in this area or surrounding Polk, Paulding or Floyd County. Also looking for local cemetaries that may hold the key in Polk, Paulding & Floyd Counties. If you knos of any that have PIERCE, COKER, BAXTER people buried there, please let me know. We also have web page setup at http://www.angelfire.com/ga/georgiapierces which is still under construction. If you are researching PEEK you might want to look at our website also and contact at same email address.
Virginia A. Martin - 01/05/98 I've always heard my ggrandfather got in trouble and changed his name. I sure can't find him; he has an unusual name! He is Robert Hillard(or Hentlit)BOUGUES,BOGUES,BOGUS born 6 June 1854 in Rome GA. He was 3/4 Cherokee Indian. His mother was full-blood and his father 1/2 blood Indian. He married Emla(or Emily) S. WILSON on 25 Dec.1885. She was from LA. I find them and their children on 1900-1920 Red River Parish, LA. censuses. There were 20 children!! They are as following: Lula,1886; Buddie,1887; Beulah,1888; Jerry W.,1889; Robert E. Lee(or R.H.sr.),1891; John Franklin(my grandpa),1892; Pearlie,1893; Vealor,1894; Nealie,1895; Mealie(Dove),1897; Savanna,1898; Brilianna,1899; Carrie,1901; Noah,1902; Sam, 1904; Emily, 1906; J.Doyle,1908; Rod, 1910; Curtis,1912; and Bertie Bee,1914. How do I search Cherokee records; if I have the correct birth date it shouldn't be too hard. They also lived in TX. for a while. He could have been born in Tenn. by one account. Is there a 1850-1880 census record? Thank ya'll so much for any help. My address is - Virginia B. Martin, 489 Hwy 505, Dodson,LA 71422, (318)628-7340.
AisRose - 01/05/98 Looking for information about John LEE, b. 1819 in KY, who lived in Floyd county, GA, with wife, Louisa, by 1850. The Lees moved to Carroll county, GA, prior to 1870. Also looking for information on the CASY, CASEY, CASSY, or CASSIE family which lived next door to the Lees.
Virginia A. Martin - 01/12/98 I've always heard my ggrandfather got in trouble and changed his name. I sure can't find him; he has an unusual name! He is Robert Hillard (or Hentlit)BOUGUES,BOGUES,BOGUS born 6 June 1854 in Rome GA. He was 3/4 Cherokee Indian. His mother was full-blood and his father 1/2 blood Indian. He married Emla(or Emily) S. WILSON on 25 Dec.1885. She was from LA. I find them and their children on 1900-1920 Red River Parish, LA. censuses. There were 20 children!!They are as following: Lula,1886; Buddie,1887; Beulah,1888; Jerry W.,1889; Robert E. Lee(or R.H.sr.),1891; John Franklin(my grandpa),1892; Pearlie,1893; Vealor,1894; Nealie,1895; Mealie(Dove),1897; Savanna, 1898; Brilianna,1899; Carrie,1901; Noah,1902; Sam, 1904; Emily, 1906; J.Doyle,1908; Rod, 1910; Curtis,1912; and Bertie Bee,1914. How do I search Cherokee records; if I have the correct birth date it shouldn't be too hard. They also lived in TX. for a while. He could have been born in Tenn. by one account. Is there a 1850-1880 census record? Thank ya'll so much for any help. My address is - Virginia B. Martin, 489 Hwy 505, Dodson,LA 71422, (318)628-7340.
Martha K. Odom - 01/12/98 Researching John DAVIS (b. 16 May 1842 - d. 24 Mar 1922 in Floyd County, Ga) who married Martha Adaline MILAM (b. 7 Jan 1849 - d. 18 Oct 1928 in Floyd County, GA) on 2 May 1867. Both were buried at the Old Antioch Baptist Church cemetery, which is now on the Rocky Mountain property. John was the son of Joseph E. DAVIS (b. Unknown in New York - d. Before 1860, probably in Floyd County, GA) who married Amy HARGIS (b. Unknown - d. After 1860, probably in Floyd County, GA). I am sure that John had siblings, but have no information on them. If anyone has information on this family, please contact me.
Martha K. Odom - 01/12/98 Researching W. F. (William?) WHITFIELD (b. Unknown - d. 19 May 1889 in Floyd County, GA) who married Elizabeth _____ (b. Unknown - d. 11 Dec 1874 in Floyd County, GA). Both are supposed to buried at the Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Floyd County. Their daughter, Mary Parthenia WHITFIELD (b. 1 Aug 1863 - d. 6 Mar 1943) married John Shelton PLEDGER on 24 Jan 1878 in Floyd County, GA. If anyone has information on the WHITFIELD family, please contact me.
Martha K. Odom - 01/12/98 Researching John Pearson GILES (b. 17 Feb 1845 - d. 24 Mar 1910) who married Mary Elizabeth (Molly) DANIEL (b. 14 Sep 1841 - d. 20 Oct 1925) on 20 Feb 1868. Mary (Molly) is buried at the Beech Creek United Methodist Church cemetery in Floyd County. John Pearson is buried in Pisgah, AL. Their children were: Charles W. GILES, Clarry L. GILES, Willie James GILES, Winnie Mary GILES, Florence Elizabeth GILES, and Eula Louise GILES (who married Arch Dean DAVIS). I have no information on either John Pearson's or Mary Elizabeth's parents; however, I do know that Mary Elizabeth had a sister named Lou/Louise who married a POWELL and later moved to Oklahama. If anyone has any information on this family, please contact me.
Martha K. Odom - 01/12/98 Researching Aquilla PHELPS (b. 12 Dec 1789 in Rowan County, NC - d. About 1871 in Floyd County, GA) who married Jane HENSON (b. Unknown - d. Unknown) in Clarke County, GA on 1 Dec 1807. Aquilla's father was Thomas PHELPS (b. 19 Aug 1759 in Rowan County, NC - d. 12 Jul 1835 in Jasper County, GA) who married a TEAKLE (not sure if this was her first or last name). Aquilla lived in Jasper County, GA for most of his life; however, most of his children had migrated to Floyd County by the 1850s. If anyone has information on this family, please contact me.
Martha K. Odom - 01/12/98 Researching John Henry HOUSE (b. 26 Apr 1847 - d. 21 Apr 1907 in Floyd County, GA) who married Matilda Jane CALLAWAY (b. 18 Sep 1848 - d. 5 Apr 1903 in Floyd County, GA) on 24 Dec 1871 in Floyd County, GA. Both were buried at Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Floyd County. I have their children as: Georgia HOUSE and Willie Lou HOUSE (twins), Sarah Edna HOUSE, Mary Jane HOUSE, Charles Daniel HOUSE, Saphronia Ann HOUSE, David Franklin HOUSE, and Hattie Jane HOUSE. I have limited information on John Henry's ancestors, but nothing on the CALLAWAY family. Will be happy to share or exchange information.
Stephen Duck - 01/12/98 I am researching the family of my great grandparents Bruce Jackson HARPER who married Mabel TURNER (Chulio area). One of their children, Elminnie HARPER married Lionel A. MARR. One of their children, Lenora MARR (Armuchee) married Bobby DUCK. I am also researching any information regarding the DUCK name. The father of Bobby Duck & Nolan Duck was Arthur D. DUCK and their mother was Flonnie PRICE Duck. Any and all information will be appreciated in beginning a tree for these families.
Gerry Neal - 01/12/98 Looking for any information on my gg grandfather, Henry Theodore EVANS, who supposedly left Rome, Ga. in 1860-61 for Anderson Co, Texas. If you can post this it will be appreciated. Gerry Neal, 272 N. Spruce Ave., Bartlesville Ok., 74006.
C. C. Bynum - 01/19/98 Does anyone have any information on the ORR STUDIOS in Rome around the 1880's and took most of the family pictures we have. The earliest were before 1884. I would be interested to know if there were any records preserved.
Pegann - 01/19/98 Looking for any information on WALL or WALLS family in Rome. My greatgrandmother was MARCELLA WALL or WALLS. She had two sisters, one named GEORGIA WALL/WALLS. Marcella's birthdate is estimated 1865-1870. She married WESLEY FARA CAMP. Children were: ARTHUR, HERMAN, DELLA, CLEO and ADA. Wesley was the son of HOSEA MILTON CAMP, born abt 1824. Would dearly love to find out who Marcella's parents were and more about them.
Joanne Meyer - 01/19/98 Researching the surname WHEELER in Rome, GA. Hansel Travilla (or Trevella) WHEELER (b 8 Sep 1904 in Rome,GA). His parents were Travis WHEELER (b. unknown date in Rome, GA) and Martha (b. unknown date in Rome, GA).
