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(source: Georgia Virtual Vault and

William T Adams, male, married, age 76, born NC.  Died 2 July 1927, Jeff Davis County.  Farmer, parents unknown but born in NC.  Buried Hazlehurst.

Informant J K Davis


W H Adamson, male, married.  Born 20 Oct 1840, Troy, Abbeville County SC.  Died 11 Feb 1919, Denton, Jeff Davis County.  Farmer. Parents unknown. Buried Denton.

Informant Helton Adams


William Harst Adamson, male, married.  Born 20 Oct 1839, Greenwood Co, SC.  Died 11 Feb 1919, Denton, Jeff Davis County.  Parents: John Belton Adamson

(born Ireland) and Martha Hearst (born Abbeville Co SC).  Informant J B Adamson.  Clearly the same person as above, slightly different info.


Pearle Aldridge, female, single.  Born 19 May 1903, Appling County GA.  Died 11 Feb 1921, Hazlehurst, Jeff Davis County.  Parents: Isaac Aldridge (born Appling Co)

and Miranda Dixon (born Appling Co).  Buried Surrency, GA.  Informant Leland Aldridge.


Willie Mae Aldridge, female, married to W J Aldridge.  Age 24 days, 7 months, 25 years. Born Gwinett Co GA. Died 3 Sept 1921, Hazlehurst, Jeff Davis County.  Parents:

S Z Walker (born GA) and Cletie Yarborough (born GA).  Informant Mrs S Z Walker, Alma GA.  Buried Barber Grave Yard.


Marguarite Anderson, female, black, single, born 11 Sept 1923, Jeff Davis County.  Died 23 Sept 1923, Jeff Davis County GA.  Father unknown.  Mother Eliza

Anderson (born Grady Co, GA), buried Denton GA.


Will Arrington, male, married, wife Mary Arrington.  Age, about 38, born Emanuel Co GA.  Died 18 July 1922, Hazlehurst.  Accidental gunshot wound to chest. 

Guard on chain gang, Jeff Davis County GA.  Parents unknown, father born in GA.  Buried Satilla Church Yard.  Informant Wm Stinson.




Still Born Baker, male, black.  Born and died 27 Oct 1922, Denton GA.  Parents: Watkin A Baker (born GA) and Arlie Baker (born GA).

Informant W A Baker, buried Denton


F L Baker, male, black, married to Mary Baker.  unknown age, died 11 Sept 1920, Jeff Davis County.  "Killed by gunshot wound at the hands of John Hannah". 

Buried St Matthew Church.  Informant Mary Baker.


Emma Balcom, female, black, married to Hyman Balcom.  Age about 27 years, born Grizzleville.  Died 7 Aug 1921, Hazlehurst.  Cause TB. Buried

Philadelphia Church.  Informant: Hyman Balcom.


Mandy Baltimore, female, black, widow.  Age unknown, born in GA.  Died 15 Jan 1927, Jeff Davis County.  Cause - old age. Parents unknown.

Buried Morgan Chappel.  Informant D L Evans.


Charles Barnhill, male, black, infant.  Died 31 May 1925, Hazlehurst, 1 month old.  Parents: Arthur Barnhill (born Coffee Co) and Minnie Tapley (born

Morgan Co), buried Hazlehurst.  Informant: Jack Thornton.


John H Barnhill, male, black, married.  Age 24 years, born Jeff Davis County.  Died 17 July 1926, Hazlehurst, cause TB.    Parents: William Barnhill

(born GA) and Lucy Ingram.  Buried Hazlewood.  Informant A J Thornton.


Emma Norris Barren, female, white, married.  Born 29 Feb 1884, Jones Co GA.  Died 8 Feb 1919, Hazlehurst.  Cause: premature labor.  Housewife.  Parents:

Wiley Jarrell (born Jones Co GA) and Georgia McGee (born unknown location).  Buried Saltilla Church.


Julia Bennett, female, white, married.  Age 72 years, born Ware Co GA.  Died 11 June 1928, Hazlehurst.  Cause Paralysis.  Parents: Berry Bagley

(born Ware Co GA), mother unknown.  Buried Bennett Cem, Waycross GA.  Informant Charlie B Bennett.


Margaret Bennett, female, white, child.  Age, 9 days, 9 months, 9 years, born Hazlehurst.  Died 12 May 1924, Hazlehurst.  Cause endocarditis.  Parents:

John C Bennett (born Appling County) and Eurydice Giddeus (born Ware Co).  Buried Hazlehurst.  Informant: John C Bennett.


Margrett Maggieline Bennett, female, white, child.  Age 2 months, 5 years.  Born Bacon Co GA.  Died 15 Dec 1923, Hazlehurst.  Cause Burns. 

Parents: Paul Bennett (born Wayne Co GA) and Dora Dyal (born Appling Co).  Buried Kersey Cem. Informant Dora Bennett.


