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Guardian Bonds:

J M Folsom and J W Hughes, $1,700; 7 Nov 1892 for persons and property of Almira Letitia and Inell Folsom; orphan children of Jeneth G Folsom. (page 1)

J H Zant Principal and J A Dasher and E L McLeod securities; $400 7 Feb 1893; for Miss Florence Baker, orphan child of Mrs Susan Baker (page 2)

Anna Lee Manson principal and J O Vamedoe, A S Pendleton and S W Tender as securities; $500; 6 Feb 1893; for James Percival Manning, orphan child of

Reader Manning and Josephine M Manning (page 3)


Mrs Jane E Corbeth, C T Corbeth and J W Corbeth; $1,000; 13 Nov 1893; guardian for Etta Corbith and Ida Corbeth, orphan children of J T Corbeth. (page 4)


M E Carter, principal and J E W Smith and L A Carter as securities.  $2,600.  1 Jan 1894; guardian for Walker Watson Carter and Esther Estell Carter,

orphan children of C J Carter. (page 5)


John Marshall Principal, D R Vickers security.  $600, 10 Jan 1894. Guardian for Eddie Marshall, minor, orphan child of Mathew and Hulda Marshall. (page 6)


D R Vickers Principal and John Marshall security.  $600.  10 Jan 1894. Guardian for W t Marshall, minor of Frank Marshall deceased (page 7)


E L Moore principal and A J Strickland & T S Cranford securities; $12,000. 7 Feb 1894. Guardian for Alvah H Dukes, orphan child of H C Dukes (page 8)


Louiza Floyd, $100.  23 Mar 1894.  Guardian for Mitchel Floyd, orphan of Ike Floyd. (page 9)


Mrs Sarah Studstill and W M Studstill.  $250.00.  28 May 1894. Guardian for Charley, Matilda, Eliza and Johnathan Studstill, orphan childen of

Johnathan Studstill. (page 10)

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