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Lynnette Jones - 11/25/02 I'm looking for Youngbloods in Georgia. I think specifically in Floyd Co. My gggranddad was Jasper Youngblood. All I know about him is that he was born in either South Carolina or Georgia. I do know that he lived in Georgia because my ggrandmother, his daughter, Sallie Lee Lassie Youngblood was born there. Possibly in Rome or the surrounding area. She was born between 1880 and 1890. At some point they moved to Arkansas, she married George Medlin and had 11 children. My grandmother being one of them. I have no idea about any other Youngblood family members right now. Any help you might could give me would be deeply appreciated.
Jeanie Johnson - 11/25/02 In the 1850s, my ancestress, Amanda Lurilla Cobb Broome, lived in Floyd Co, GA with her husband, James C. Broom(e) and children, John J., Martha, Mary, Nancy Catherine, James M. She had William Floyd and Benjamin Thomas while living there before moving to Franklin Co, GA where they appear on the 1860 census. She was born in Anderson Co, SC 1817 to Noah Cobb and Nancy Mize and her husband, James C Broom was born in 1814 in Anderson Co, SC. Her daughters Mary and Martha never made the trip to Franklin Co and her son, John J. married a Carrie/Karry/Kisseiah Vangelin? from Alabama while living there. Son Josiah was born in 1858 Floyd Co.
Larry Phillips - 11/18/02 Does anyone have additional information on Jessee Philips, who appears in the 1860 Floyd county census? The names of some of his children indicate to me that he could be related to me. Any additional information will be greatly appreciated
Nona Stewart - 11/18/02 Could you please tell me where the old McCall Hospital records are, and if I might be able to look at them. I am primarily interested in the 20-month period between March, 1940 - November, 1941. I am looking for a birth. I have already checked the Floyd County records (by mail) for a birth certificate, but one was not found. I feel very sure that a sibling was, indeed, born during that timeframe. Thank you for any help you might be able to give me.
K. Glock - 10/30/02 My great uncle Wade White Smith was born Oct 23, 1875 in Rome GA. He married Lillie Thackson, but I don't know where or when. His father, my great-grandfather, Wilburn Taylor Smith was born there also according to Wade's death cerificate in 1846.
Rudy Oakes - 10/30/02 I am looking for relatives that I believe were born in Floyd county around the 1880's to the 1900's... The lineage I believe that they would follow is roughly like this: se William Oakes born abt 1860 - Married Betty Bell ( possibly local Indian gal) They had 12 children - which reported were in Floyd county - and perhaps others as well - as I have been hard pressed to nail down any facts. John Dolphus Oakes born abt 1882; Jesse M. Oakes born abt 1891; James C. Oakes Eunice Oakes; Carrie Oakes born abt 1885; Leila Oakes Born abt 1886; Luther C. Oakes born abt 1895; Louis Oakes (twin to Luther C.)born abt 1895; Ernest Oakes; Hart D. Oakes; Della Naomi Oakes born 1898; Ronear or Rowena Oakes. I have found data that points to floyd county but also Sumter, Chattoga, Pickens, Muscogee and Sommerville. So - at this point - I am asking for any and all help. I am planning to come to Georgia soon - if I can't find help on the internet - and do some research myself - as I just recently realized that there was a whole family of relatives I have never known - and I want to capture what I can as soon as I can. I will be submitting an inquiry "outside" of floyd county as well - as I believe the family may have moved around a bit. If I can just find Jesse William - or Betty Bell - and my grand dad John Dolphus - I would be very very pleased. Please let me know if there is more that you need from me. many thanks in advance.
Cathy Dyer - 10/14/02 I have a relative in the New Bethel Cemetery that was on Silver Creek (Lane?). The name is Thomas Presley Oaks. It may say TOM. I believe that he died Jan 31 1945. I am trying to find out were the Cemetery is and if it is still a live Cemetery. I would also like to know if that is were Thomas Presley Oaks was placed and if any other Oaks are around him.