Martha Bennett, female, white, child.  Born 10 Apr 1917, Hazlehurst.  Died 30 Jan 1924, Hazlehurst.  Cause Acute Nephritis, measles.  Parents:

John C Bennett (born Appling Co) and Eurdice Giddins (born Ware Co).  Buried Hazlehurst.  Informant J C Bennett.


Alberta Burch, female, black, child.  Age 15 months, born Jeff Davis County.  Died 27 May 1926, Hazlehurst.  Cause Colitis.  Parents: Andy Burch

(born GA) and Jency Burch (born GA).  Buried Hazlehurst.  Informant A J Thornton.


Mysouria Best, female, black, married to Byram Best.  Age 35, born Empire GA.  Died 30 June 1923, Denton.  Father unknown, mother Milley, (born Empire). 

Buried Mt Sine.  Informant Byram Best.


John Henry Blackshear, male, colored, child.  Born 20 Nov 1924, Jeff Davis County.  Died 20 Apr 1925, Jeff Davis County.  Died suddenly, no suspicion.  Parents:

Willie Blackshear (born Eastman GA) and Leila Carter (born Jeff Davis Co).  Buried Willcox Cem.  Informant: Willie Blackshear.


Infant Bohanon, male, white, infant.  Born 1 Aug 1927, Jeff Davis Co. Died 24 Aug 1927, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause: Premature birth, sick since birth.

Parents: L Bohanon and Gladys Davis (both born Jeff Davis Co).  Buried Oak View Cem.  Informant: James Bohanon.


Mary Borney, female, black, married to Sam Borney.  Age 40, born Appling Co.  Died 5 Sept 1925, Jeff Davis County.  Cause sarcoma of breast. 

Parents: Jas Hall (born Coffee Co) and unknown (born Coffee Co).  Buried Wilcox and Hall Cem.  Informant: A J Thornton.


Martha Bowell, female, white, widowed, husband was Jim Bowell.  Age 68, born Appling Co.  Died 14 Aug 1922, Graham, GA.  Cause: Uremia poisoning.

Parents: George P Hesters (born Appling Co) and Martha Hesters (born Appling Co).  Buried Mt Zion Cem.  Informant Richard Bowell.


Jim Bowels, male, colored, single.  Age 18 years, born Washington Co GA.  Died 17 Nov 1922, near Hazlehurst. Cause sudden, no signs of foul play.  Parents:

Willie Bowles (born Washington Co GA) and Sophie Bowles (born GA).  Buried St Matthews Church Yard.  Informant Lindsey Harris.


Sophia Bowles, female, colored, widow, husband was Willie Bowles.  Age 40.  Died 21 June 1921, Jeff Davis County.  Cause: Palsy.  Parents unknown.

Cemetery: St Mathews Church.  Informant: Linsey Harris.


Luann Annette Branch, female, white, infant.  Born 22 Feb 1925, Jeff Davis Co.  Died Died 13 Mar 1925, Graham, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause: Influenza. 

Parents: John D Branch (born Lawrence Co GA) and Lyndal Truett (born Appling Co GA).  Buried Oak View Cem.  Informant: John D Branch.


Lyndal L Branch, male, white, infant.  Born 16 Aug 1927, Jeff Davis County. Death 16 Dec 1927, Graham, GA.  Cause "bottle poison".  Parents:

John Branch (born Lawrence Co GA) and Lyndal Truett (born Appling Co GA.  Buried Oak View Cem, informant John Branch.


Mrs L C Brand, female, white, married to L C Brand.  Age 65, DOB unknown, born Gwinette Co GA.  Died 21 March 1927, Jeff Davis County. 

Cause: Uremic coma.  Parents unknown - father born NC.  Buried Hazlehurst Cemetery.  Informant J M Brand.


Harriet Brantley, female, black, infant.  Born and died 14 Sept 1922, Hazlehurst.   Stillborn.  Parents: Lawrence Brantley (born Jeff Davis Co) and

 Mary Vale (born Hazlehurst).  Buried St Mathews Cemetery.  Informant: Lawrence Brantley.


Lawrence Brantley, male, white, married to Nancy Brantley.  Born 12 Jan 1847, Appling County GA.  Died 6 Oct 1921, Hazlehurst. 

Cause: Dropsy and paralysis.  Farmer.  Parents: William Brantley (born Appling Co) and Nancy Ray (born SC).  Buried Sintila

Church.  Informant: Emily Parrish (sister).


Margurete Brantley, who died at Jeff Davis County on 20 Feb 1924.  Cause of death is given a heart trouble. Please give more information.  Response:

She died suddenly, but had a kidney trouble for some time.  Physician: J K Davis, Coroner. (This question from Dept of Commerce,

Bureau of Census, Washington DC.


Mrs Margurete Brantley, female, white, widow of Lawrence Brantley.  Age 68, born 13 May (no year), Telfair County GA.  Died 20 Feb 1927, Jeff Davis Co.