Carol Ann Tindell - 01/19/98 Looking for further info on this family: Homer Asbury BOWERS b. 6/1884 Union Co. GA d. aft 1970 in Floyd Co. married abt 1912 to Minnie L. SEAY b. 2/17/1889 d. 8/1979 in Rome, Floyd Co., GA. Children: Clarice, Neola and Naomi (twins). Homer was an engineer at the Tate Marble Quarry in Pickens Co. before moving to Floyd Co. abt 1920.
Deb Gattis - 01/19/98 Researching Burrell Holcomb and son Moses Holcomb. Burrell stayed in SC, I believe. Moses reportedly lived in Floyd Co., Ga-Cherokee Co., Ala area ca 1830-1860 maybe longer. (Someone from this line applied for Cherokee Land Application from Floyd Co) Moses' sons William and John and daughter Betsy married in Benton Co-Cherokee Co during 1840s.
Charlie Dorries - 01/19/98 I am researching the Dorris(Dorries) and Persall(Persol) families. William Edward Dorris (Dorries) was born Aug 28, 1872. He married Rodie A. Lee in Cullman, Al on Oct 27,1901. She gave birth to a son Luther Edward on Dec 14, 1903. Apparently, Rodie Lee died shortly after and William married Lenora M. Persall Shoemake(Shoemaker) about 1910(Lenora had earlier married a Bill Shoemake-perhaps in GA-about 1900 and I am unsure which name she used-maiden Persall or married Shoemake). Children were Mary Lucille b. Aug 20, 1911 in or near Lindale, John William b. Mar 20, 1913 in or near Lindale, and William Edward b. Jan 21, 1919. I am especially interested to see if William Dorris and Lenora Persall Shoemake were married in or near Lindale and also in verifying that Mary Lucille and John William were born on the dates noted in or near Lindale.
Martha Shipman - 01/26/98 Would appreciate any information re: Floyd County Alms House on Kingston Road listed in the 1910 Census.
Bob Mays - 01/26/98 My Maddox grandparents in Alcorn Co MS told me my great grandfather John Wilson Maddox was born in Rome, Floyd County circa 1849. His father is believed to have been John also. His mother is said to have been Susie Young Maddox. The story goes that John Maddox went to the cornfield one day during the Civil War and was never heard from again. Susie is said to have married a Mr. Wallace and having lost her oldest son in Floyd County, they removed to Tennessee (believed Hardin Co, TN) and thence to Old Tishomingo Co MS (or depending on the year, Alcorn Co, MS.) I have found Maddoxes in Floyd County, and even talked to some of them, but cannot prove a connection. Therefore, I have been unable to get any further back in that line than the firsthand family story. My great grandfather, John Wilson Maddox took his family, of whom my grandfather, George L. Maddox was oldest, to Texas in 1879, returning several times over the years, leaving some children in Texas, but returning to MS himself about 1910 to stay. He died in Alcorn Co. MS in 1923. Would appreciate any assistance in my Maddox research.
Donna A. Sherrell - 01/26/98 Luke Pickens CRAWFORD, b. 1830, Ga, might have lived in Coweta County, did live in Cleburne County, AL, for awhile. died ca. 1910 in what was refered to as Tri-City area in Rome, Floyd, Ga.
Donna A. Sherrell - 01/26/98 Green Reginald DUKE, b. 1825, d. 1897, md. 1st. Nancy Emaline SHARP, 2nd. Harriett J. HOLLAND, all buried at Armurchee Cemetery. Children: 1st. marriage: Albert, Joseph, Nancy, Martin Milner, George, James, Julia, Emaline DUKE. 2nd. marriage: Green, David, Eugene, Lucy, Unetta, Artelia, Charles Wright, Joanna "Josie," William Dison DUKE.
Donna A. Sherrell - 01/26/98 Jeremiah TRAPP, b. 1802, SC, d. 1863, Floyd County, Ga, Wife: Mary________; Children: Lena, Sabra, John, Alfred, Albert, Nancy Matilda, Augustus, Caroline, Saphronia, Thomas, Mary, Dean, Pud, Hulda, William TRAPP.
Donna A. Sherrell - 01/26/98 William A. BEARD, B. 1808, SC, d. before 1860, md. Lucinda HANCOCK, Children: Henry, John Nathaniel, Harriet, William Madison, Lucinda, Thomas P., William BEARD.
Ann Salmon - 01/26/98 I am searching for ancestors of WILLIAM ISSAC SALMON (1889-1947) and his wife FLORENCE JOSEPHINE GRAY(1897-1986). They were married in 1915 in Rome. The only info I have on ancestors is: His parents were CHARLES R. SALMON and ELIZABETH BROWING. Her parents were JAMES MARION GRAY and MARY AMANDA STEWART. She was born in Dallas, Ga.
Jean Scott BArtlett - 01/26/98 FLOYD, MAHALA..... trying to find parents. Taking a long shot that perhaps she was from Floyd county originally. She married Nathaniel COX in 1827 in Hall county,GA. They moved to Marion county ,AL by 1840. Tank you for your time.
Sherry Osburn - 01/26/98 Searching for information on the family of John B. CORNELIUS, b. abt 1830 in GA, son of William and Rebecca CORNELIUS. William is found on the 1830 census in DeKalb County, GA; disappears for the 1840; is found on the 1850 census in Cherokee County, AL with wife, son John and daughter Sarah. William has died by 1860 but Rebecca and Sarah are in the same household and John B. has married, still in Cherokee County, AL. The 1870 Floyd County, GA census find John B., wife Lucinda with these children: William O. (15); Sarah R.(12); Mary E. (11); Thomas L. (9); Marcus M. (4) and his mother Rebecca, age 72 is also in the household. Did John have a brother named Benjamin A.? Benjamin is on the 1840/50 census in Cobb County, GA and is also in Cherokee Co. AL by 1860. He had a son named William, b. abt 1842, is the William S. Cornelius found on 1870 Floyd County,with occupation of "watchman on boat" his son? Will share and exchange information.
Joan Nathan - 01/26/98 Any info on Benjamin Franklin FULTON b. pickens Co. Married in 1911 in Floyd co.
Miles E.WILLIAMS - 02/02/98 I am researching my maternal grandparents. William Levi WELCHEL, and Dothula Savanna BOGGS, who lived in Floyd Co. near Rome, in an area called Texas Valley. They lived there from the late 1800's thru the early 1900's for sure, as my mother and all her siblings were born there. I need info on any known decendants and ancestors. William Levi's parents were Levi Mortemer WELCHEL and Harriet WRIGHT; Dothula's were Ezekial L. BOGGS and Emma Lou Nickols. W.L. died in 1951, and is buried in the New Hightower Cem. in Canton, Cherokee Co. Dothula died in 1915, and is probably buried near Rome.
Nancy Segall - 02/02/98 BARTON, McMILLIAN. Looking for information on Nellie E. BARTON (maiden name unknown) b. Jun 1885 in Rome. She married ? BARTON and had a son, Doyle. Her 2nd husband, Samuel McMILLIAN married in 1929. They relocated to Lincoln Park, MI. Any info appreciated.
Randy Trammell - 02/02/98 I am looking for any information on the HOLDER family from Floyd County. They operated a carriage company as well as other ventures. GREEN BERRY HOLDER was in the Civil War. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
George Stockton - 02/09/98 I am looking for any information on the following individuals: Francis S. JOHNSON, my gg-grandfather, was living with Richard and Elizabeth ROLLINS in Floyd Co., 1860. Also living in the household were Manerva C. ROLLINS and Richard B.JOHNSON. Census indicates that Francis and Richard were orphans. I am particularly interested in finding the parents of Francis and Richard.
Robert Rhudy - 02/09/98 I am looking for information on John HATHCOCK and Lucinda RHUDY, married 2 May 1844 in Floyd County, and any ancestors or descendants.
Jody Chambers Nestler - 02/09/98 CHAMBERS: Samuel Berry, b. 19 Oct 1814 York Co., SC; m. Elizabeth Ann BARNETT 17 Jun 1841, Cass Co., GA. d. after 1890, bef. 1900, probably Rome, Floyd Co. Father Alexander came to GA with brothers Robert, Samuel and William and mother, Martha, around 1830 from SC. Married to Katherine BERRY in SC. Alex died 7 Dec 1872, probably in Rome, Floyed Co. Wife died 18 Jun 1848. Seeking burial locations of these two men and wives. Does anyone have listing of all cemeteries active in and around Rome at proper times? Planning trip to area in April. Anxious to find more cemetery information prior to trip.
Mavis C. Gailey - 02/09/98 Looking for my ggggrandparents whom we have heard were buried in Rome Ga. They were on the 1880 Cherokee County N.C. Census and living with their son Thomas Garrett, who supposedly went to Ok. after 1880. They are William Martin (called Martin) and Jinny Justice Garrett and I feel sure they would have died sometime before 1900. I also know that they have descendants living in Floyd County.