S. Ellison - 09/23/02 Am searching for Curtis Ellison, born in Rome, GA area on 9-2-1994 to Zona Lockler and David Lee Ellison, Jr. Have had no contact with the mother & son since 1995. Zona lived with her paternal grandfather at that time. Parents did not marry. Father is living out of state and has had no contacts. Any information/help in locating them would be appreciated.
Brian Nilsson - 09/23/02 I'm hoping to find some record in Floyd County of my ancestor, Isabella Bruton Askew. I do not know her maiden name. She was from North Carolina, where she was married to a Mr. Bruton (either John or Benjamin Sr.). After his death, she moved in 1791 to South Carolina, where she married a Mr. Askew, who died a few months later. She eventually moved to Richmond County, Georgia, by 1820, and was in Tattnall County, Georgia, in 1824. She appears in Floyd County records in 1833, when a lot of land was transferred from John Sands to her. She died within a few years, supposedly in Tattnall County, but because of this property record, I am trying to determine if she perhaps died in Floyd County.
Betty - 09/09/98 I am searching for any thing on William & Elizabeth Ervin. The 1900 federal census of indian territory -Oklahoma list Elizabeth Ervin born feb. 1821 Seawitch Co. Georgia. She was Elizabeth Cooper Ervin married to William Ervin who sold out in Rome, Georgia in December of 1869 to come to his brother Calvin Ervin in indian territory(ok.) the family rode the train to Memphis,Tennessee, then by steamboat to Little Rock,Arkansas. Then over land by team and wagon. They were in Little Rock, Arkansas by Christmas of 1869. the two sons born in Georgia was Edwin Edward Ervin born Aug 2, 1863 and Benjamin Franklin born Jan 25, 1865. The Seawitch Ccounty, Georgia doesn't exist. Maybe there was a miss spelling in the federal census but have searched all of Georgia. One ancester place a head stone for her recently in the cemetery but did not have date of birth or death just that she was borned in England and lived to be 109 years old. My friend queried the Essex, England mail list about that name and so far nothing has been found. Any information will be great.
Wanda - 09/16/02 I am searching for information for JOHN EWING HARRIS and SABRINA (MORGAN) HARRIS who reportedly lived in Rome, Ga. had the following children: Joseph H. Harris, Mary Ann Harris,Sarah Catherine Harris, Thomas J. Harris, James W. Harris, John Harris, Susan J. Harris,Emma Harris, Charles Newton Harris, and Jeff D. Harris.
Melissa Ball Yates - 08/26/02 I am looking for any info re: William Rady Ball buried in Lindale, Ga. Married to Amanda Lucinda Key also buried Lindale, Ga. Any info would be helpful. They had several children: Joseph Freeman Ball, GL (Gent) Ball, Earl Jackson Ball, George (Dutch) Ball, Curtis (Kurt), Dolly (died approx 2 yrs old), Lena and Mae. Please contact me by phone: (256) 974-5100 work (256) 308-1208 home.
Mom - 08/19/02 I am seeking information on Eddie Hooper who I think was born in Floyd County, I think in 1953 or 1954.
Carmen O'Barr - 08/12/02 I believe my grandfather,Russell Luther O'Barr was born in or around Rome,Georgia somewhere between 1905 and 1910.I believe that his mother was a Mills. Can you help?
Pam Ellington - 08/05/02 Doing research on my husband's family.. Looking for info on a CHULIO, American name was Shoe Boots..He was a Chief of the Cherokee and fought several battles with Andrew Jackson and was there at the Raid of Morgan Station in Kentucky in the year of 1793. Believe Chulio to be buried in Floyd County...Death date 1819.
Hope O. Creasman - 08/05/02 In researching my HAWKINS family,I found several who moved from Chatham County to Floyd County. I would love to have any death notices on Lucy Jane ? Hawkins, Mark B. Hawkins, Sr. or Jr., John H. Hawkins...See partial tree below. Would someone be kindenough to help me out on this? I would reciprocate by looking in my Lexington, Edgefield, Newberry County, South Carolina or Buncombe County and Hendersonville, North Carolina books for names and information.