Cause heart trouble, no physician, no suspicion of foul play.  Parents: Archie Mimes and unknown.  Burial: Satilla Church yard.  Informant: A Wells.


Jane Brewton, female, black, widow of Jim Brewton.  Age 48, born Tattnall Co.  Died 24 Apr 1922, Hazlehurst.  Cause: Abscess in head.  Occupation:

Cook in restaurant.  Parents unknown.  Buried: Hazlehurst Colored Cemetery.  Informant Willy Brewton.


J E Brogdon, male, white, widow of Martha Brogdon.  Age 72, born GA.  Died 14 Jan 1926, Jeff Davis County.  Cause Uremia.  Parents unknown.

Buried: Cedar Crossing.  Informant: C L Porting.


Infant male of Mr and Mrs George Brown, white.  Born and died 16 Apr 1927, 5 hours old.  Unknown cause.  Parents: George Brown (born GA)

and Lillie Mae Barnes (born GA).  Buried Hazlehurst Cemetery.  Informant George Brown.


Infant male of Columbus Brown, black.  Born and Died 2 July 1925, Jeff Davis Co GA.  Cause stillborn.  Parents:

Columbus Brown (born GA) and Mattie Brown (born GA).  Buried Hazlehurst.  Informant Amanda Bryson.


Bertha Lee Brown, female, colored, married to C M Brown.  Born 18 Mar 1888, Appling Co GA.  Died 24 Oct 1925, Hazlehurst.  Cause

Intestinal hemorrhage, typhoid fever.  Parents: D D Moody (born Appling Co) and Carolina (born Appling Co).  Buried Baxley Cemetery, Appling Co,

Informant C M Brown.


James B Bryant, male, white, widow of Winnie Bryant.  Born 22 Nov 1840, GA.  Died 5 May 1924, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause: Heart failure, dropsy.

Father: Tommy Bryant (born GA), mother unknown.  Buried Ebenezer Church.  Informant: Larry Bryant.


Paul L Bryant, male, single.  Age 27, born NC.  Died 26 Aug 1924, Hazlehurst.  Cause: Accidental explosion of fireworks.  Occupation: tobacco demonstrator.

Parents: J D Bryant (born NC) and mother unknown.  Burial - removed to Elm City NC.  Informant: K A Brugg.


Un-named Bryant, female, white.  Born 11 Dec 1921, stillborn.  Parents: Lara Bryant (born GA) and Susan Anderson (born GA).  Buried in Denton Cemetery.


Ella Buckans, female, white, married.  Born 7 Feb 1886, Jeff Davis Co.  Died 2 Feb 1919, Hazlehurst.  Cause: Pneumonia.  Parents: William Goodige

(born Appling Co) and Lue Ranel Goodge (born Appling Co).  Buried Zore Cemetery.  Informant Charley ----.


Alfred Bullard, male, black, widowed.  Age abt 75 years.  Died 18 July 1921, Hazlehurst.  Cause: sick 2 days at home, no physician attended.  Parents unknown.

Buried Hazlehurst, informant: John Walker.


Jewel Bunson, male, black, married to Mary Bunson.  Age 52, born Ben Hill Co GA.  Died 7 Aug 1921, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause: Rifle shot, back of

right shoulder.  parents unknown.  Buried Hazlehurst Colored Cemetery.  Informant: W C Hinson.


Infant child of Henry Burch, male, black.  Born and died June 16, 1921, Hazlehurst.  Cause: born ahead of time, no foul play suspected. 

Parents: Henry Burch (born Hazlehurst) and Maggie Burch (born Hazlehurst).  Buried: Hazlehurst cemetery.  Informant Dan Thornton.


Johnnie Lee Burch, male black infant.  Born and died 13 Feb 1926, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause: Flue.  Parents: Andrew Burch (born GA) and Maybell

Hendrick (born Jeff Davis Co).  Buried Hazlehurst.  Informant: David Hendrick.


Mary Burchel, female, white, married to Charley Burchel.  Age about 80 years, born Jeff Davis Co.  Died 22 Feb 1927, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause: Brights Disease,

kidney trouble.  Parents unknown.  Buried: blank.  Informant: W N Gantt.


Bets Burkett, male, white, single. Born, 27 June 1924, Jeff Davis County GA.  Died 27 June 1924, Jeff Davis County.  Cause Dysentery.  Father unknown. 

Mother Ocala Burkett.  Informant: John Bartlett.  Cemetery unreadable.


Don Burkett, male, white, married to Alma Burkett.  Age about 28 years, born Coffee Co.  Died 8 Apr 1922, Hazlehurst.  Cause: TB.  Parents:

Dock Burkett (born Coffee Co) and Missouri Johnson (born Coffee Co).  Buried Burkett Cemetery.  Informant: Dock Burkett.


John William Burkett, male, white, married to Winnie Thomas Burkett.  Age 68 years, born Jeff Davis Co.  Died 2 Dec 1924, Burketts Ferry.  Cause: Ascitis, TB.

