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John V Wells

(page 1-2, Vol A)

300 acres of land in Lowndes Co. Present wife Martha Jane and her two children by me: James O and George J.

Dated 28 June 1871. Witnesses: C English, B L Stephens, A H Smith. Proven 4 Mar 1872.


Elizabeth A Williams, widow

(page 2-3, Vol A)

Langley Howell, a freedman, promissory notes to me dated 29 June 1866, payable Jan 1868 for $350.00 deliver to him all property I may possess

of every kind at my decease.  Executor: my friend Charles H M Howell.  Dated 4 Feb 1870.  Witnesses: A J Bessent, J D Calhoon, Mary Hunter.

Proven: April 1872


Daniel McLeod

(page 3-5, Vol A)

 Archibald McLeod,  my daughter Mary McLeod now Mary Harp wife of Thomas Harp.  Mary Margaret McLeod, widow of my son Edmond McLeod of

Echols Co and her four children.  Daughter Catherine McLeod now Catherine Peterson wife of William Peterson.  Son Duncan McLeod.  Son Peter McLeod.

Daughter Flora McLeod. Daughter Margaret McLeod.  Beloved wife Nancy McLeod. Executor Aug 1866. Witnesses Jordan E M Leseurer, James

Sauls, William G Duke.  Proven 1 Apr 1872.


Frederick Barfield

(Page 6-8, Vol A)

Wife Bethany B. Minor children. Place I purchased of the Folsom Estate.  Minor sons Samson B and G Lafayette.  Daughter Mary Betok (?) and her children:

Frances Matthews, Sarah B Matthews, Jefferson Davis Matthews and Allen Matthews, Caroline Matthews and her stepfather W Betok (?). Two sons of William

Barfield Starling and William A.  John F Barfield, Sarah Shaess daughter, Admin Gillis, Francis Emiline Cobb, Susan Epsy Barfield, Columbus R Barfield, Sampson

B Barfield.  General Lafayette Barfield.  Tempy E Barfield.  Bethany Isabel Barfield.  Daughter Frances Emiline Cobb in the hands of Columbus R Barfield after he

comes of age.  Executor: John F Barfield.  Written 20 Apr 1872.  Witnesses: B J Folsom, LS S Passmore, Absolam Goff.  Codicil: Daughter May married William

Betok against my will and without my consent and the disgrace and great trouble has been brought upon the family because of the same marriage and William

Betok having seduced my grandaughter Caroline Matthews. Written 6 May 1872.  Same witnesses.  Proven 12 May 1873.


James T Hotchkiss

(page 8, Vol A)

My father Jeth Hotchkiss.  J McQoy & Co, Wylie Reddy, Aggies Wilson and Black Brem Brown & Co, Rountree & Daniels; Josiah Coltharp, L Culp, L J Kimball, J H Faulkner.  My sisters Caroline M Trousdale and two brothers John D and Dated 14 Apr 1872.


Israel F Waldhour

(page 9-10, Vol A)

Nieces Sarah A Wisinbaker, Margaret A Dasher, Susan E Sarramone, Ann E Remington, Georgia A Smith and Gertrude D Payne, the daughters of my sister Elizabeth

Dasher.  To Ann E Hinlly, Harriet Ihly, Martha Keller, Mary C Ulmer and Margaret Keller, the daughters of my sister Mary C Wisenbaker and to Catherine E Elfe,

the daughter of my brother William Waldhour.  Children of my deceased niece Caroline Cooper. nephew William F Dasher, David Waldhour, John C Wisenbaker, George H Wisenbaker, James A Wisenbaker, Richard H Wisenbaker and John F Wisenbaker.  Executor: Richard H Wisenbaker.  31 July 1873.  Witnesses: C R Pendleton,

A H Smith, E C Morgan. Proven 4 Aug 1874.