Descendants of Charles Duval Hawkins
1 Charles Duval Hawkins b: May 26, 1875 in Middletown, Frederick Co., Maryland d: November 18, 1936 in Bonaventure Cemetery, Thunderboldt, Georgia
. +Lucy Jane b: Abt. 1870 in Lived in Savannah then to Floyd County, Georgia d: March 11, 1956 in Gordon County, Georgia
..... 2 [1] Lucile Hawkins b: Abt. 1911 d: March 07, 1951 in Chatham County, Georgia
......... +Jackson m: Bef. 1936 m: Bef. 1936 
..... *2nd Husband of [1] Lucile Hawkins: 
......... +Enrique C. Silva b: Abt. 1884 m: Aft. 1936 m: Aft. 1936 d: August 03, 1978 in Chatham County, Georgia
............. 3 Thomas Hawkins (Silva?) 
..... 2 John H. Hawkins b: Abt. 1903 in Possible d: March 16, 1972 in Floyd County, Georgia
..... 2 Mark B. Hawkins, Sr. b: Abt. 1916 in Chatham County, Georgia d: April 23, 1956 in Floyd County, Georgia

Tommy Lewis - 07/29/02 I am looking for any Braziers that have known or been related to Charlie, Bill and Anna or Ann Brazier in Floyd Co or Rome or Cave Springs Ga. I know that Charlie was born in Cave Springs Ga., I dont know aboute the other two.
Wanda Payne - 07/22/02 I am seeking information on my grandparents, James Franklin Payne married Alma Georgia Norman nee Freeman on Dec.21 1902. They had six children. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Bill Bryson - 07/15/02 Looking for information on ELSBERRY or BRYSON families of Rockmart, GA. Minnie Dora Elsberry b. Nov19,1888; Hayne Leaman Bryson b.Aug.17, 1879; Boyd Olan Bryson b.May 12, 1911
Kay Tucker - 07/15/02 Need help finding information On: John Daniel Beam, b.March 1856, d Dec1915 married Martha Lollas b.March 1861, d.Oct 1907. My GGrandfather owned a Dairy and Died on Second Ave Bridge while Delivering Milk. A picture was published in the Rome News Several years ago of his wagon on the Bridge at the time of his death, (Dec 7,1915).
Cathy Evans Mauricio - 07/08/02 I am looking for any information on my GGGrandfather. Supposedly they came from Rome, Floyd Co., GA. A couisn said that she found them under a different surname spelling. His name was J.J. Evans and his wife's name was Mary Isabelle Rogers, but she said that she found them in the 1850 census under the name J.J. Evin. Does anyone recognize these names? My name is Cathy Mauricio and I have been having a very tough time finding these ancestors. I would appreciate any help that I could get.
Uvette Hicks Brice - 07/08/02 I am searching for information on my Great Grandfather John Lovett Hobbs. His family was from Rome Georgia and he moved to Texas and married Kizzie Wall Hobbs. I think his father was Gabriel Hobbs and his mother Mary Jane Hood Hobbs. The story goes that Gabriel donated some land to build a church in Rome, Georgia. Any information would be helpful. I have not been able to find any siblings of John Lovett Hobbs.
Mike Beier - 06/24/02 I have a William GOLDEN or GOLDING born @1805 in SC who lived for much of his adult life in Floyd County, Georgia where a number of children were born to him and Elizabeth (LAWRENCE), his wife. Children born in Georgia are: Robert James (1835), Elizabeth (1836), John (1838), Joseph (1840), Homer Virgil (1842) , Sarah (1844), Sebron (1847), and Manda (1850). (3 older children were born in Alabama; Polly (1830), Martha (1832), and William (1834).
Jan Stewart - 06/17/02 Researching the "Buddy" Green family. Garland T. ("Buddy") was the son of W. C. Green and Lelia Burns Green. He was a veteran of World War II and was a member if American Legion Post No. 5. He had one daughter, Barbara. He died in Rome on October 31, 1989. Any information about his wife and daughter would be appreciated.