Parents: Will Burkett (born Jeff Davis Co) and Sallie Powell (born Telfair Co GA).  Buried (Oak Grove crossed out).  Informant: Alex Burkett.


W W Burkett, male, white, married.  Born 26 Jan 1875, Appling Co.  Died 26 Jan 1919, Hazlehurst.  Cause: Acute pneumonia, spanish influenza. 

Parents: Texas Burrkett and Saryand Burrkett.  Buried Philadelphia.  Informant: Eliza Burkett.


Emma Ann Burnham, female, white, single.  Age 82, born Carroll Co GA.  Died 4 Feb 1919, Hazlehurst.  Cause: Old Age, no physician.  Parents: Elisha Burr

Burnham (born New Preston CT) and Mary ----ham (born Wallon Co).  Buried Hazlehurst Cem. Informant L Burnham.


Hattie W Burns, female, white, widow of William B Burns.  Born 12 Feb 1850, NC.  Died 29 Oct 1926, Hazlehurst.  Cause -----.  Parents: Duncan Crawford

(born NC) and Susan Moore (born NC).  Buried Parkston NC.  Informant: R S Burns.


Walton Butler, male, single, colored.  Born 6 Apr 1923, Jeff Davis Co.  Died 23 Aug 1924, Hazlehurst.  Parents: William Butler (born Elrod NC) and

Lon--- Butler (born Appling Co).  Buried Hazlehurst.  Informant Seaborn Lowry.


female child of W T Byrd, white.  Born 7 Feb 1927, Hazlehurst.  Died 25 Feb 1927, Hazlehurst.   Cause: "Poisoned I supposed on milk".  Parents:

Washington T Byrd (born Hazlehurst) and Nell Nabors (born Hazlehurst).  Buried Mt Zion Cem.  Informant: S W Martin MD.




Effie Cain, female, white, married to Ernie Cain.  Born 21 Sept 1891, Appling Co GA.  Died 13 Sept 1926, Hazlehurst.  Cause Uremic poison, dropsy. 

Father unknown, mother Alice Rentz (born Appling Co).  Buried Zoar Cemetery.  Informant Ernie Cain.


Johnathan H Cain, male, white, married to Cora L Cain.  Born 14 Nov 1860, NC.  Died 11 Apr 1924, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause: TB.  Farmer.  Parents: Jim Cain

and Elizabeth Singletary (both born NC).  Buried: Joar Cemetery.  Informant: Marsh Cain, Hazlehurst.


Pearle Campbelle, female, black, single.  Age about 18 years, born Jeff Davis County.  Died 7 July 1922, Jeff Davis County.  Cause pulmonary consumption.

Parents: Walter Campbelle (born NC) and Lucy Baker (born GA)  Buried Hazlehurst Colored Cemetery.  Informant: Lucy Campbelle, Hazlehurst.


Anda Canada, male, black, married to Sarah Canada.  Born 1847, NC.  Died 5 Oct 1920, Blackburn, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause old age and influenza. 

Occupation: Turpentine.  Parents: George Canada and Lola Oxendine (both born NC).  Buried Graham GA.  Informant: Bub Blanton.


Jessee Carmichael, female, black, infant.  Born 28 June 1924, Jeff Davis Co.  Died 10 Aug 1924, Hazlehurst, Jeff Davis.  Cause: died suddenly, no physician.

Parents: Frank Carmichael (born Henry Co GA) and Gussie Thornton (born Appling Co GA).  Buried Hazlehurst.  Informant: Seaborn Lowry, Hazlehurst.


Benn Carr, male, african, married (wife name unknown).  Age about 50 years, possibly born NC.  Died 18 Oct 1922, Hazlehurst GA.  Cause paralysis. 

Parents unknown.  Buried Hazlehurst.  Informant: Tom Wiggins, Hazlehurst.


Mariah Carr, female, negro, married to Ben Carr.  Born 1856, Vienna Dooly Co, GA.  Died 19 Mar 1922, Hazlehurst GA.  Cause: Syphilis.

Parents: John Oats and Eliza Bryant (both born Vienna).   Buried Hazlehurst.  Informant: C M Brown, Hazlehurst.


Still born infant of Alton Carter, male, white.  Born and died 17 Nov 1926, Graham, Jeff Davis Co.  Parents: Alton Carter (born Appling Co) and Venar

Carter (born Jeff Davis Co).  Buried Kersey Cem.  Informant Alton Carter.


Infant son, white, of Clarence Carter.  Born and died 23 June 1920, Graham, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause: Miscarriage.  Parents: Clarence Carter

(born Appling Co GA) and Mahaley Hutcheson (born Appling Co GA).  Buried Oak View Cemetery.  Informant: J A Hutcheson.


Nancy Carter, female, white, married to Elija Carter.  Born 5 Sept 1861, Pearce Co GA.  Died 13 Nov 1926, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause: high blood pressure and paralysis.