Rick & Myrna DeJournett Huff - 02/09/98 We are looking for descendants of John Cook DeJournette (son of Daniel DeJournette) who came from Surry County, NC to Rome, Georgia. He settled there and has many descendants listed in "The DeJarnette and Allied Families of America" by Earl and May Frost. We are trying to establish just who Daniel's parents were, as the book lists them as Christopher and Ann DeJarnette of Prince Edward County, VA. However, another son listed in the book has been confused with another person by the same name. We have copies of pages from the family Bible of Christopher and Ann DeJarnette which show five children but no Daniel. The birth dates for the Daniel and a brother listed in the Frost book do not match the Bible. As well documented as this family is in the Frost book, we believe we can find descendants of John Cook DeJournette near Rome who may have researched their family tree and know who his grandparents really were.
R. Nathan - 02/16/98 -researching FULTON and HAZELWOOD
Terri Beckman - 02/23/98 Looking for information on the C. Attaway Family in Rome, GA. One of his sons, T.D. Attaway was killed in the Civil War. I have found information that there is a C. Attaway lot in Myrtle Hill Cemetary. C. Attaway ran a boarding house. Looked like about 6 or so other people lived in his boarding house on 1850, 1860, and 1870 Census. Was wondering if Fort Attaway was named for T.D. Attaway. He died the day after 2nd Manassas of wounds inflicted during the battle. He was 2nd Lieutenant in Corput's Battery. My great grandfather was T.D. Attaway's brother. His name is Harrison Attaway. Listed in 1860 Census as H. Attaway with his wife Julia. His profession at that time was attorney. We have had a story that he passed the bar at age 18. Harrison left GA after serving in Civil War. He and Julia Smith Attaway return to Missouri where her parents lived and opened a large hotel in Lebanon, MO in 1870. Where could I get information about his life as an attorney?
Bruce Welch - 02/23/98 I am searching for information on George COOK I know he lived in Rome in the early 50's he owned a chair Co. He had probably lived their for a number of years. I am sure he died in the middle 50's. His known siblings were Annie Laura Cook Lizzie & Alma.
Tara Perrien - 03/02/98 Jesse Willmurth PERRIEN b: 7 Dec 1897 in GA d: Feb 1967 in Lorain, OH m: abt 1915 Birdie Mae Holmes (sp?) b: 9 Mar 1898 in GA. They had children: 1. Lawrence Willmurth Perrien b: Floyd Co 2. Lewis Franklin Perrien b: 23 Aug 1918 d; 21 Feb 1938; 3. Elmous Susie May Perrien (living); 4. Jesse Walter Perrien b: 18 May 1922 d: Dec 1984; 5. William Richard Perrien; 6. Nellie Louise Perrien (living); 7. James Monroe Perrien b: 19 June 1932 d: abt 1947. Anything on either the Perrien or Holmes families will be greatly appreciated. There is some information that the Perriens may have originally come out of Lousiana.
Tami L. Chappell - 03/02/98 Researching the name HERRIDGE (HERRAGE,HERIAGE,HARRAGE). William Herridge and first wife Susan moved to Floyd County,GA. prior to 1850. Several known children include Elizabeth, Caroline, John, Henry, Robert, George, Elijah.
Mary Ann McTee - 03/09/98 Seeking info on MARY J BREWSTER/BRUSTER living in Floyd Co 1880. She was wife of JOHN CHRISTIANBERRY BREWSTER, deceased ca 1864. Their children were: Edith, Phebe, Mary J., Samuel, Laura, Elizabeth, Wm. J., Hannah, and Nancy. Need marriage info for these children.
Jean Lannes - 03/09/98 I am looking for information and ancestors of John J. Mitchell. He was born 19 June 1843 in Spartanburg, Spartanburg Co., SC. In 1844, his father moved the family to Cherokee Co., GA. His father was Evan Mitchell (born 1818 in Lincoln Co., NC and died 4 Jul 1888). They both served in the 43rd GA Volunteer Infantry during the war of southern independence. John married Malinda Hampton (b. 1847 d. 1903) in 1866 in Ackworth, GA. They lived in Rome and Cave Springs, Floyd Co. GA. He died 29 August 1930 and was buried at Rehobeth Church Cemetery.
Betty Ronken - 03/16/98 I am trying to find a death certificate, with no luck, for William A. SMITH. I have a copy of his obituary, but no date on it or date of newpaper. He was a prominent Rome business man. Was born at Cartersville, Nov. 6, 1861, the son of William C. and Nancy Ponder Smith. They moved to Rome about 1870 and lived there after that. His first wife, according to 1910 census was Martha, obituary gives widows name as the former Mrs. Lottie Nichols Mathis.Anyone recognize this family? He may have died about 1939. I have received two incorrect death certificates from county clerks office.
Sharon Postoak - 03/23/98 Looking for information on the family of Andrew Jackson Ingram, born Rome, Ga. 15-08-1840. Married Amanda Browning ca. 1871 in Athens, Tx. Andrew Jackson Ingram died December 1905 and is buried in Athens, Texas. Any info on INGRAM line will be appreciated.
Deanie Fincher - 03/23/98 I am looking for the family of John Adolphus MARABLE, son of Matthew and Maria "FULLWOOD" MARABLE who was born in Rome, GA in 1816. He married Mary Ann MORRISON, daughter of Archibald and Mary "FARR" MORRISON.
M. K. Perry - 03/09/98 I am looking for the parents of Benjamin H. POWELLL who was born Aug 3, 1838 in Rome, Georgia. He married Melissa Wallace in Morgan Co.,AL. They ahd a son,Thomas Walter POWELL. Any clues about this POWELL family would be gretly appreciated.
Steve Marlowe - 03/23/98 I am looking fomr more information on a David or James Bevan who was living in Floyd County, Georgia in 1870. He and his family eventually moved to Cherokee County, Alabama. Any help would be appreciated.
Deborah Byrd - 03/23/98 Looking for information on the family of Sarah Ann LAMBERTH. Married first Jacob B. SEAVY or SEAY 26 Feb 1846, he died in Columbia SC. She married 2. Solomon STANSBERRY in Rome on 20 Dec 1853, he died 24 Feb 1856. Sarah md 3rd. John S. HOLLAND in Rome. md 4th Isham DALTON on 3 Nov 1879 in Rome. They lived in Gordon County. She was the daughter of Jesse J. LAMBERTH and Nicy DUNN of Rome.
JG Harris - 03/23/98 Information on Fitzpatrick Garmin. He was married in 1920 to Mabel Luise Johnson and he had a brother man Harvey.
John Paul Rhodes - 03/23/98 Elizabeth Paris of Cave Spring married John C Rhodes, CSA veteran, of Acworth, GA. They are my great-grandparents; both are buried in Liberty Cemetery at Acworth. Photographs taken in Acworth are at the URL: http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/Stage/7650/john_c_rhodes.html. Any additional information would be appreciated.
Connie Booker - 03/23/98 My great great grand father was from there and I am looking for some information on him. His name was William Whitfield. He was in civil war company "D" of the 43rd Grorgia. He was in war from 3-4-1862 to 4-26-1865 any info. will be good. Looking for birth date.
Wynell Simpson - 03/30/98 I am looking for others researching Johnson HALL who lived in Floyd Co., GA. beginning about 1832. His wife was Elizabeth ROBERTS. Their son John HALL married Elizabeth Campbell and moved to Cass Co., TX.
Gretchen Gunning - 03/30/98 I am searching for burial records for the old cemetery located on the Blacks Bluff Road next to the Floyd Ct work camp. My ancestor, George Washington Rhudy, was buried there along with other members of his family in the 1840's. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Pat McRey - 04/13/98 I am searching for information on the ERNEST GIBSON family. Wife was PARALEE (SMITH) GIBSON, married in TN in 1904. Had one daughter Lena M. Paralee was murdered in Rome County in November 1906. Can anyone help me find out what happened to Lena or Ernest?
Robert McCreary - 04/13/98 My name is Robert McCreary and my grandfather said his family was originally from Rome, Georgia. I am inquiring to see if there is anyone who knows anything of the surname "McCreary" and if anyone is willing to find out.
Pam Buckley - 04/13/98 I am looking for information on a John Ramsey of Rome Floyd county, GA. I believe he owned a large plantation there. He had about 18 children including my great, great grandfather, Randall Ramsey, who served in the civil war. I have heard that he might have been in the 19th regiment of Georgia Cavalry.