Delores - 06/17/02 I would like to know if there are any relations of the Ritch family from Cave Springs, Ga that would be interested in receiving info on their relations. I know several married into the Cox family, also Cornelius, Tucker, Yarborough, Weems families to name a VERY FEW of my collection. I would particularly like to see if I can get any photos or info from family bibles. Please join me in making a complete family file.
Christina Beatrice Brown - 05/27/02 Hello, I'm pleased to have found Cave Spring news. I'm searching for any decendents or information on : Sara Elizabeth Baker Miller, the Baker branch and the Frank Miller branch. The Mininnette line with Ethel (Miller)(Baker) and Edwin Ralph Mininnette and their children, Beatrice Edwina and a son named? Beatrice married James Eugene Brown and were my grandparents. There were cousins, Phoebe Miller and Clifford and an uncle Jete Miller who was Phoebe's granddaughter. I have pictures of these people and visited Cave Spring back in the 80's and successfully met people who knew of Beatrice's Sunday School picture hanging in the (I think) Presbyterian Church there. I would like to visit again really soon..In the mean time, anyone w/ any knowledge of these families or decendants still in the area could help me a great deal.
Janice - 05/27/02 TROUT - (Tilman and Jackson TROUT). Tilman TROUT (born abt 1793) was in Jackson Co. GA in 1830 census; was in Floyd Co. GA in 1840. Not seen in later censuses. Jackson TROUT (born abt 1804) was living in Jackson Co. GA when he drew in the 1827 Land Lottery; was living in Floyd Co. 1840-1850-1860-1870 per census records. In 1870 was living at Cave Springs. Tilman and Jackson were sons of Nathaniel and Sarah (TILLMAN) TROUT, who both died in Jackson Co. GA. Probable sons were Sanford C. TROUT AND William P. TROUT, both listed with a Cave's Spring address. Will exchange info on these TROUT families.
deborah kipness - 05/27/02 My Grandfather, Frank Simmons Griffin was born in Rome, September 15, 1905. His father, Frank Walter Griffin, dob 1870, dod 1952 Texas, I am not sure if he was born in Rome or elsewhere in Georgia. Mother of Frank Simmons, Nell White Griffin, born in Columbus, Georgia. She later became Nell W. Goodman and wrote an article "History of Toombs County Written By Mrs. Nell Goodman". I believe it was in the Atlanta Journal. She died in Stockton, California at the age of 78. She moved there in 1947 with her son Roy Walter Griffin, brother of Frank Simmons Griffin. Her father was James White and in the Confederate Army. There was also a James Henry Griffin, Confederate Army around 1862. I believe he was the father of Frank Walter. He was married to Sarah Means, her father was Dr. Alexander Means from ~~~ry University. I have several articles from the Atlanta Journal, 1935 and 1938 in reference to Dr. Means' and the Electric Light. I know this is not the most organized, but I am desperately trying to locate records on my family. It is like they never existed. Any help would be wonderful.
Mike - 05/27/02 JAMES BRANNON m. ? Mann in 1844 and probably in Rome, GA. I find a James Brannon marrying Mary Mann and another reference to a Marion S. T. Mann. Which name is correct? I believe James' brother John A. married Jane Mann, a sister. Known children: 1. Perry Brannon lived in Memphis, TN; Julia Brannon; 3. Mandy Brannon; 4. Lizzie Brannon m. Rev. Blessing---son Ernest Blessing lived between Lawrenceburg & Pulaski, TN; Sarah Eveline Brannon (1855 GA -1929 TX) m. Robert Tom Smith. Wish to contact descendants and to have any information on this family.
ANN DICKENSON - 04/29/02 In looking at a scrapebook of my husband's aunt I found a clipping of an obit form Rome, Georgia. It is dated 1885 or 1895. It names a Chesley Price and \talked like he served during the Civil War. It mentions Myrtle Hill,and Rome's Battalion. A Dr. Headden conducted the service at the First Baptist Church. The choir was composed of Misses Ruth Hollyman, Viola Smith and Messrs. (this is how it it spelled in the newspaper) C.E. Woodruff and H. E.or F. Patton. It states he was a member of the Rome Light Guard.