Parents: John Hughs (born Pearce Co GA) and Nancy Steadly (b place unknown).  Buried: Kersey Cemeter.  Informant: E Carter, Graham.


Nancy Carter, female, white, married to Jack Carter.  age unknown.  Born Appling Co GA.  Died 8 Aug 1925, Graham, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause: Acute

Brights disease and child delivery.  Parents: Bob Morris (born Emmanuel Co GA) and Becky Morris (born Appling Co GA).  Buried Philadelphia Cem. 

Informant: Joe Morris, Baxley GA.


Sunny Boy Carter, male, white, child.  Born 12 Feb 1917, Jeff Davis Co.  Died 8 Nov 1922, Hazlehurst.  Cause: Typhoid fever.  Parents: Jack Carter and Nancy Morris

(both born Appling Co), buried Philadelphia Cem, informant: Jack Carter, Hazlehurst.


Talmage Carter, male, white, child.  Born 17 Feb 1924, Jeff Davis Co.  Died 17 Sept 1924, Graham, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause: Spinal meningitis.  Parents:

Earnest Carter (born Appling Co GA) and Dessie Branch (born Lawrence County).  Buried: Kersey Cemetery.  Informant: Wilson Carter, Graham.


Wilson Carter, male, white, single, born 3 Aug 1925; died 9 Aug 1925, Jeff Davis Co.  Cause: premature.  Parents: Jack Carter and

Nancy Morris (both born Appling County GA).  Buried Philadelphia Cemetery,  Informant: Jack Carter, Graham GA.


un named infant, female, born 16 Apr 1921, Jeff Davis County, GA.  Died 2 May 1921, Jeff Davis County.  Cause: Strictured bowels, natural deformity.

Parents: James Carver and Jane Burthout (both born Coffee County).  Buried: Byrd Church.  Informant J T Graham.


Henry J Chanis, male, white, born 15 Oct 1927 Hazelhurst; died 4 Nov 1927 Hazlehurst. Cause unknown, no foul play.  son of George Chanis (born Orangeburg

SC) and Carie Chanis (born Appling Co GA).  Buried Philadelphia Cemetery.  Informant George Chanis.


Julia Christian, colored, female.  Age 77 years, born NC.  Died 10 Nov 1925, Hazlehurst.  Cause Bronchitis pneumonia.  Widow, parents unknown. 

Informant J K Doris. Buried Atlanta.


Unknown Clark, colored, female, married, age unknown.  Died 3 Jan 1927, Hazlehurst.  Cause: burned over chest and arm.  Born GA, parents unknown.

 Buried Eastman GA.  Informant Ben Clark


Rita Corrine Clayton, white, child.  Residence Dayton OH.  Born 5 July 1923, Dayton OH.  Died 20 Nov 1923, Hazlehurst.  Cause Cholera Infantum.  Parents:

William Clayton (b Grundy Co IL) and Corrine S Swartzel (b Troy OH).  Informant: William Clayton.  Buried Hazlehurst Cem Nov 21, 1923.


Mrs R T Clemons, white female, married.  Husband is R T Clemons.  Age 45, born Dodge Co GA.  Died 5 Oct 1926, Hazlehurst.  Cause

Cerebral Apoplexy, high blood pressure.  Parents unknown.  Cemetery: Zion Hope Cemetery, Dodge Co GA.


Leonard Cocroff, male, white, married.  Age: 48 years, 6 months, 10 days - born Morgan Co.  Died 16 July 1924, Hazlehurst.  Acute Indigestion.  Traveling

salesman.  Parents: W H Cocroff (born GA) and Sarah Gibbs (born GA)


William M Cole, male, white, married to Ester Cole.  Age 72, born SC.   died 15 Sept 1927, Hazlehurst.  Cerebral apoplexy, high blood pressure.  Father:

Madison Cole (born SC) mother unknown.  Buried Rocky Branch.


Mrs F E Collins, female, white, widow of F E Collins.  Age 80 years, born GA.  Died 1 May 1924, Hazlehurst.  Cause Uremia, Chronic Nephritis.

Parents unknown.  Informant J W Hall.  Buried Hazlehurst Cemetery.


Frank Collins, male, white, married, wife: Pearle Collins.  Born 24 Oct 1893, Coffee Co GA.  Died 16 Feb 1922, Hazlehurst.  Cause Accidental gunshot wound

right leg at thigh at his own hand - no inquest.  Farmer.  Parents: Hanp Collins, (born SC) and Susan Merritt (born SC).  Buried Satilla Church.  Informant Hanp Collins.


Nelly Colson, female, white, child.  Born 15 Oct 1927, Jeff Davis County.  Died 31 Dec 1927. Bronchitis and pneumonia.  Parents: E A Colson and Lavador

Underwood, both born GA. Buried Oak Grove.