Kay Dupuy - 04/13/98 I'm looking for info on Mary Bobo Williams Sanders. She married Mr. Williams in the 1840's and Mr Sanders in 1862?. She had 3 children by Mr Williams.I would like to know who Mary Sanders father was As I'm doing research on her and there is very little on Rome GA in Texas.
Anita Quarles - 04/20/98 Searching for information on the Garmony family who lived in Floyd County, GA 1900. Walter Garmony was born there in 1900 to William and ? Garmony. Any help appreciated.
Helen Ross - 04/20/98 looking for information on BUCKTOWN--was an indian village in abt-1900 in floyd county near silvercreek,ga. my ggrandfather-ALFORD TILLICO SUIT and his wife-SARAH ATHELINE CORNETT had a general store there and saw mill. Would also like to know more about them--if anyone can help.
Pat Dahl 04/20/98 Researching any YEARGAN or DORSETT in Floyd County, especially the section which became a part of Chattooga County in 1838. Some Yeargans and Dorsetts were in Campbell County in 1830 and in Chattooga in 1840. Would be interested in any information on ANY Yeargan or Dorsett.
Betty Young -04/27/98 Researching KING family. GEORGE W.KING, b. abt 1816, tradition says he was born in Rome, Ga., parents unknown. He m. Nancy A Reeves, 8 Jul 1840 in Macon Co, AL, their children; Cincinatus, b abt 1841, AL; George Thomas, b Aug 1846, AL; William P. King, b abt 1847, AL; Bunyon King, b 16 Sep 1853, GA, d 17 Aug 1917, TX, M Sally Barringer; Mary Emma, b 8 Feb 1855, GA d 25 Jul 1932, TX.
Joan Nathan 04/27/98 Researching Frank L. FRITZ married Delila FITZPATRICK May 28, 1887,Floyd Co.
Peggy Strickland - 04/27/98 I am seeking information on NOAH STRICKLAND and his wife NORA HANSEN STRICKLAND. NOAH was born on August 5, 1884..NORA on April 17, 1884. Nothing is known of birthplaces for either of them, but their first born child (Joe/Joel) is believed to have been born in Rome, Georgia. There were 5 other children: Lucille (Sis), Leonard Fain (Lee or Fain), Montiel (Tip), John & William. It is known that the last three children were born in Piedmont, Alabama, the youngest (Wm) in 1917. From Piedmont, the family moved to western Pennsylvania in about 1921-22, but other than the information given above, virtually nothing is known about NOAH or NORA and their birth families. NOAH STRICKLAND is not even listed in the 1917-18 draft registration lists. Any information would be greatly appreciated
Carol Jo Bishop - 05/11/98 Searching for any CALLAHAN in Floyd county Ga. I know that a Lewis Callahan was living in Rome, Ga. in 1923. Any one with any information on Callahan,please get in contact with me.
Douglas Swords - 05/11/98 Researching the SWORDS name. The only Floyd county evidence I have is L.J. Swords listed there in the 1840 census. I am interested in the names in his household, and any event information anyone has. This man does not show up on any other census under than name, and I see no other SWORDS in Floyd county after that.
John W. Turner - 05/18/98 Researching Sara Emma CLAYTON who married James Hamilton MEDLOCK Nov 14, 1895 in Foster Bend, Rome, GA. Would appreciate any data on either of these folks and their families.
ASSOCGASSR - 05/18/98 Researching Oliver surname: Sandford Capers Oliver, and any other by that name buried at Ben Hill Cemetary, in the 1800's and 1900's.
Andy Ostensen - 05/25/98 Looking ancestorial roots in JOE LEWIS ALLEN WOOD born December 27,1873 and died 1940 in Summerville ,Georgia. His wife was SARAH ANNIE HUGHES born May 11,1883 and died 1962 in Summerville, Georgia. They had eight children, one of which is my wife's mother, Ethel Lee Wood. The other children were Lewis Allen Wood,b---Feb. 10,1901; Joe Bowdoin Wood,b--1905; Agnes L. Wood---b---April 19,1908; Clayton Bradley Wood,b--Aug.30,1911;Ted Roosevelt Wood,b--April 21, 1914, Edna elsie Wood,b--Feb. 22,1017; and Annie Joe Wood,b--July 16,1921. Any information would be appreciated.
Connie Baumann - 05/25/98 PRITCHARD, Sarah Elizabeth, b. 8-15-1898, possibly in Whitfield Co. This is what I have been told by family members. Sarah Elizabeth was the child of Oscar PRITCHARD & Rebecca ANDERSON. She also had a sister named Mary Jane Pritchard, and a half brother named Henry MILLER. Mary Jane married John Pleas WOMACK in Bradley County, TN in 1907. After her death, Sarah also married John. I am looking for any info on this Pritchard or Anderson family. These two lines are my brick walls! I have plenty of info on the Womack family, and am glad to share. Thank you for any help you can provide.
Jennings Rountree - 05/25/98 Foster ALLEN (born 1900) married 1st Callie/Cannie/Cammie KRUMP in Floyd County. I would like any information concerning her.
Wendell L Stephens - 06/01/98 I am searching for decendants of John E. Smith and Georgiana Roxie Ray Smith. They were married in Polk County, GA. After their marriage, they owned and operated three stores in Rome, GA. John and Roxie were divorced about 1927 in Floyd County, GA. John was killed, in Rome, in 1933. Roxie later married William Sanders Berryhill. I would like to locate any of John's and Roxie's decendants. They had the following children. RACHEL SMITH who married a MR. GUISE. They lived Chattanooga, Tn. in 1933. LILLIAN SMITH who married a MR. HARRIS and was living in Atlanta, GA. in 1933, an UNKNOWN SMITH who married H. H. HEADRICK. There was one other child Frances Martha Lee Smith, born 1915, died 1917. Frances is buried at Salem Baptist Church Cemetery in Bluffton, AL. We are having a Smith family reunion August 30th in Cedartown and would like for them to attend.
Travis Rankin - 06/01/98 Berry, Mary T b: c1847. She married my Greatgrandfather James Alexander Rankin, son of William Rankin of Chattooga Co. They lived in Chattooga Co. for several years before moving west. I believe Mary Tennessee Berry to be from Floyd Co. but am not for sure. Supposedly she was half Cherokee and was born on a cotton plantation. This is all that is known of her.
Mike Wasserman - 06/01/98 Recently I acquired some "Civil War" letters while on a trip to Atlanta. ALthough I have not yet had them authenticazted I have no reason to beleive that they are not real. The letters are from C.D.Epps (I was told his name was Commadore D. Epps) to his wife Cathern (sic). I am trying to get some info on this man and have been abit overwhelmed with the info available on the Web. I thought I would statrt with you and see what you knew or could recommend. I was told that Mr. Epps was wounded in the war and that he made it home where he died shrtly thereafter. I was told that both he and his wife are buried in Whitfield Co. or at least in the City of Chatsworth. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you.
James Barry Morgan - 06/01/98 I am looking for any information on John (Jack) BESHIERS and Harriett MORGAN who were married in Whitfield County on December 29, 1870 (Marriage Book B1, page 182). The name Beshiers could also be spelled Beshears or some other variation. I am trying to determine if Harriett Morgan is the mother of my ggrandfather, James M. Morgan. Family information says James' mother lived to be 104 and was known as "Granny Beshiers". I would like any ancestral information on both John Beshiers or Harriett Morgan, or information on their children.
Barbara Jarvis - 06/01/98 I am looking for information on Henry and Martha MACK. They are found in Walker Co in 1850 and in Whitfield after that. I am making the presumption that they did not move but the county lines moved. Henry was born in Ga county unknown 1814.
Coon, Duane - 06/08/98 I am researching a man by the name of Lafayette Emerson Camp who was a Confederate soldier that enlisted at Rome, Georgia in 1863. He served in a local artillery unit organized by Capt. Maximillian Van Den Corput, known as "The Corput Battery". I know he was captured during the war, probably at the Battle of Resaca, and finished the war in a prisoner of war camp called Camp Chase in Ohio. I would appreciate any information on this man or on the Corput Battery.
Suzie (Page) Breedlove - 06/15/98 Need to know the wife and children of Solomon Page. Obtaining land in 1832 in Floyd Co. from the Land Lottery.
Dan and Betty Brown - 06/15/98 We are searching for Floyd MADDEN or his son,Walter MADDEN in Floyd County. Walter served in the Bartow Artillery during the Civil War, when he was living in Pike County. Family oral history says that he (and/or his father, Floyd) lived close to Rome, GA after 1870. I would appreciate any help you can give.
Patty McKee - 07/06/98 Am searching for info on gggrandfather -George Lee Tomlinson. 1860 census shows his family in Coosaville. 1870 shows only wife - Eliza- and some children in Cave Springs. I believe him to have died in Floyd Co. but am at a standstill. Any info on him, parents, or family needed, and appreciated.