Wooten, Frank - 04/22/02 Researching all of the names WOOTTEN,BENTLY,KENNEMORE,BRAY,LANGSTON,DRANE,PERRY,HENDERSON in the Floyd co. Rome Ga area. My people were located in that area on the 1900 federal census, but earlier census in that county hasn't been very productive for me. Wooten and Perry are the two main branches and the other names are spouses names of the siblings.
Crystal Benefield Head - 04/22/02 I am looking for information about my Grandfather, James Marcus Benefield, born 19 April 1880 at Sand Mountain, AL. and his mother Amanda Benefield (I think born in Randolph) Does Sand Mountain still exist?
David Driggers - 04/22/02 My name is Matthew Driggers and I am looking for information on a LOWRY/LOWERY family that lived in Rome, GA. This would have been around the mid to late 1890's. Some of the family members were a D. E. " Doc." LOWRY who was a well known citizen in Rome, GA. and died November 17, 1920. He was married to Elizabeth ABERNATHY on March 17, 1897 in Rome, GA. He had two sons, Elwood (who was in the Navy in 1920 ) and Howard. He also had a daughter named Sarah. He was also a mason with the Cherokee lodge # 66. He was for many years the Southern Express Company Agent in Rome, GA and was also connected with the Southern Foundry.
Vera Hillis - 04/15/02 QUARLES ancestories, R. C. and wife Haney, Annie Mae, Estelle Quarles Davis. Trying to establish relationship between Quarles/Bain (my gmom Nancy Eletha).
GENE EVERETT - 04/15/02 I would like to correspond with any descendents of WILLIAM H. McDONALD, born 1851. Married MARY F. STANFORD, born 1854. MARY was the daughter of STEPHEN STANFORD and ELEANOR (McGRAW) STANFORD. We know that the STANFORDs were living in Floyd County prior to 1882. WILLIAM and MARY had two children. JULIUS F. McDONALD, born abt. 1875, and MARY C. McDONALD, born abt. 1878.
Tamlee (Floyd) McGary - 04/08/02 I am searching for the parents of Tabitha (Matilda Lebitha) BURTON who was born in TN about 1823. She married William Locklin FLOYD in 1842 in Floyd County, GA. I am also trying to find where William and Tabitha are buried. I'm hoping someone shares these common ancestors.
 Linda Ward - 3/26/02 Searching for any info on my ggrandfather Linsey Edgar FRALICK. Moved from Ky to northern GA ca. 1920. Just lately found a letter from his daughter Anita Mae Bankey of Trion, GA. that mentions she has a daughter living in Rome, GA. Letter was written in 1972. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Nawgie - 03/26/02 Looking for information on records of the BATTEY STATE TB HOSPITAL. Need records on some of my ancestors that were hospitalized there.
Default User - 03/26/02 I am searching for info on Robert Wooten Born in Virginia 1823, died in Rome Date unknown. Robert Married a Martha Perry In 1875. He was 42yrs old and she was 15 according to the 1900 Floyd co. census. They had 14 children 11 living 8 at home and my grandfather was one of the eight listed. His name was Denny Frank Wooten. What I would like to know is where did they migrate from since I can't seem to locate them in and around Floyd co. prior to 1900. Also where did Martha come from and who were her parents. Some of this family are buried in the West Rome cemetary on Lavender St. in West Rome.
Nirakat - 03/19/02 I am looking for information on Green Berry Harreleson Tomlin 1800's. He married a Louella Clementine Bromelow. He lived in Cave Springs, Ga.
Diane Sabido - 03/12/02 Looking for my Hutchens Line in Rome, Floyd County Ga. In the 1920 Census it lists an Arthur Hutchens and his wife Mary. Their children were Jesse born abt 1902 Ada, born abt 1915, Robert, born abt 1912. My grandfather was named Jesse Lee Hutchens and my father was James Riley Hutchens born June 27, 1920 in Taylorsville, Bartow Co., Ga. and when he was about 15 yrs. old he applied for a SSCard in Rome Ga. He was living at 12 Buffington Rd. Rome. I don't know if the Jesse that is on the 1920 Census Record is that of my grandfather. He md. (My Grandfather) Beaulah Sheppard possibly the daughter of Nick/Mick J. Sheppard and Zettie from Taylorsville, Bartow Co., Ga. Is there anyway some one could check the cemeteries in and around the area and see if there is any Hutchens, the dates they died etc.? I would appreciate it.