Edwin Foster Cook, male, white, single.  Born 4 Oct 1919, Denton, GA.  Died 20 Oct 1920, Jeff Davis County.  Cause dysentery.  parents: Bryant W Cook

(born Wilkerson Co GA) and Lee Ola Buchan (born Coffee Co GA).  Buried Milan GA.  Informant L B Cook MD, Milan GA.


Henry Cook, widowed. Wife was Florence Sikes Cook.  Born 22 Sept 1853, Appling Co GA.  Died 10 May 1925, Hazlehurst.  Parents: Instance Cook

(born unknown) and Margaret Wilcox (born Coffee Co).  Informant R A Cook, buried Hazlehurst.


Instant Lester Cook, male, white, married Mrs Eva Cook.  Born 18 Nov 1860, Jeff Davis Co.  Died 21 Dec 1927, Hazlehurst.  Parents: Instant Cook

(birth place unknown) and Margey Wilcox (born GA).  Informant: Mrs Eula Hayes, Hazlehurst.  Buried Hazlehurst Cem.


Ephraim Bell Cooksey, male, white, married to Mary E Cooksey.  Age 42, born Emmanuel Co GA.  Died 8 May 1922, Hazlehurst.  Parents: Thomas Cooksey

(born Emanuel Co) and Eliza Hay-- (born GA), informant P H Sellers.  Buried Nichols, GA.


Isaac Cooper, male, black, single, born 10 Feb 1911, Appling Co GA.  Died 26 June 1924, Jeff Davis Co.  Parents: Jerre C Cooper (born NC) and Leah

Jackson (born Appling Co GA).  Informant: Leah Cooper (mother), Hazlehurst.  Buried Denton Cemetery.


Otis Cooper, male, white, single, age 23 years, born GA.  Died 16 May 1924, Jeff Davis Co.  Parents V R Cooper and unknown.  Informant: S W Martin,

Hazlehurst.  Buried Satilla Church.


William Copeland, male, black, married to Mary Copeland.  Born 1 June 1882.  Died 1 June 1922.  Parents unknown.  Informant: Elsie Miles, Boxley GA. 

Buried: Boxley GA.


Nelly Cornish, female, colored, married, wife of Robert Cornish.  Born 1 Jan 1865, Coffee Co GA.  Died 26 Sept 1921, near Hazlehurst.  Parents:

Isaac Brown (born Coffee Co GA) and Fannie McCray (born unknown).  Informant: Robert Cornish, Hazlehurst.  Buried St Matthew Cemetery


Walter R Cowison, male, white, married to Mary.  Age 28, born Coffee Co GA.  Died 26 Jan 1922, Hazlehurst.  Parents; W B Cowison (born Coffee Co) and

Martha Ward (born Coffee Co).  Information W B Courson, West Green GA.  Buried West Green CA.


Homer Creamer, male, white, single.  Born 2 Jan 1924, GA.  Died 1 May 1924, Jeff Davis Co.  Parents: Elias Creamer and Alice Ray (both born GA), Informant

A Roy, Hazlehurst.  Buried Satillo Cemetery.


Lovey S Creamer, female, white, widow of James Daniel Creamer.  Age 78, born Florida.  Died 11 Oct 1923, Jeff Davis Co.  Parents: James J Hand and

Betsy E Rogers.  Informant J W Creamer, Hazlehurst.  Buried Mt Pleasant Church.


Raymond Crisco, male, white, child.  Born 20 Feb 1927, Jeff Davis Co; died 22 Feb 1927,  Jeff Davis Co.  Parents: Lewis Crisco (born NC) and Lucile

Manning (born GA).  Informant Lewis Crisco, Hazlehurst.  Buried Rocky Branch Church.


Jack Cromartie, male, black, single.  Age 24 years, 10 months, 12 days.  Born Coffee Co GA.  Died 12 Mar 1920, Jeff Davis Co.  Parents: L--o McDow

(born Coffee Co)  and Ida Cromartie (born Coffee Co GA), informant Mary Cromartie, Hazlehurst.  Buried St Matthew Cemetery.


D W Crosby, male, white, single. Born 17 Dec 1921, Jeff Davis Co.  Died 29 July 1927 (Graham, GA); parents: Dewey Crosby and Clifford Sellers (both

born Jeff Davis Co).  Informant: Dewey Crosby, buried Graham Cemetery.


J C Crosby, male, white, married to Laura Crosby.  Age 69, born Appling Co.  Died 11 Apr 1924, Jeff Davis Co.  Parents: James Crosby and Miranda Coo---

(both born Appling Co), information S W Johnson, Hazlehurst.  Buried Mt Zion Church


Jeanie Anna Crosby. Female, white, widow of Samuel Crosby.  Age 81 years, born Appling Co.  Died 27 July 1922, Jeff Davis Co.  Parents unknown.  Informant

J H Cosby.  Buried Oak View Churchyard.