Joy Goade Zowie - 07/06/98 I am searching for anyone working on HARWELL~HILLEY lines. Joseph Quincy HARWELL marr: 1875 in Cave Springs, Floyd Co. GA. Millie Jane HILLEY b: Oct 1854 GA. Any inf. appreciated!!!
Barbara Caine - 07/06/98 I am searching for descendants of James Henry NEWMAN and his wife Elizabeth BEGGS who lived in Floyd Co. 1850 to early 1900s. Their children were Margaret Thebe, David Charles, John H, Patrick Henry, Mary Ann, James, Nancy and George.
Y. Boswell - 07/13/98 LOVELL -- researching Larkin lent Lovell, b 12/15/1889 in Rome, GA, married Sally Berry from Old Sage Indian Reservation in Ok. Larkin later moved to Perryville, AR. Looking for his ancestors in Rome, GA.
Barry R. Cooper - 07/20/98 I am trying to find out the maiden name of a Nancy born 1822 who married Elias Mitchel (M.E.) Cooper ca 1848. She is buried in Sand Springs Bapt. Church Cemetery in Texas Valley Floyd Co.
Donna Wood - 07/20/98 I am looking for info on an Andrew Jackson Ingram, born 1840 in Rome, Floyd Co, GA. Married Amanda Rebecca Browning in abt. 1871 in Wood Co. TX. Any info on Andrew's parents of siblings, or where he may have been between birth and marriage would be greatly appreciated.
Sarah (Mills) Broyles - 07/20/98 Searching for the parents of William Ellis Mills born May 17,1805 in S.C. Father from N.C. Mother from S.C. Wife is Rutha A. Jones born est.1812 in N.C. They married in Floyd Co; GA. September 25,1831. Moved to Cass;Bartow Co;GA. They had 8 children there. Then they moved into Lafayette Co;Arkansas. Would love to find all surnames relateing to these towns in GA. That moved to Arkansas. Mills/Jones/Foster/Hatch/Tatom/Burke.
Patty (Tomlinson) McKee - 07/20/98 Grover Lee Tomlinson was born c. 1811 in N.C. married to Eliza ? who was born 10 July 1815 in Tenn. She died in Garvin County, Wynnewood, Okla. 7 April 1893. Their children were #1. John c. 1842, #2. Sarah F. c.1845, #3. Joseph c. 1848, #4. William Alexander Sept 29, 1850, #5. Dennis Grover c. 1853, #6. Lydia c.1856, #7. Thaddius c. 1860,#8. Lorina c. 1866, they were all born in Ga.
Larry Boyd - 07/27/98 I found a will that mentions the members of WILLIAM R. BOYD family and was listed as coming from Floyd County. We knew that William was married to ELIZABETH BURTON and had four children by her who were JAMES BOYD, SAMUEL BOYD (my line), WIER BOYD and RACHAEL BOYD. All these children were listed in the will along with two other daughters that we didn't know about. Apparently, after Elizabeth died, probably from complication of giving birth to her last child, William married again and moved to Floyd County. The two daughters names were MARGARET BOYD and NANCY BOYD. But the mother was not named. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. For more information on this family please visit my webpages at http://www.concentric.net/~lboyd/default. htm.
Edna Felps - 07/27/98 Researching PHELPS/FELPS.Thomas Felps b. 1759 Rowan Co. NC. died 1836 Floyd Co. GA. married TEKEL unknown.Son AQULLIA FELPS b.1789 NC. died 1871 GA.married Jane/Jenny HINSON, Dec 1807. JESSE H.FELPS B. 1815 GA. d. 1890 TX.married Mary Boyd. Their 6 children : PICKENS, ELIZABETH, POllY,JANE.NANCY FELPS b. 1785 died 1829. WILLIAM FELPS b. 1750NC. D. 1783 GA. Would like to contact any FELP/PHELPS family member.
Janalee Coxwell - 07/27/98 My grandfather Cas Franklin Coxwell m. Opal Belle(Elizabeth) Studdard on March 24,1934 in Floyd County. I can trace the Coxwell side back to my gggrandfather Henry Leon Coxwell. I know his parents were James Coxwell and Mary Raley. After this point I'm lost. I am greatly appreciative of any information on these two. On my grandmother's side of the family, I can trace only to her parents. They are Markus Pinkus Studdard and Willie Estelle Spears. Any information on the Studdards is truly appreciated.
Sally Cooper Patten - 08/03/98 I am looking for information concerning the Henry B Popes of Rome, GA. I think that Henry was a Methodist minister. His father, Solomon L Pope lived in Crawford County; however, I cannot find his ancestors. I would appreciate any information on this line.
Adrienne Allen - 08/03/98 I'm looking for information about my great grandfather, JOHN THOMAS JONES, and his wife, LEILA HOBBS JONES. I know that John and Leila were married June 3, 1886 in Fayetteville, TN but I seem to remember my grandmother saying she was born in Rome, GA. John T. Jones was originally from Fluvanna Co, VA and Leila Hobbs Jones was from Madison Co, AL. I have reason to believe that after their marriage, they lived at some time in Rome, GA before finally settling in Huntsville (Madison Co), GA. In a letter Leila's sister wrote in 1891 she referred to the fact that her youngest sister (Leila) was living in GA. As I said, I believe my grandmother, ANNIECE EARL JONES, was born in Rome on June 30, 1896. Her older sister, VIVIAN ELMORE JONES, born in 1892, might have been born in Rome, as well. If anyone can provide any information on any of these family members, I would appreciate hearing from you.
Patricia Bryant - 08/03/98 I am looking for descendants or research done on Mary (Molly)Ritchie who married ? Randle in Tenn or Ga. Settled in Rome, Ga. had three children, I think their names were Gertrude, Dorothy & Josephine. Mary Ritchie was born ca 1872 in MO. parents were A. Monroe Ritchie and Margaret Kitchens. They resided in Marion Co. Tenn from 1876? - 19?? Mary had 1 brother G. W. Ritchie and 3 sisters, Henrietta, Julia and Emily. G. W. Ritchie was my grandfather. I would like to correspond with anyone working on these families. I will be glad to share my info.
Bethany Payne - 08/03/98 My husband's grandparents met at the Ga School of the Deaf. I think this is or was in Floyd Co. Do you know if there is a list of students who might have attended the school around 1900. I am trying to locate the time that they met and then locate their marraige date. I also am looking for possibe siblings that might have attended the school also. Their names and info is below: Thomas E. Payne b. Sept. 5,1885 in Tattnall Co. Vernette Lovell b. May 10,1882 in Habersham Co. (her name has been spelled several different ways and as Bernette)
Todd Bofferding - 08/03/98 I am a decendent of John Modicia Keith (12-6-1853 to 11-9-25) and Cynthia Ann Cox (9-27-1859 to 5-21-15) who lived in Rome, GA. I am looking for any relation to them of Native American heritage. I assume either Cherokee or Creek tribes. It is very important that I find out where to start. Any help?
Dave Larson - 08/03/98 I am researching the Andrews family in Rome, Floyd County during the 1850s and 1860s. Also, feel free to take a look at my webpage which includes information on: 8th Georgia Infantry and history; 8th Georgia Infantry Co E and muster list and letters; 8th Georgia Infantry at First Manassas; 8th Georgia Infantry at Gettysburg; 3rd Georgia Cavalry; 10th Alabama Infantry; Rome, Georgia.
Norma Garrett - 08/10/98 I am researching my g-grandfather WILLIAM HENRY POWELL, b-1861, m-Edney Lamberth. Don't know parents name. He later went to Milton Co. Ga.
Annette McLane - 08/10/98 I am interested in any information about the name SPEED in Floyd Co. I have a William A. Speed, b. 1874. I am interested in who his parents were, wife, children or any other GA or AL relations. He may be linked to Speed families in VA & SC. Any assistance will be appreciated.
Martha Griffin Layton - 08/17/98 I'm looking for any information that I can find about my Gr-Gr Grandfather Benjamin Franklin Griffin who married my GR-GR grandmother(name unknown) in SC but moved to Rome where their first Child, Elizabeth Ann Griffin was born on Aug 6, 1818. Elizabeth married Absalom Calliham. A family history tells us that their names were listed in the 1860 census and the 1870 census in Floyd County GA. which showed that Absalom had died and his widow lived with their children. Hoping to learn more about them and learn the name of Benjamin's wife. Hoping to visit Floyd County soon.