Sharon Ragins - 03/12/02 I'm seeking decendants and info on my ggf, Fate Davis of Rome, GA.(Fate may have been short for Lafayette). My ggm's name is unknown to me. They had 18 children Martha, Mabel, Marie, Rosa (my g-mom), James(Jay), Thomas, and John are the names that I know of. My ggm died giving birth to my g-mom in 1897. Fate remarried on Dec. 9, 1902 to Lovie Kilgo. Rosa had 2 children, Carrie Mae(my mom) and Clyde Wm. Buford. Any help would be appreciated.
David Slay - 03/12/02 I am conducting research on the activities of employees of the Rome Stove Foundry from 1920 to 1935. I am particularly interested in their union activities during the General Textile Strike of 1934. I am looking for people who worked at or had ancestors who worked at the foundry. If you have any stories you would like to share, please contact me.
Bernice Howard - 03/05/02 Looking for information on Martha (Mattie) Free that married William A. Howard in 1886, lived some in Walker Co, Ga. but said to have been from Floyd ,Co. Also looking for Indiana(Anna) Flemister married William Bresidine, a Methodist Preacher in 7 July 1870, She is my Greatgrandmother. I know she is buried at Black Oak Cemetery in Alabama. But don't know her parents etc.
Mary Ellen Crowe - 03/05/02 I am trying to determine the name of my great grandfather's first wife. His name was William C. Peugh, born 1853, died 1922.  He is buried in the Silver Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery with his second wife, Nettie (West) Peugh.
Euna - 02/26/02 I am searching for information on William Wood, born 1810 in SC, married Margaret ?. They had children born in GA from 1839 until 1855 and finally ended up in Arkansas by 1860. Any help would be appreciated. I am willing to share the information I have on the Wood family.
Brenda Knippers - 02/19/02 Newman John Dowdy b June 21, 1859 in Floyd County, Rome, Georgia moved to Marion County,Columbia, Miss., d. March 18, 1936 burial- Cedar Grove Cemetery, Marion County, Columbia, Ms. He married Nancy Willena Furnanders on September 15, 1878. She b. July 21, 1861, d. January 18, 1925, both are at Cedar Grove Cemetery,Marion County, Rome, Georgia. Looking for any information on Dowdy's in Rome, Ga. My mother was Dorothy Evelyn Dowdy who father was Jessie Paul Dowdy from Marion County, Rome, Georgia.
A. Deason Smith- 02/19/02 Benjamin Floyd Elrod born abt 1837 in Anderson Co., SC died bet. 1870-1871 in Georgia. Buried Jackson Chapel, Cave Springs, Floyd County, Ga. He married Diddanna Mahalia Lemming born 1835 in Alabama. She is buried in Brush Arbor Cemetery, Floyd County, Ga. They had the following children SARAH C. ELROD born 1853; OLIVIA D. ELROD born 1858; HARVEY JOANNA ELROD born aft 1860; and WILLIAM JASPER ELROD born Apr. 11, 1869. Guardianship of Sarah C. Elrod and her sister, Joanna Elrod were given to MARTIN A. HAYNIE in 1874.
Juanita Hall - 02/12/02 I am searching for ANY information on my ggf Frank Adams. He married Mandy Wilson. Frank was born 18 July 1857 in Chattooga, Ga. and died in Rome on 19 January 1933. They had children Ina Elizabeth, my grandmother, Robert Charles, Ora and Charles Franklin. Any help would be greatly appreciated..