Willie Crowder. Male, colored, child.  Age 5 months, born Jeff Davis Co.  Died 9 Sept 1923, Jeff Davis Co.  Parents: Dave Crowder and Idell Baker (both born

Jeff Davis Co).  Informant: Bryant Smith, Hazlehurst.  Buried: ---- Colored Cemetery.


Sarah Culbreath, female, black , married to A Culbreath.  Age 40 years, 3 months, born Bibb Co. Died 6 Apr 1923, Hazlehurst.  Parents: Mose Reynolds

and Emily Reynolds (both born Bibb Co GA).  Informant A Culbreath.  Buried Hazlehurst.




Alice Darden, female, black, married to Robert Darden.  Age 32, born Telfair Co.  Died 16 June 1921, Hazlehurst.  Parents: George Burkham (born Telfair),

mother unknown.  Informant: Robert Darden, Hazlehurst.  Buried Colored Cemetery, Hazlehurst.


Un-named female David, black. Born and died 10 Aug 1924, Jeff Davis Co.  Parents: Lawrence David and Josephine Hodge (both born GA), Informant: Amanda

Brinson, Hazlehurst.  Buried St Mathew Church.


Un-named Davis, black.  Born and died 11 May 1923. premature birth.  Father unknown. Mother Hannah Davis (born GA).  Buried St Mathew Church.


Hannah Davis, black, single.  Born 1900, Appling Co, age 23 years.  Died 21 May 1923.  Parents: Israel Davis (GA) and Lula Danskins (born Appling).  Buried

Jeff Davis Co.


West Davis, black, married.  Age 45 years, 6 months. Born NC.   Died 26 Jan 1926.  Carpenter.  Buried Hazlehurst.


Frank Debose, black, married.  Wife: Savannah Debose.  Age 70 years, born NC.  Death 28 Aug 1925.  Parents unknown.  Buried Hazlehurst.


Luther Deen, white, divorced.  Born Apr 1897, Appling Co.  Died 8 July 1919.  Farmer.  Parents: John Deen and Elen Deen, both born Appling Co.

Buried Pine Level.


William Henry Delhaurn, white, married.  Age 77 years, 4 months, 26 days. Born Appling Co GA. Farmer and veteran.  Died 1 Sept 1919.  Parents:

Henry Delhaurn (born SC) and Percilla Hand (born Appling Co GA).  Buried Mt Zion.


Nancy Elizabeth Denton, white, married.  Born 22 June 1852, GA.  Died 3 June 1922.  Parents: John Lott and Mary Jane Wilcox (both born GA).

Buried Lone Hill Church.


J W Dixon, black.  Born 22 June 1921, Hazlehurst.  Died 5 Oct 1922.  Parents: LeRoy Dixon, (born Wilkerson Co) and Bessie Duncan (born AL). 

Hazlehurst Cemetery.


William M Dixon, white.  Widower.  Born 24 Feb 1840.  Husband of Elizabeth Davis.  Died 19 May 1922.  Parents: George Dixon (born Wilkerson Co GA)

and Jennie Porter (birth place unknown).  Buried Oak Grove Cemetery.


Mrs Hannah Dobson, white, aged about 96, born Appling Co GA.  Widowed.  Died 6 Nov 1926.  Parents: Jim Wiley (born Appling Co GA) and

Haret Dyal (born Appling Co GA).  Buried Ellis Cemetery.


Gorland/Garland William Dockey, white.  Born 16 Nov 1918, Oglethorpe Co GA.  Died 19 Sept 1919.  Parents: L E Dockery (born Union Co GA),

Everr Rogers (born Hall Co GA).  Buried: Dewberry Cemetery, Hall Co GA.


Jim Dukes, black, age 60. Married.  Died 3 Nov 1926.  Parents unknown.  Hall and Willcox Cemetery.


Maurine Dukes.  white.  Born 4 July 1921, Jeff Davis Co.  Died 27 June 1923.  Parents: J W Dukes (born Burke Co GA) and Maggie Vaughn

(born Montgomery Co GA).  Buried Union Spring Church.


Un-named boy Dyal.  White.  Born and died 5 Jan 1920.  Parents: John Lester Dyal (born Appling Co) and Olive Vayles (born Live Oak, Florida).

burial unknown.


Danull W Dyal.  White.  Born 5 Jan 1919, Jeff Davis Co.  Died 28 Oct 1919.  Parents: Royal Dyal and Lany (?) Hand (both born Appling Co).

Buried Mt Zion Cem.


Delaniga W Dyal.   White, widowed.  Farmer.  Age 81, born Appling Co. Died 10 Oct 1922. Parents: William W Dyal (born McKintaush Co GA) and Marin

Books (born SC).  Philadelphia Cem.




Bettie Hand, born Feb 10, 1920,Jeff Davis Co Georgia, died Feb 11, 1920. Dau of H B Hand and Bettie Lewis (born born GA).  Buried Handtown Cem.


Henry Hand. White. Born 10 Feb 1920, Georgia.  Son of H B Hand and Bettie Lewis (both born GA). Died 25 Feb 1920.  Buried Handtown Cemetery.


