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The Wetherington Cemetery

By Charles Zeigler

The Wetherington Cemetery is located in the Eastern portion of Lowndes County at the edge of Echols County, in fact, unless you have a four wheeler and have access to the

 private timber land; you have to go into Echols County to get there. It is set in a very peaceful area on a dead end road. Local history has it that families lived on both sides of

the Grand Bay Creek at one time. Sometimes the creek would flood and they could not get over to where the Unity Church cemetery was in order to bury their dead. One

of the Wetheringtons donated this land for burial purposes. I have been told that the members of Unity Church were to administer the upkeep of same.


Directions to the cemetery; from the center of Valdosta take US 84 East to the Inner Perimeter Road. There you will take a right onto the four lane bypass and go over

 the railroad overpass. Just as you cross the overpass you will find the Howell Road. Take a left on Howell Road and head east. You will drive several miles and then see

the Echols County sign where the Grand Bay Creek crosses under the Howell Road. Continue eastward until you get to the first dirt road on your left. This is called Lower

Grand Bay Road. Take a left on Lower Grand Bay Road. You will go maybe 2 miles to the first dirt road on your left. At one time there was a road sign there which said

Wetherington Cemetery. The last time I was there this sign was torn down, however, this is the first and only accessible dirt road to your left. Go to the end of that road and you

will find the cemetery. I would highly suggest that you drive a truck due to the sandy roads. If you have a car that is low to the ground then you might get stuck in the sand.

There is a direct way to get there from Naylor, however, the last time I was there the road was not marked with a sign so I hesitate to bring you in from that direction. For the

record, the last time I was there I did not have any cell phone service in that area. This could have changed since then.


As a matter of note here, in this area are the Joe Howell and Unity Church cemeteries. I consider these sister cemeteries since I have people buried at all three of them. The Joe

Howell cemetery is located on Otter Creek Road and the Unity Cemetery is on the Old Naylor Road. There are signs to the Unity Church only. The Otter Creek Road crosses

 the Howell Road about half way to the Echols County line.


I have listed the known graves that I found. This list is current as of April of 2002. I try to get by there at least once a year in order to see if there have been any burials during

that time. I will update my files accordingly. I am also interested in finding out who takes care of this cemetery and to whom it belongs. If anyone has any records of interest

concerning this cemetery please contact me at frostymorn48@gmail.com  To date I have made several phone calls and talked with some locals but no one seems to know who

actually is in charge of the cemetery. I think that the timber company may own the land but I have no proof of that.


Allred, Charlotte, J. Jan 23, 1837-Jun 3, 1911
Allred, Elizabeth Jan 14, 1801-Feb 7, 1881
Allred, Lucinda Apr 23, 1838-Jun 17, 1918
Allred, Melviny