Henry E Moore

(page 10-11, Vol A)

About to depart to the seat of War as a volunteer in the service of the confederate states.  Buried in family burying ground.  Executrix: My Mother Mary Moore.

Mother Mary Moore is appointed guardian of my children Alice M, Henry E and George A Moore.  Brother Joshua G Moore.  John C Rogers of Macon Co. 

Dated 18 June 1861. Witnesses: Q T Waldhour, Charles M Kinnon, Sim A Smith Jr.


James A Dasher Sr. 

(page 11-12, Vol A)

My wife Margarett A Dasher, my house in Valdosta.  My sons James A Dasher Jr, Virgil F Dasher and my sons in law Byrd Hightower, James B Spier and

M O Ulmer.  Executor: James A Dasher Jr. Witnesses: R H Howell, T E Lanier, B L Stephens.  Dated 29 mar 1875.


Allen Jones

(page 13, Vol A)

My beloved wife Eliza.  Lot of land #51, 11th Dist of Lowndes Co.  Children of the body of my wife: Sarah Walker, Susannah Whipple, Thomas A Jones decd,

Aaron C Jones, Miriam Harrell (Mrs John Harrell), Asa Newsom. Witnesses: Hansford D Tyler, John H Taylor, Allen Tyler.   Dated 11 Feb 1871.

Recorded 9 Aug 1875.


Mrs Jane Matthews

(page 14, Vol A)

My sister Catherine Stevenson.  Mrs Mary L McBryde.  Mrs L Carrington.  Mrs Carrie Reid.  Rev N P Quarterman.  My nephew Rev James McBryde.  Executor:

Rev James McBryde.  Dated 23 April 1877.  Witnesses: T m Bacon, Silas Tulton, J D Var----.  Proven 3 Sept 1877.


George W Moore

Of Bibb Co.

(page 15, Vol A)

My wife Polly Moore.  Six negroes: Peter (a man), John (a man), Adolphus (a man), Little Petter (a boy), America (a girl), Caroline (a girl).  My grandchildren by

 my son Joshua G Moore, late of Bibb Co, deceased.  Negroes: Buck (a man) and Jenny (a woman).  Plantation whereon I now reside containing 202-1/1 acres

more or less.  Executors: My daughter in law Polly Moore and my grandson Henry E Moore. Witnesses: David Ried, Albert B Ross, Henry G Ross.  23 Dec 1844.

Recorded 3 Mar 1879.


John R Stapler

Of Alcyon, Hamilton Co, Florida

(page 16-18)

My wife Caroline Emma.  My grand daughter Emma Aline Jelks, my daughter Lizzie Spain, my sons Richard L, James F, Willie W, Maury M Stapler. 

Land including the Peach Orchard, west half of Lot 202 and Lot 203.  Life Insurance policy.  Joseph H Jelks in trust for my grandaughter Emma Aline Jelks.  My

daughter Lizzie Spain, my sons Richard L and James F Stapler.  Sons Willie W and Maury M Stapler.  Witnesses: A H Smith, R A Peeples, H M Coachman.

Dated 17 June 1876.  Recorded 4 Aug 1879. 


Edmond Blanton

(page 19-20)

My beloved wife Elizabeth.  My home place, parts of lots of land #294 and 305, 11th Dist.  My daughter Florie M, sons Samuel S, Aaron W, daughter

Martha I, Julia F, son John H, daughter Basheby C, son Hiram B and son Jesse C Blanton.  My children David F, Nancy C, James J, Margret A, William L, Thomas L,

Mary D, Marian E, B--- C, Emily E, Florie M, Samuel S, Aaron W, Martha D, Julia F, John H, Basheby C, Hiram B and Jessie C Blanton.  Witnesses: S L

Varendar, W H Roberts, W A Smith.  Dated 5 Jan1878.  Proven 1 Dec 1879.