Cynthia Snider - 08/17/98 Cynthia Elledge Snider needs information re Elledges in Floyd County from about 1855 to after 1905. I have a group sheet of John William Elledge who married Georgia Ann Foster in Rome, Floyd Co., GA. Their children married into the Dodd, Wiseman, Haley, Carter, Kimbro, Fldtcher, and Adams families. Also looking for inforamtion on Young Elledge and wife Jane Willia and Young's brother, William Thomas Elledge whose wife Frances Elizabeth ALberson Elledge may have died in Floyd or a nearby county and Wm. T. may have married Nancy Enaline Allison there. Any help will be much appreciated and perhaps I can help someone else somehow here in Maryland. I am writing a book about all Elledges, so any Elledge you find will be of help, but am especially stumpted on the above line.
Larry Tucker - 08/17/98 Searching for SIMEON and LUCINDA SMITH HAMIL who were in the Cave Springs area of Floyd Co. in the mid to late 1800s. Also in Floyd Co. at the same time were JOHN and RHODA HAMIL McWHORTER. These families came to Floyd Co. from Pike/Butts Co., GA. SIMEON and RHODA were brother and sister and their parents were probably Hugh and Rhoda Colley Hamil. I am very interested in any information about these families or their descendants. Also, I have much Hamil information that I am glad to share.
Virginia Snow - 08/17/98 I am looking for information on SAVANNA ADCOCKwho married EBER M. WOFFORD. They had a daughter, MATTIE LAVINA WOFFORD who was born August 2, 1886 in Rome, Ga. She married CHARLES HENRY MURPHY in Trion, Georgia. She had a sister, BESSIE ( ELIZABETH ), 2 brothers R. B. ( PAT ), and CARL DOSIER . I don't know if they were born in Rome or Trion. This is all the information I have been able to get my hands on. I need SAVANNA's parents names.
Margaret E Hall - 08/17/98 I am researching Fenton Hall b 1813 in Abbeville, SC and later came to Rome (Floyd County), Georgia in the early 1830. He married Lucinda Sheppard - eight children born to Fenton and Lucinda of which I connect to their son George Washington Hall b. 1851. George Washington Hall settled in Birmingham (Jefferson County) Alabama in the early 1890's. Other children for Fenton and Lucinda:Sarah b. 1860, Mary A., John H., Lucinda E., George W. b. 1851 (twin), Andrew Jackson b. 1851 (twin), Fancis C. Hall, Alfred S. Hall.
Keith L. Henderson - 08/17/98 I am researching for the descendants of Andrew Jackson [Jack] CREASMAN, b. 1826 ?Haywood Co., N. C., d. 1858-1864, m. c1850 ?Gilmer Co., GA, Evaline [or Avaline] R. ???, b. 1832 N.C. They were listed in the 1850 census for Gilmer Co., GA, with no children yet. In the 1870 census for Floyd Co., GA, Evaline is married to Rasmers POWELL, b. 1835 GA, with children: Margaret Anna CREASMAN, b. 1853 GA, m. 7-15-1877 Chattooga Co., GA, Augustus HORN; Martha Lee [Mattie] CREASMAN, b. 1856, m. 11-9-1879 Chattooga Co., GA, Reuben MORRISON; Newton S. CREASMAN, b. 1858; Missouri POWELL, b. 1866; and Joseph POWELL, b. 1869.
Karen Griffin - 08/17/98 We have an ancestor I am researching and would appreciate your help. His name is Stephen Foreman, born Oct 22, 1807 in Rome, GA. His parents were John Anthony Foreman, born about 1785 in Scotland, and Elizabeth Gur-day-gee, born in Old Cherokee Nation. John Anthony's father was John Foreman also of Scotland. I will be glad to share the history I have on the Foreman's.
Sue Feild - 08/24/98 I am searching for any data on the BOATFIELD FAMILY. Johnny Vaniver BOATFIELD m. Mandie (maiden name unknown) abt.1897, Floyd Co., Ga. They had one known child, Johnny V. BOATFIELD b. 18 Apr. 1898, Floyd Co., Ga., m. Pearl WALLACE abt.1918, Floyd Co., Ga. Johnny V. & Pearl had the following children; 1.Ula Loretta b. 5 Jul.1919, Floyd Co., Ga, d. 1950 Tn., 2.Liliaie Mae b. 1 Nov. 1926, Floyd Co., Ga.,d. May 1976, Tn., 3. Robert b. 4 Feb.1930, Tn., d. Jan. 1982, Tn., 4. James b.11 Dec. 1932 Tn., d. 7 Mar.1995 Tn. Any data on the BOATFIELD family would be very much appreciated.
Laura C. Edwards - 08/24/98 I am trying to identify the parents of Michael N. WOOD b. 1/4/1811 d. 3/18/1898, buried at Pisgah Church Cemetery in Floyd. Michael was born in SC (possibly Spartanburg Co), lived in Gwinnett Co in 1850 and moved to Floyd County by 1870. His wife was Isabella Leitch b. Scotland and also buried at Pisgah Church. I would appreciate any information Michael.
Dot Morris - 08/31/98 I am looking for the parents of William Thomas EASON b. 24, Aug., 1851 in Floyd county, Georgia d. 18, April 1933 in TX, m. Lucretia Jane ALLEN 29, Oct. 1877 in Lavaca county, TX. Thank you.
Ann Sherman - 08/31/98 Seeking marriage place of James William LANCASTER who m. Ida Barton HACKETT 18 Jan 1880. They lived in Floyd Co., GA, died, and are buried there. Jim was the son of James Drew LANCASTER and Sarah Jane JENKINS. Have information on the Lancaster and Jenkins families to exchange.
Jane Peppler - 08/31/98 Arminta Burt (Minta Burt) married C. Irvin Dunham of Rome Georgia on Feb 23, 1892. I am interested in descendants of this union.
Hope Caldwell Petrofsky - 09/07/98 Please say you can help me! I'm looking for info on James Draden Caldwell. He was born in SC about 1834. According to my info he came to Floyd County after the civil war but I can't back that up. He had 2 wives from Georgia Martha E. Doss and Mary Delia Smith. If you have any info on this man please please e-mail me.
Betty - 09/09/98 I am searching for any thing on William & Elizabeth Ervin .The 1900 federal census of indian territory -Oklahoma list Elizabeth Ervin born feb.1821 Seawitch Co.Georgia.. she was Elizabeth Cooper Ervin married to William Ervin who sold out in Rome, Georgia in December of 1869 to come to his brother Calvin Ervin in indian territory(ok.) the family rode the train to Memphis,Tennessee, then by steamboat to Little Rock,Arkansas. then over land by team and wagon. they were in Little Rock, Arkansas by Christmas of 1869. the two sons born in Georgia was Edwin Edward Ervin born Aug 2, 1863 and Benjamin Franklin born Jan 25, 1865. the Seawitch Ccounty, Georgia doesn't exist. maybe there was a miss spelling in the federal census but have searched all of Georgia. One ancester place a head stone for her recently in the cemetery but did not have date of birth or death just that she was borned in England and lived to be 109 years old. My friend queried the Essex, England mail list about that name and so far nothing has been found. Any information will be great.
Cynthia Snider - 09/14/98 I am not sure this is where I pose a query, but here it is: I am looking for information on John William Elledge and his wife Sarah. Alice Hutchens who m. Aug. 11, 1884 in Corinth, MS in and moved to Rome, Floyd Co.,GA sometime thereafter. I have a group sheet for John William showing his children born in Rome, Floyd Co., but the one that is missing is Robert Baskin who was born in 1886 and died in 1945 in Joplin,MO. I am trying to connect Robert with John William who married Alice Hutchens. Any help will be appreciated.
WYN - 09/21/98 I am searching for information on a REYNOLDS family. If anyone has the marriage records prior to 1857 and could look up the Reynolds marriages (both male and female) I would greatly appreciate it. A few of the surnames this particular family married into are Middleton, Forester, Finley, Coleman, Otts, I am very interested in all these marriages but especially interested in Elizabeth "Eliza" Reynolds to Jesse M. Forester (a/s/a Forrester, Forister, etc). I would be grateful for any help with this family and for any information about the Reynolds or any of the other allied families in Floyd Co.
George H Clayton - 09/28/98 Looking for relatives of Mrs Mary Emma Clayton (maiden name ZUBER) born 1878 in Etowah,Ga. Married to William Richard Clayton of Rome,Ga.16 Dec 1894.