Amy Sanders McKinney - 02/12/02 I have traced my Ancestors back to Floyd County, GA. In the 1850 Census my Gr Gr Grandparents were listed in Census. Miles COPELAND age 18 and wife Caroline age 22. The next census year (1860) they are in Clark County Arkansas along with several children. Miles was killed in the Civil War at the battle at Prairie Grove, AR Dec 7, 1862. My GrGrandfather Jesse Copeland is reported to have been born in GA circa 1858 he married Mary Beattie born 1858 and one report shows GA as her place of birth. Since I cannot travel to Georgia I am having a problem finding anything beyond 1850 on the Copeland side and nothing on the Beattie side beyond their marriage in Clark county Arkansas in 1878. I will be happy to pay a nominal fee for printing and mailing of any info.
Rick McKinney - 02/05/02 I need any and all history on the Mt. Aventine area of rome and the surrounding area from the South Broad bridge to South Main St. We live on Mt Aventine and have only recently learned of our city leaders(?) possible plans for destroying the remaining victorian homes and historic buildings on south broad, all in the name of "cleaning Up" the area. We have learned that Darlington School power people have become unhappy with this area since it is the main approach to their school. While their area is protected by money, there is no one except concerned neighbors of this area to protect it. We are planning to go to a meeting that the city is having 2 days before they announce their already decided plans for our neighborhood to present our concerns. We fear that as it has been so many times in Rome's recent past, our voices will be lost to the commissioners who rely heavily on darlington's money base. We need historic information to possibly delay their destructive plans and hopefully give us time to present any information we can find to the national historic preservation socieity. I am aware of a little of the history of a battle near Myrtle Hill during the civil war, but we need the history of the buildings that have recently been condemed by the city and any of the old victorian homes that remain standing on South Broad. If you know where we can search for this, or someone who is a local expert, could you please advise me? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. We are planning another neighborhood meeting on the 15th of this month, and anyone with information or who wants to assist us with our quest would be most welcome.
John - 02/05/02 If there is a Rome City Directory for 1909 - or close - could someone please look up Rev. A.B. CARNES and tell me with what church or denomination he was affiliated. He was officiating at a service from the home of my great grandfather.
Clifton Womack - 02/05/02 I am desperately searching for any info on my mother, Sybil Mae Chappell, born Rome, Ga. May 7, 1922, to Rhoda and unknown Chappell, may have been Robert or John. any help will be gladly received.
Doris Turner Osten - 01/22/02 Seeking any information on a John Turner who married Lydia Ann Blair, born in Franklin County, Ga., in Rome, Georgia daughter of Levi Cowan Blair?  They all moved on to Etowah County, Alabama within a few years. Any lead will be most welcome. They were my great grandparents.
Steve Robinson - 01/08/02 I'm trying to find information regarding my paternal gggmother. Her name was Nancy E. Robinson, her maiden name was reported to be Mathis. She was born in Georgia, 9/29/1822 and died 7/10/1867. She was buried near her home in Bradley county, just north of Red Clay. The cemetery is the Lebanon Church Cemetery. She was married to John Robinson, and had 10 children. She and John lived in South Bradley County from at least 1840 until her death in 1867. My ggfather's death certificate showed that his mother (Nancy) was born in Georgia, and my guess is that it was Whitfield County. Do you have access to documents or information that we could research to find info about Nancy Mathis? Any assistance that you could render would be immensely appreciated.
Diane Sabido - 01/08/02 Researching my natural Father's Ancestry. This is my Lineage so far I was born Susan Ingrid Dianne Hutchens July 29, 1949 in Rome, Georgia. My parents were James Riley Hutchens born June 20, 1927 in Taylorsville, Bartow, Ga., son of Jesse Hutchens and Beaulah Sheppard per his SSCard. When James was 15 years old he lived in Rome Ga on 12 Buffington Rd. Now in the 1920 Census I have found Arthur Hutchens aged 65 born in Georgia born abt 1855. His wife Margaret aged 54 born in South Carolina born about 1863/1864 their children were Jesse aged 18 yrs born in Ga born about 1902, Ida aged 15 yrs born in Ga born about 1905, Robert aged 8 yrs. born in Ga  born about 1912. My mother was Shirley Sharp which is a fictious name she used on her Marriage and my birth certificate, it took us years before our mother told us her real name was Shirley Hoflinger, as my dad was overseas when he met my mother. My mother was pregnant with me, and went to Taylorsville, or Rome, I'm not sure, but I was born in Rome. I do know that  my grandfather had a farm. I am anxious to find out if I have cousins, as there are 6 children, and when my parents divorced, my mother gave me up for adoption when I was 6 years old. I saw my father last in 1963 I was 14 yrs. and he had remarried, and I believe the woman named Sara Holcomb who is now deceased might have had children. My father passed away in March 4, 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia and is buried at the Sylvester Cemetery, in Atlanta.