Benjamin Lane

(page 21-26)

Executors: Son in law Solomon B Smith, George Hugh M Coachman, Joseph Tillman of Florida.  Beloved with Jane Lane.  Lots of land 114, 117, 71, also lately

 purchased 1,400 acres.  Slaves: Jim, Cynthia, Mary, Harry, Little, Ned, Rhoda, Isaac, Littleton, Little Cynthia, John, Big Jeff.  Sons Benjamin F Lane now a minor.

 Slaves: Dick and his wife Mary, Calle, Tynt, Isam, Berry. Land 116 in the 6th Dist of Lowndes Co.  Henry C Lane.  Slaves Bob, Sam, Little Jeff.   My other children.

Solomon B Smith for the sole and separate use of his wife, my daughter Betsey Ann.  My daughter Harriett J Griffin now living in Bainbridge GA.  My daughter

Jane Adalina O'Neal of Bainbridge. Hugh M Coachman for the sole and separate use of his wife, my daughter Francis M Coachman.  Joseph Tillman in Madison

County, FL for the sole and separate use of his wife, my daughter Susan Tillman. Lot 110, Lot 117, Lot 118, lot 115.  18 December 1859.  Witnesses:

D E Butler, William R Brinson, Augustus H Lane.  Proven 14 Jan 1861. Recorded 5 Feb 1881


William A Sims Sr.

(page 27-28)

My wife and the minor children we have.  285 acres of land - lot 158 on the west side of Tiger Creek,12th Dist.   Wife Amanda E Sims.  Lands I own in Suwanee

County, Florida.  8 Jan 1880.  Witnessed: J A Ousley, F M Hunt, W H Ousley, W R Talley. Proven 7 Feb 1881.


John C Waldhauer

(page 29-30)

Children: Sarah A Wisenbaker, Margarett Dasher, Susan Passamore, Ann Remington, Gertrude Prince and the children of Georgia Smith, these being the children of

my sister Elizabeth Dasher, deceased, Elizabeth Husleym Martha Keller, Harriett Hily, Richard Wisenbaker, Mary E Ulmer, Margarett Keller and the children of Caroline

 Cooper, these being the children of my sister Catharine Wisenbaker, Catharine Elf and David Waldhauer, these the children of my brother William Waldhauer, John C

 Wisenbaker and James A Wisenbaker the children of my sister Margaret Wisenbaker.  I have not named John F Wisenbaker and G H Wisenbaker for the reason

that they have no children and are not in need.  Executor: Alexander C Ulmer of Savannah.  Marietta Dasher as remuneration for attentions given me during my

illness.  Dated: 13 Sept 1880. Witnesses: A H Smith, S L Martin, D C Ashley. Proven: 4 July 1881.


Levi Drawdy

(page 31-33)

Son Silvester M Drawdy. SE corner of lot #369, 11th Dist of Lowdnes.  Silvesters brother James Seward's mark.  Daniel Drawdy. 127 acres of land #369 in

11th Dist.  Wife Delila Drawdy, Christian Weth----, Elizabeth Tothtine?, Faraby Drawdy, Levi Drawdy Jr, Kizia Rhodes, Sarah Chitty and Maria Persons

heirs namely John Warren Person, Georgia Ann Person, Green Daniel Person.  These 3 shall have their mothers part.  Son Silvester Drawdy.  My son

Daniel Drawdy-executor.  Written 25 July 1864.  Witnesses: James Carroll, William Godfrey, Caswell Howell.  Proven: 10 Aug 1881


Charles Strickland of Clinch Co.

(page 34-36)

Beloved wife Lucretia Strickland.  Land lot # 440 and 441 in the 10th Dist. My two younger beloved children: Joseph and Kezia.  Executor: sons Louis Strickland,

Benjamin F Strickland, son in law Elias L Moore all of Lowndes Co. Dated 18 July 1882.  Witnesses: Sharod Tomlinson, Moses Smith, John J Tomlinson, Augustus

Tomlinson, Joseph B Tomlinson. proven 4 Dec 1883


Matthew Marshall

(page 37-38)

Wife Huldah Marshall. My children.  Executrix my wife Huldah Marshall.  Dated 20 July 1863. Witnessed: John C Polhill of Brooks Co, Matthew Vickers of Lowndes

 Co, Susan M Polhill of Brooks Co Georgia.  Proven 6 July 1885.


