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Because Jeff Davis County was started in 1905 the first census available for this county is 1910 census.  If you have ancestors from the same area prior to that

time, you will want to check Appling and Coffee Counties in the 1900 census, and trace farther back. Please know that people and families were occasionally missed in

the census, especially in rural areas.  I have had that happen in other counties for my own ancestors.  Be sure to look for a variety of spellings.  Remember the census

taker will spell as he believes it should be spelled.  That does not mean it is the way your ancestor spelled it, and spellings evolved over the years.  Also, ages

are seldom the exactly correct from census to census.  The most recent census to be released is the 1940 census. 


1910 census:


Altamaha - in process


1920 census


1930 census


1940 census

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