Rebel Coyle 10/05/98 Looking for information on Benjamin C. Coyle & Mary A. Coyle. The 1850 cenus shows them living in Gilmer Co., Ga. He is 24 & she is 22. 1870 census shows them living in Whitfield Co., Ga. They have a son, Simeon Marcus Coyle Sr. and a daughter Sarah [Sallie] A. Coyle. He is 16 and she is 5. I am looking for Benjamin's Parents names. He was from S.C. I am also looking for Mary's parents names. She was born in Georgia but her parents were from S.C. I think Benjamin died in the 1890's and is burried in Dalton. Simeon Coyle was married to Josephine Johnston and they had 8 children. Ben, Maude, Girtie, Mattie, Claudia, Pearl, Farrar and Ruth. His 2nd. wife was Harriet Eva Holder. They had one son, Simeon Marcus Coyle, Jr. Sallie Coyle married B.M. Yancy. She had two sons, Horrace M. Coyle [6-14-1880] and Edd Coyle [5-1890]. They lived on N. Hamilton or Cleveland Street. If you could help with this information, I would appreciate it.
Linda Moore - 10/05/98 WILLIAM G EDWARDS (born 10-21-1853) married MARGARET ANNE ALEXANDER (Posssibly in Rome, Floyd County, Georgia) They had the following children: JIM (born bef 1879) JANNIE (Born 5-13-1879) JULIA (born 5-25-1881) LUCY LEE (born 8-30-1888) WILLIAM GREENWOOD (born 7-30-1890) and GEORGIA (born 2-17-1893). Georgia was my Grandmother. I know that all of the above children were born in Georgia. This family came to Texas from Rome, Floyd County, Georgia and settled in the Robertson and Milam Counties of Texas. They came between 1893 and 1895. The following children were born in Texas: MINNIE (born 10-4-1895) CHARLIE T. (born 8-27-1898) SUSAN (born 3-8-1900). William G. died 9-29-1933 and is buried in the Nesbitt Cemetary near Calvert, Robertson County, Texas. Margaret died in May 1940 and is buried in Lake Chapel Cemetary near Fairfield, Freestone County, Texas. All of the children are buried in Texas. Would like to know more about this family. I have a death certificate on William G and it shows he was born in Georgia and that his fathers name is also William and that he was born in Georgia also. It does not show his mothers name. I have a lot of info on this family and would like to correspond with anyone who is researching this line.
Shirleen Johnston -n 10/05/98 I am searching information about my GGgrandfather George Martin Smith. He was married to Nancy Newell Barbour and he ran a Cherokee Trading Post in Floyd County near Rome. He and Nancy left there about 1841 or 1842 and traveled to Fannin County, Texas. I have lots of information on him after he reached Fannin County that I would be willing to share.
Ginger - 10/05/98 I am trying to find my Lindsay records in Rome, Ga. GGrandfathers name was: Benjamin Jordan Lindsay. He was a land owner. In late 1980s early 1900s. His wife was Mamie Jordan Lindsay. They had 5 sons, 6 daughters. Some of these moved on to Henry Co. Al, and Texas. Do you have any info on these Lindsay's?
Barbara Caine - 10/12/98 James Henry NEWMAN and wife, Betsy BEGGS, moved to Floyd Co. from Elbert Co. about 1850. Children were Thebe Margaret, David J. Charles (m. Sina Evelyn Hadder), John, Patrick Henry (m. Octavia Hadder), Mary Ann (m. Thomas BRADEN), James, Nancy and George. I have information on David (went to TX) and P. Henry (went to AL). Can anyone help me find descendants of the other children? I have no death dates for James and Betsy, but there are land transaction records in Rome, GA for her in the early 20th century.
P. Ledbetter - 10/12/98 Looking for info on LEDBETTER family, Cicero b. 1866 and Mary are my gparents, Have been told that they are buried in Rome. Had 3 boys and 1 girl. Frank, Fred, Luther and Hattie. All moved to Al. and married, would like any info on LEDBETTERS of this area.
Mike Patrick - 10/12/98 I am looking for information on my ggg-grandfather, Rev. William Newton, a Baptist minister who died in 1861 in Cave Spring, GA. His second wife, Jane Swain Smith, migrated on to Texas but never remarried. His son, William Carey Newton, (perhaps named after the first Baptist missionary) was born in Summerville, GA in 1852.
Thomas Freeman 10/12/98 I, and other Prestridge family researchers, would like to make contact with descendants of John Milton PRESTRIDGE and Matilda Jane MILLER. Matilda Jane was the daughter of Jefferson Miller and Nancy TAYLOR. Matilda Jane and her daughter, Mary Izora Prestridge are buried at Everett Springs, Floyd County, Georgia. John and Matilda's children were Cular Diantha, b. 1872 married J. CURRIE; Mary Izora, b. 1874, did not marry; Matilda Ann, b. 1876 married W. BOWEN; William Jefferson, b. 1882 married Myrtle------; Nancy Penelope, b. 1884 married T. F. ADAMS ;and Elija Alexander, b. 1891 married Alta WOODWARD. After Matilda Jane died John Milton remarried and had other children. He and the second family moved to Texas. Descendants of the second family would like to make contact with descendants of the second family. I can direct contacts or contact can be made with Frances Prestridge fjsp@juno.com.
Ken Sims - 10/19/98 Trying to locate relatives of my gfather: SIMS, Harvey Cleveland dob:10/28/1894 m. Madeline Elizabeth Godfrey on Dec. 23, 1915, Floyd Co. Harveys parents: SIMS, John Thomas and Emma Kate Walker. Madeline's parents:GODFREY, Thomas J. and Mary E. Tolbert. Have been unable to find dates of birth etc. for these ggparents and their parents' names. Anyone with knowledge of this family, please contact me.
Paul Tyson - 10/19/98 Searching for information John Green Tyson, SGT/Lieut served in Company F, Cobb's Legion 1861-65. Was captured at Cold Harbor on June 1 1864 and imprisoned at Fort Delaware until end of war. Married Sarah Jane Beaty of Rome, Georgia in 1867, Resided in Chatooga County (Alpine) until moving to Arkansas in 1867 thence to Santo, Texas in 1893. Children born of this marriage were Sarah frances, Charlie Lee, Beulah Beatrice, William Dixon, Maude Alice, and John Luther. William Dixon Tyson was my father. Any and all information concerning this family will be greatly appreciated, especially concerning the parents and birthplace of John Green Tyson (b.1841) Contact me by US Mail at 1120 Valle de las Sombras, Alpine, CA 91901-2763.
Bill Sloan - 10/19/98 Napoleon Bonaparte Drew was my great great grandfather, who as born in Floyd County, Georgia in 1828. I have a record of him in the 1850 Floyd County, Georgia census. Any information on him, his parents or other ancestors would be greatly appreciated.
L. L. 10/19/98 Searching for info on Thomas B. DOOLEY, m. 5/18/1844 Patsy Ann Martha TOWNSEND. Listed in 1850 & 1860 census at Gilmer County with Martha and children Sarah b. 1847-48, Mary b. 1849, Harriett Margaret (my ggrandmother) b. 1853 or 1856, Amanda b. 1856-60, Louis b. 1859, William b. 1872-74, and Caldonia b. 1867-68. Patsy Ann Martha TOWNSEND b. @1924 and d. 190l, was daughter to Edward TOWNSEND and sister to Elisha TOWNSEND, Sr. Also need any info on TOWNSEND (sometimes spelled TOWNSEN or TOWNSON).
Gilster - 12/26/98 looking for information on the William Davis family that was on the 1900 census: lived at 2nd Ave, Rome, Ga William born July 1846in SC wife Louisa/Adalaid born 3/1839 in GA children: Wm. 3/1869, Ola G 10/1878 two granddaughters were also listed: Mary L 1/1890 and Hassie R 3/1893 It is the Hassie that I think might be my grandmother. We know her as Carrie Bell Johnson, but there is a connection (what we do not know) to the Davis family. Do you have any information that could help me?
Deborah Byrd - 10/26/98 I am looking for information on the families of Alexander MCDONALD b. 4-13-1797 in McIntosh county GA. His first wife was Jane E. CAMPBELL daughter of Jesse CAMPBELL and Jane DUNHAM b. 1801 liberty county Ga d. 8-22-1839 in Glynn county. After her death he married Georgia A. HOUSTON and moved to Rome where Alexander died 10-5-1879. Georgia died in Rome and both are buried in Mytrle Hill Cemetery. According to CAMPBELL/DUNHAM family legend, Alex and Jane had two children. I believe that one of them was JC MCDONALD who married Martha MORTON. Alex and Gerogia had one daughter, Georgia, who married Charles HARPER. Would like to exchange information on this family.
Randy Trammell 11/02/98 I am looking for any information on: John Thomas HOLDER who married Susan A. BOBO William Oscar HOLDER who married Nancy Jane YARBROUGH William M. TRAMMELL who married Sarah Savannah Estelle SHAW John David YARBROUGH who married Margaret CALDWELL. All of the ancestors are from Floyd County and are buried there.Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
R.Gary Brooks - 11/02/98 I am tring to find the parents of Malinda (Hall) Brooks. She was b. abt. 1825 and d. after 1891. After her husband David Brooks Didn't come home from the Civil War she moved back to Whitfield Co. Ga. to be with her Family the Halls. In the 1870 Whitfield Co. GA. census she lived between David G. Hall & Thomas J. Hall at the Babb Settlement near Lower Mill Creek Rd.