Brenda Knippers - 01/30/02 Researching the surname Dowdy. gggfather Newman John Dowdy b. June 21,1859 born in Floyd Co.,Ga. d. March 18, 1936 #5360, in Marion Co.,Columbia, Miss. at Cedar Grove Cementery, Marion Co.,Columbia, Miss. Married Jancy Lena Fernanders b. July 21, 1868, Married Sept., 15, 1878 in Floyd Co., Ga. Looking for parent of Newman John Dowdy, d. January 18, 1925 #17777 in Marion Co.,Columbia, Miss. Cedar Grove Cementery,Marion Co.,Columbia, Miss.
Julie Michelle Brown-Jenkins - 01/22/02 I wish to find out any information that I can on Tom Cole, who was my great-grandfather. I know he was 1/4 to 1/2 Cherokee Indian and lived in Rome, GA. My grandmother's name was Sarah Cole, her mother's name was Maggie Pike Cole. If you could send me any information about my ancestors I would greatly appreciate it. I was adopted and this is the first real information I have found out about my "real" ancestors and family.
Callie L.L. Welch - 01/15/02 I am looking for information on the FELPS, MOYERS, BAILEY and TOMBILNSON families 1840-1880's. All lived in, or had links to Floyd County. Feraby FELPS married HENRY MOYERS, their son Felix MOYERS married Cornelia Elizabeth BAILEY dau. of Curtis BAILEY and Nancy Carolina TOMBLINSON. Curtis BAILEY ran a brick yard for many years. And information about these families would be appreciated. I have each of these lines back further than Floyd county if anyone is interested in any information I have.
Jo Crane - 01/08/02 Stanford B. CRANE b-1833 d-1912 Who were his parents? m-Susan Frances HAWKINS b-1835 d-1923. who were her parents? son- Joseph M. CRANE b-abt 1860 Where/when did he die? He and his father Stanford lived with the LANHAM family, what is the connection? He married 1st-Savanna Traven(?) 2nd-Lou Cretia VAUGHN.

Mary Pat Drummond - 01/08/02 Looking for any information on Drummonds in Floyd County, GA.
Virginia Kuhn - 01/01/02 I am looking for the grave of my Great-grandmother, Sarah Eveline Parks Williams. She was born June 8, 1850 in Elbert County, GA and married John Parks Williams on July 10, 1871 in Floyd County, GA. She died sometime between 1872 and 1882.  She had two boys, John Parks Williams and John Vance Williams. John is my Grandfather. Sarah's parents were Marshall Parks and Mary Bobo.  Marshall was born 11/9/1809 and died 4/7/1852 in Floyd or Elbert County, GA. Marshall and Mary married 1/28/1847 in Floyd or Elbert County, GA.
Mo Neil - 01/01/02 I am searching for information on JAKE JONES( his given name was JAMES JONES, but he always used the name JAKE). JAKE was born about 1870 or so. His father may have been JAMES JONES. JAKE married a lady named MARY STEPP about 1899. They had four children STEPHEN JONES and ETHEL JONES( twins born in 1900). Also, JESSE JONES born about 1905 and CALE JONES, born 1903.  I Am also searching for information on a relative of the JONES family who lived in Rome, Ga.  He was a barber in the 1930's and 40's., maybe even in the 50's. His name was HILLIARD PADGET. The JONES family eventually moved to Florida in the mid 1920's. HILLIARD PADGET visited them a couple of times in the 30's and 40's. I am hoping that I can find some family of HILLIARD PADGET still living around Rome, and that they may be able to give me some information on the JONES and also the STEPP families.

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