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Cemetery Name Location/Description Submitter or offsite link
Ashley-Manning-Pace Cemetery (Old Paceville Cemetery) Known previously as the Old Paceville Cemetery, established in the 1830's.  located in Kirkland, LINK
Bazemore Cemetery 200-298 Altamaha Rd, Hazlehurst LINK
Black Pond Cemetery (see Williams Chapel Cemetery) 977-1031 Denton Still Rd, Denton  
Bridgeford Church of God Cemetery 876-994 Bridgeford Church Rd, Hazlehurst LINK
Burkett Cemetery County Rd 164/Burkett Church Rd, Denton  
Byrd Church Cemetery (See Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery 348-364 Mt Pleasant Church Rd, Denton  
Carter Church Cemetery 161-399 Ferrell Carter Rd, Hazlehurst LINK
Carver Chapel Cemetery Carver Chapel Rd, Denton LINK 
Creech Cemetery Off of Union Springs Rd, Snipesville LINK 
Denton Cemetery Denton LINK 
Ebenezer Cemetery Hazlehurst LINK 
Eureka Baptist Church Cemetery 201-299 Yankee Paradise Rd, Hazlehurst LINK 
Frier Cemetery (Henderson Frier Cemetery) Off of Burkett's Ferry Rd on the old Henderson Frier Homestead, near Hazlehurst-private property LINK 
Girtman Cemetery Jeff Davis Cemetery LINK 
Graham Cemetery Hazlehurst LINK 
Hall and Wilcox Cemetery (see Wilcox and Hall Cemetery) Jeff Davis County  
Hand Cemetery (see Old Hazelhurst Cemetery) Hazlehurst  
Harris and McDew Cemetery Mary Cornish Rd, Hazlehurst LINK 
Hayes Family Cemetery Snipesville LINK 
Hazelhurst City Cemetery (Hazlehurst Memorial Cemetery) 51-65 N Williams St, Hazlehurst LINK 
Hester Cemetery Hester Rd, Hazlehurst LINK 
Hill Memorial Garden 301-257 Uvalda Rd, Hazlehurst LINK 
Hinson Cemetery 1214-1236 Bell Telephone Rd, Hazlehurst LINK 
Kirkland Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery 980 Kirkland Still Rd, Hazlehurst LINK 
Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery (Rowland Cemetery, Rolland Cemetery) 140 Liberty Church Rd, Hazlehurst LINK 


Lynn Cemetery 2-98 Summerlin Ward Rd, Hazlehurst LINK
McEachin Cemetery Hazlehurst LINK
Mims Family Farm Hazlehurst LINK
Morgan Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery 300 Graham Zoar Rd, Hazlehurst LINK
Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery (see Byrd Church) 348-364 Mt Pleasant Church Rd, Denton LINK
Mt Zion Baptist Church Cemetery Hazlehurst LINK
North View Cemetery Hazlehurst LINK
Northside Cemetery Hazlehurst LINK
Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery 57 Oak Grove Church Rd, Hazlehurst LINK
Oak View Baptist Church Cemetery 2126-2194 Altamaha Rd, Hazlehurst LINK
Oakland Baptist Church Cemetery 101-199 Oakland Church Rd, Hazlehurst LINK
Old Hazlehurst Cemetery (see Hazlehurst) Hazlehurst  
Old Paceville Cemetery(see Ashley-Manning-Pace Cemetery) Kirkland  
Palms Memorial Gardens 86-99 Mark Hall Dr, Hazlehurst LINK
Philadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery Theo Wilcox Cir, Hazlehurst LINK
Philadelphia Methodist Church Cemetery Philadelphia Methodist Church Rd, Hazlehurst  
Pickren Family Cemetery Hazlehurst LINK
Piney Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Hazlehurst LINK
Rocky Branch Church Cemetery Hazlehurst LINK
Rowland Cemetery (see Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery 140 Liberty Church Rd, Hazlehurst  
St Matthews AME Church Cemetery 174 St Matthews Church Rd, Hazlehurst LINK
Satilla Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery 750 Satilla Church Rd, Hazlehurst LINK
Sears Morris Family Cemetery 533 Burketts Ferry Rd, Hazlehurst LINK
Simmons Cemetery anyone knowing about this cem please contact me  
Smith Morris Family Cemetery Hazlehurst LINK


Union Cemetery 15-27 Cromartie St, Hazlehurst LINK
Union Springs Baptist Church Cemetery Snipesville LINK
Wilcox and Hall Cemetery 213-399 Barney Rd, Hazlehurst LINK
Wilcox Family Cemetery Denton LINK
Williams Chapel Cemetery (Black Pond Cemetery) 977-1031 Denton Still Rd, Denton LINK
Wilson Cemetery   LINK
Yawn Cemetery Yawn Cemetery Rd, Hazlehurst LINK

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