Jun 10, 1843-Sep 3, 1916

Bryant, Mabel J. Oct 10, 1925-Oct 25, 1995
Bryant, Ethel Mar 8, 1922-Apr 11, 1927
Bryant, Franklin E. Jan 31, 1927-May 29, 1996
Bryant, Morgan Jan 26, 1925-Mar 31, 1927
Bryant, Ora Morgan Mar 15, 1901-Mar 31, 1927
Carter, Ella Josephine Feb 4, 1890-Jan 14, 1929
Carter, Henry Richard Jan 28, 1875-Apr 20, 1931
Carter, Ian Dola Jul 16, 1894-Aug 31, 1907
Carter, Mary E Feb 12, 1854-Oct 21, 1921
Carter, Samuel H. Sep 20, 1853-Oct 22, 1922
Carter Unmarked 2 small graves between Ella and Henry Carter
Green, E. B. Apr 15, 1843-Jun 20, 1898
Harris, Infant son of I.C. & M.L. Dec 24, 1912-Dec 24, 1912
Johnson, Mabel McLeod Mar 26, 1900-Dec 12, 1983
Johnson, William F.,  CSC US NAVY WWII KOREA Jun 22, 1927-Apr 26, 1983
Maine, Carrie Viola (same as Carrie Carter Maine) Sep 15, 1888-Oct 28, 1921
Maine, Dola Marie Jan 21, 1919-May 25, 1923
Maine, James Soloman Mar 25, 1872-Jun 17, 1939
McPheeters Infant d/o Lula T. & C.F. McPheeters n/a
McPheeters, Lula T. Senterfit, Wife of C. F. McPheeters   Apr 11, 1897-Oct 12, 1918
Miller, Fred Sr. 1929-1992
Monk, Addie Odessa Apr 3, 1902-Sep 6, 1912
Monk, Bettie Nov 15, 1853-Jul 29, 1906
Monk, Dencie Nov 18, 1906-Oct 16, 1956
Monk, Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. W. V. Monk Sep 28, 1916-Sep 29, 1916
Monk, John H. Nov 21, 1879-Sep 10, 1951
Monk, Keith, US ARMY WWII, Son of John H. and Nancy C. Monk Mar 14, 1909-Jun 22, 1981
Monk, Leybron Moore Apr 5, 1899-Sep 28, 1923
Monk, Nan (Nancy C Monk) Feb 14, 1884-Nov 16, 1919
Monk, W. R. Sep 10, 1849-Nov 1, 1912
Morgan, Lizzie Aug 21, 1890-Oct 20, 1937
Morgan, Elbert May 26, 1906-Apr 14, 1929
Morgan, Infant d/o P.W. & S. Morgan Aug 27, 1911-Oct 21, 1911
Morgan, P.W.   (Powhatan Whittle Morgan) Feb 16, 1859-Jan 7, 1944
Morgan, Sally  wife of P W Morgan Dec 9, 1868-Mar 31, 1927
Senterfit, Infant d/o Ella E. & C. A. Senterfit n/a
Sowell, Carl Sep 22, 1886-Jan 20, 1967
Sowell, Dollie w/o J.B. Sowell; d/o Mr. & Mrs. G.P. Wetherington Apr 11, 1894-Mar 26, 1917
Sowell, Orval E.   CPL US ARMY WORLD WAR II Oct 1, 1913-Oct 2, 1992
Sowell, Pearl Dec 20, 1889-Oct 7, 1978
Sowell, Robbie N. Jul 29, 1935- n/a
Toal, Moses 1938-1993
Tole, Daniel 1940-1997
Trawick, Della Morgan May 29, 1894-Jan 12, 1982
Unknown             n/a
Unknown n/a
Unknown, M.T., guitar picking, deer hunting, son of God n/a
Wetherington, Elizabeth Mar 18, 1824-May 27, 1884
Wetherington, C. N. (Charles Norton Wetherington) Sep 20, 1877-Jun 15, 1918
Wetherington, D. B.  (Dennis Bartow Wetherington) May 10, 1861-Nov 9, 1919
Wetherington, Dennis Oct 1, 1807-May 28, 1878
Wetherington, Elder I. A.  (Isham Albert Wetherington) Oct 30, 1852-Sep 5, 1923
Wetherington, Floyd M., s/o Mr. & Mrs. I. A. Wetherington Jun 2, 1887-Nov 7, 1911
Wetherington, George P. 1859-1926
Wetherington, Ida S. Mar 20, 1883-Mar 6, 1968
Wetherington, Infant d/o Mr. & Mrs. D.B. Wetherington May 16, 1882
Wetherington, Iril Albert Feb 1, 1909-Oct 4, 1967
Wetherington, Katie Lee; d/o Mr. & Mrs. I. A. Wetherington Sep 8, 1883-Sep 23, 1895
Wetherington, Mae M.   Wife of I. A. Wetherington Nov 5, 1853-Jul 19, 1930
Wetherington, Remma L. 1866-1928
Wetherington, Sepha K.   d/o Mr. & Mrs. I. A. Wetherington Oct 26, 1881-Sep 4, 1911
Zeigler, J. J. (death date is not correct) 1848-1897
Zeigler, Jenny F. ; wife of John Joseph Zeigler n/a
Zeigler,  Kisie; daughter of John and Jenny Zeigler n/a
Zeigler, Tommy; son of John and Jenny Zeigler n/a



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