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This area was originally settled by the Timucua Indians, whose territory went

from southeast Georgia and extended down in the north half of Florida.  Their

tribe covered approximately 19,200 miles and the tribe numbered about 200,000.  There were about 35 separate "chiefdoms" each with its own slightly different dialect of the Timucuan language. The Timucuas never formed a single cohesive unit. Eventually the Timuca Tribe collapsed due to slave raiding and the spread

of Eurasian infectious diseases which they had no natural immunity to.  By

1595 the population declined from 200,000 to 50,000 with only 13 chiefdoms.

By 1700 they numbered only about 1,000 members. They were extinct as a

 tribe shortly after 1800.


The Creek Nation moved into the area next and by the early 1800's were entrenched in the area.  In the 1830s the Federal Government moved most

of the Native American Indians out of the lands that became Georgia.


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