Charles McCool - 11/02/98 MCCOOL, Andrew J., b. circa 1805, SC, GENTRY, Catherine (Katie), b. 1800-1810, SC. Apparently they were married in 1825 in Floyd County, GA. The families moved from SC (Chester and Spartanburg Counties) to montgomery County, AL. I would appreciate any information about the marriage or suggestions for sources to get more information.
Eugene Johnson - 11/09/98 Seeking info on Sampson Hargis who lived in Floyed Co.in the 1830's He married Elizabeth Webster, 5,May 1838 in Floyed Co. Sampson dies in 1859 in Hamilton Co.TN His chidren were Nancy,Minerva,Joseph,and William. There is a possibility that he was married before Elizabeth and had other children sence he was 63 in 1859. If any one out there has info regarding the parents of Sampson or Elizabeth Webster please reply.
Elizabeth Steelman - 11/09/98 Looking for additional information on William J. WOFFORD & wife, *Sarah Ann MILLER, son, James H. WOFFORD in Paulding (1850) Polk (1851-spinoff from Paulding), Floyd (1860) counties. *Sarah Ann appears as Rebecca in 1860 census as head of household with children: James (12) Charley (10) John (6) Daniel (3). Especially interested in Charles/Charley. Have been unable to place this family in any 1870 census. Any help appreciated. Will share.
Sharon Tate Moody - 11/16/98 Reseaching Isaac Tate, b 1804 in SC and d 21 January 1885 in Floyd County. Lived in the Sugar Valley/John's Mountain/Pocket area. Married to Cintha ?? Children: Isaac, Phoebe Ann m Albert TRAPP, Joseph m Louisiana Stansell Hefner, Louisa, Willis Oliver m Sarah HEFNER, James Wilke, Julia Ann m Thomas AKINS, Martha m Z A Bowen, Abraham.
Lisa Keown Lentz - 11/23/98 I am looking for any info on a SAMP Jones born 1878 and lived his life until 1960 in Floyd County Georgia. His full name was Pinkey Sampson Jones. His wife was Hattie Jarrett daughter of George T. Jarrett who was born in the 1860's and also lived in Floyd County Ga. If anyone know of a Jones family which might fit, or any info on the George T. Jarrett family would be so greatly appreciated.
Kim Whitehead - 11/23/98 Seeking information on Sampson Hargis, Floyd Co., 1830's. I am told he was the son of Richard Hargis of NC. I am looking for info to trace him through his son William (Bill) b. ca. 1858 in GA, m. Susan (Turner?) and lived Hamilton Co., TN 1880. Bill's son, William Joseph Hargis was my gr. grandfather.
Doug Blansit - 11/23/98 My father was Benjamin Webster Blansit. According the the birth certificate, born in Lindale (sic, Lyndale) September 5, 1919. His mother was Elsie Maddox Blansitt, born in Jackson County, AL . His father was Will ______ Blansitt (The middle name is difficult to read and seems to have a double mm in the middle and end in a y and start with a S, F or T; maybe Summay?). Will Blansit was about 20 years old at1919 (so born late 1890s) and also from Jackson Co.According to some unreliable data, my grandfather died in the late 1940s. Also, according to the death certificate, my grandfather's name was Ben E. Blansit (not Will).Thank you for any information you may have.
Linda Baker - 11/23/98 James Knox Shropshire b. 1844 Gloyd Cty Ga. died May 17, 1931 austin, Travis Cty Tx. Son of John W. Shropshire and Annie E. Brown. He married Matilda (Millie) Handley. James Served in E Co. 6th Ga. Cavalry after transfering from the 8th Ga. Infantry. thank you for your consideration of my request.
Elizabeth Steelman - 11/30/98 Oscar A. Wofford, Jr is looking for additional information on William J. WOFFORD & wife, *Sarah Ann MILLER, son, James H. WOFFORD in Paulding County GA (1850), Polk County GA (1851- spinoff from Paulding), Floyd County GA (1860) counties. *Sarah Ann appears as Rebecca in 1860 census as head of household with children: James (12) Charley (10) John (6) Daniel (3). Especially interested in Charles/Charley. Have been unable to place this family in any 1870 census. Any help appreciated. Will share.
Myrl Ross - 12/07/98 Elizabeth CABANISS lived in Floyd County, GA and died about March 1859. She was the widow of Henry Benjamin Cabaniss. Before coming to Floyd County, I think they lived in Jones County, GA. She, according to her will, had a daughter Mary who married a MERRITT. She had ch: William O MERRITT, James W MERRITT, Reuben W B MERRITT and a dau E Louisa MERRITT , who married John ANDERSON. I have no dates for the births of these children. Any help on this family would be appreciated.
Mary Ann Nichols - 12/07/98 I descend from Sidney Johnson COX, who was born in 1861 in Rockmart, Georgia. His wife was Alice Eugenia HAWKINS and they married near Gadsden, AL. He was age 40+ when he married. Family lore says his parents separated, and he was the only survived child, with a sister, Laura, dying young. Sidney's mother's name was Elizabeth. His father is said to have remarried. This is a line I am really stuck on and would appreciate any helpful hints. Other clues: his cousin, Ed married Alice Eugenia Hawkins' sister, Minnie. Ed's father was a Mathias COX, born in GA, but lived in MS some and moved back to the Gadsden, AL area also. Also, great aunt "thought" she remembers the names "Hiram" and "Isaac" and thought one might have been a gold miner. Sidney Johnson Cox died in Montgomery, AL is the mid-1940's.
Don Reed - 12/07/98 Looking for David Cornett, b. 1788, VA, d. 8/27/1866, Falls County, TX. He had a daughter, Freelove (ugh!), born 7/2/1843, in Floyd County, GA.
Bobby E. Moore - 12/14/98 I am researching the family of GEORGE THOMAS MOORE, born July 5,(1853-55?) in GA. He married NANCY LOU CURBO Aug. 25,1870. The following children were born to them: George Green-1871, Ida Lou-1872, Simpson-1875, Thomas-1877, Ella Ima-1880, Andrew Martin-1881, James William-1883, Era Lilly-1887, Willis E.-1889, Ode Ashby-1891, Nannie Pearl-1895, Woodie L.A.-1897 and Frederick H.-1900. This family lived in or near Rome and left for Texas between 1872-1880. Both of George Thomas Moore's parents were born in GA. Does anyone know who they are? Any help will be appreciated.  Anyone working on the CURBO/KERBOW/ CURBOW line?
David L Slack - 12/14/98 Looking for Grandmother Venice Maud PHILLIPS,b 8/31/1875,Rome , FLOYD CO. GA. Father j.l. PHILLIPS/mother Elizabeth Smith (correction of )Grandfather name to Edward Claud STEVENSON, b. Tenn.
Judi Wingo - 12/14/978 My grandfather, Benjamin Tomlinson, was born in Floyd Springs, GA, May 8, 1869. His father was Grove Simpson Tomlinson and his mother was Ellen Nancy Davis. My mother is a Tomlinson and her father (Benjamin Tomlinson) was born near Rome, Georgia, May 8, 1869. According to my grandmother's writings, his father was Grove Simpson Tomlinson of Georgia, and his father was Grove Tomlinson of North Carolina. According to the information from www.Ancestry.com, one Grove Tomlinson is listed, but there is no information listed for birth, death, or marriage. I was just curious if this could be indeed the Grove of my family. I became very curious because recently I made the acquaintance of a woman named Marsha Tomlinson and she had some records which traced her lineage back to a Leonard Tomlinson. She also had some information about the three Tomlinson brothers who first came to America, but it seemed more like hear-say than actual information.I would appreciate any information about my ancestors.
Emily O'Neal - 12/21/98 Would like to contact anyone researching the Boggs and Barnes families of Floyd County. Also have picture of CW Capt. A.B.S. Moseley, husband of Beulah Shropshire, residents of Rome, GA.during Civil War and following. Will gladly give to any family member.
Marilyn Leach - 12/28/98 Seeking info on Annie Lou WRIGHT b Rome,Floyd Co.,Ga 1900-1901 daughter of Rube(Rueben?)WRIGHT and Hassitine COOK.
Darrin Chambers - 12/28/98 I am trying to find a James Wright that was born in Rome Floyd co., Georgia around 1845. The only problem is that we have heard that he may have changed his name to Chambers. His wife we know was Emily or Emma? they had 9 children.

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