D Burroughs Ashley

(page 39-40)

My daughter Ellen A Culver in consideration of her taking care of me and attending to my business in my old age until my death.  Executrix: Ellen A Culver.  Dated

5 Apr 1879.  Witnesses: Moses M Overstreet, A J Gray, John Overstreet.  Proven: 4 Oct 1886.


Mrs Sarah E Brinson

(page 41-42)

Beloved daughter Henrietta Lane wife of Reimner Y Lane as her sole and separate use.  Town lot #1 in Block #5 in the Town of Valdosta GA containing 1 acre.

Grandson Benjamin L Lane.  Maggie Brinson wife of my grandson Mills M Brinson as her sole and separate use.  Town lot #1 in block 34, Valdosta. Lot of land #21

in the 15th Dist of originally Irvin now Lowndes.  173 acres, on the south side of Piney Woods Creek. Children of said Maggie Brinson by my grandson Mill M

 Brinson.  Grandaughter Mary E Denmark.  Daughter Henrietta Lane.  Executor: My friend A H Lane. Dated 24 Dec 1883.  Witnesses: J F Roberts, L F

 Geigler, John E Wilkes. Proven: 2 Apr 1888.


Romer Young

(page 43-44)

John T Roberts, Jerry B Jones and James K Young as trustees for my wife Fannie Young and my children Comer and Ulee Young.  Wife Fannie Young as

guardian for said children Comer and Ulee Young.  Deed dated 16 Mar 1888.  Six oldest children: Sadie Y Jones, Henry M Young, Lawson

Y Pendleton, Hanna Y Peeples, Kate Y Roberts and John R Young.  Executor my son John R Young.  Dated 2 Apr 1888.  Witnesses: T J Young,

M Blane, D C Ashley.  Proven 7 May 1888.


Mary Ann Morgan

(page 45-46)

Advanced age and weak state of health.  Buried in the family burial ground in the cemetery near Valdosta.  Beloved daughters Marrianna Morgan and Sarah

Coryntha Morgan. House in Valdosta.  My two sons Charles S Morgan and William L Morgan.  Executrix: my two daughters.  Dated: 1 May 1886.

Witnesses: Powhaton B Whittle, M H Rogers, B R Saxon.  Proven: 14 May 1888.


Warren J Harp of Brooks Co

(page 47, page 48 is blank)

My son James S Harp. Son William R Harp.  Son Warrren J Harp.  Daughter Mary C Harp.  Grandaughter Ella Harp.  Dated 10 Mar 1888.  Witnesses:

D F Riley, Geo W Averett, S J Harrell.  Proven 10 Dec 1888. 


Thomas Fox

(page 49-50)

Beloved wife Mary E Fox.  488 acres of land (lot # 424, 405 in the 11th Dist and lot 357 in the 7th Dist of Clinch Co and lot #98 in 12th Dist of Clinch Co.

Friend James J Wall.  My children.  Executors: my wife Mary E Fox and my esteemed and worthy friend James J Wall.  Dated 29 Aug 1887.  Witnesses:

W H Ramsey, Lawrence Duffy, William Percell, G P Bass.  Proven: 3 Feb 1890.


Charlott Wayman

(page 51-52)

Son Samuel Williams. tract of land on lot #16, 15th Dist - known as "Knight Place".  Daughter Mary Butler.  Lot 31 in 15th Dist called "Johnson Place".

Daughter Martha Wayman. Executor: my son Samuel Williams.  Dated 1 Oct 1889.  Witnesses: Allen Powell, George Butler, W T Brinson.

Recorded 8 Oct 1890.

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