Hiram Hand, white, married to Nancy Hand.  Born 22 Dec 1856, Appling Co.  Preacher.  Parents: Henry Hand and rebecca Hesters (both born in

Georgia).  Died Dec 27, 1924.  Buried Mt Zion Cem.  Informant Simond Hand.


Joe Hand, white, married.  Born 1878, Appling Co. Father unknown.  Mother: Martha Hand born Appling Co.  Died Jan 18, 1923.


Jourdan Allen Hand. White.  Born 7 Apr 1906. Single, white.  Farmer.  Son of T Linard Hand and Fannie Herrell (both born GA).  Died Nov 3, 1922.

Buried Satillo Church.


Levcy Virginia Hand, white, married.  Born (undated), Appling Co.  Dau of Milinder Hughes and Francis Merchant (both born Appling Co).  Died Mar

17, 1920. Informant J W Hughes.  Buried Oak View Cem.


Mary Etta Hand, widow of Thomas Hand. Age 32 years, born Jeff Davis Co.  Parents: T J Simmons and Nancy Deen (born born Appling Co GA), died

30 Aug 1927.  Buried Mt Zion Churchyard.


Pete Hand, white, married to Ethel Hand. Age about 61, born Appling Co GA.  Parents: Tom Hand (born Appling Co) and Sarah Rowell (born GA),

Died 3 Nov 1924, Blackburn.  Buried Satilla.


Thomas Hand, white, married, spouse of Marietta Hand.  Born Jan 10, 1892, Jeff Davis Co. Son of Hiram Hand and Nancy J Creamer (both born GA),

Turpentine laborer.  Died Mar 29, 1927.  Buried Mt ZIon Churchyard.


Unnamed male Hand.  Born and died Mar 13, 1920.  Parents: Simond Hand and Levcy C Hughes (both born Appling Co).  Buried Oak View Cem.

Informant: John W Hughes.


Verlon B Hand, white, single.  Born 27 May 1922, GA.  Son of Barto Hand and Velva Carter (both born GA).  Died May 16, 1923.  Buried Philadelphia.




L B Merchant, white, born Jan 28, 1922, Jeff Davis Co.  Age 5 years. Parents: L B Merchant St (born Appling Co) and Emma Copeland (born

 Appling Co).  Died 25 Aug 1927.  Buried Philadelphia.  Informant James Dyal, Hazelhurst.




 Watson Newham, male, single.  born Jeff Davis Co, age 4 yr.  Parents: John Newham and Eliza Rowland.  Died Oct 14, 1925.  Buried

Oak Grove Church.





David Simmons, Married to Cora Simmons.  Age 38, born Coffee Co.  Parents: David Simmons (born NC) and Mary Brantly (born Appling Co). 

Died 24 July 1925.  Buried Philadelphia Church.


Mattie Simons.  Married.  Age 57.  Born Coffee Co.  Parents: Thomas Ellis (born Coffee Co) and Lizzie Hatton (born Telfair Co)

Died 10 July 1927.  Buried Satilla Church.




Drew Thompson, male, widowed.  Spouse of Betsey Thompson.  Age 89, born Emanuel County LA.  Son of Art Thompson born ga.  Died 29 Oct 1922,

buried Oak Grove Church.


Salinois D Thompson, female, white, married to W G Thompson.  Born July 1884, GA.  Dau of John M Smith and Jane Stewart (both born in GA),

Died Apr 21, 1923.  Buried Hazlehurst





Annie White, born 36 years, 4 months, 22 days, Georgia.  Died 31 Oct 1926, Jeff Davis Co GA.  Parents: Elias ---- and Mary J Lott


Elmore L White, male, white, single.  Born 5 Nov 1921, GA.  Died 21 Aug 1922, Jeff Davis Co.  Parents: Condrie White (born NC) and Annie Hinson (born GA)

Informant: Condrie White, Hazlehurst, buried Bethel.


Flora Jane White, white, born 12 May 1849, Lumberton, NC.  Died 6 Aug 1927, Jeff Davis Co.  Widowed.  Spouse was D B White.  Parents: Dougal

Campbell (born Ireland) and unknown (born NC), informant C D White, son, Hazlehurst GA.  Buried Bayley Cemetery


Mildred White, female, white, child, age 5 years, born Jeff Davis Co.  Died 23 Dec 1923, Jeff Davis Co.  Parents: Oris White and Annie Burkett (both born GA)

Informant: Lige Pickren, Hazlehurst.  Buried Oak Grove Church.


Susie White, female , white, widow of Gulley White, deceased.  Age 76, born NC.  Died 18 Apr 1926, Jeff Davis Co.  Informant: Nash White, Hazlehurst GA. 

Buried: Hazlehurst.


Virgil E White, born 9 May 1916, Jeff Davis Co GA; died 6 Aug 1919, Jeff Davis County GA. Parents: Condrie White and Annie Hinson


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