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Capt Folsoms Dist.

Persons and the county of land they owned

James Wade, Lowndes and Appling Counties

Nathan Hodge, Lowendes

Roderick Mornion, Lowndes and Fayette Counties

Thomas Gray, Lowndes

Kadar Handcock, Lowndes

John McDurmid, Lowndes, Fayette, Lee Counties

Mary McQuinn

John Landsey, Lowndes

Daniel McCramie Sr, Lowndes and Wilkinson

Thomas Futch, Lowndes

Malachi Monk, Lowndes

Lawrence Folsom, Lowndes

Alfred Belote, Lowndes and Lee Counties

William Burnham, Lowndes

Drew Vickers, Lowndes

Randal Folson, Lowndes

James Roundtree, Lowndes, Muscogee

Henry Colson, Lowndes

Francis Roundtree, Lowndes

James Hodges, Houston, Tatnal Counties

James J Joyce, Lee County

Washington Joyce, Pike, Baker, Montgomer, Telfair, Lowndes

William Smith, Lowndes


Capt Pikes Dist

Persons and the county of land they owned

Dennis Hills, Early, Lowndes, Lee, Carroll, Monroe, Troup, Irwin and Tatnal.

John Bryant, Lowndes

Archibald Strickland, Lowndes

Archibald Smith, Lowndes and Lee

Elijah Beasley, Lowndes

John McLeod, Lee

Seaborn Rainey, Loundes and Telfair

Elijah Folson, Lowndes, Carrol, Lee

Thomas Folson, Lowndes, Lee

Zachariah Fletcher, Lowndes

John Edmundson, Bullock, Fayette, Muscogee

William Alderman, Lowndes

Alexander Campbell, Telfair, Lowndes

Peter Platt, Lowndes

John Slaughter, Lowndes

Cannon Cason, Lowndes

Ezekiel Self, Lowndes, Bulloch

Joshua Platt, Lowndes, Carroll

Samuel Barker, Thomas

Kenneth C Morrison, Lowndes, Habersham

John Jorden, Lee

Isaac G Jorden, Thomas

Norman McDaniel, Telfair

Israel Folson, Lowndes

William Dampeer, Lowndes

John Dampeer, Lowndes, Tatnall

John Platt, Lowndes, Bullock

Lewis Blackshear, Lowndes

David Platt, Early

John Blackshear, Lowndes, Houston, Early

John Lawson, Lowndes

Samuel Slaughter, Lowndes

Thomas Self, Lowndes

William Hendry, Liberty, Lowndes

Estate Jos McFail, Liberty

For Judeth McFail

William G Hall

Enoch Hall, Carrol, Meriwether, Lowndes

Jesse Godwin, Telfair

John Morrison, Lowndes

John Pike, Lowndes

Sarah Adams, Widow, Lowndes, Baker

William Blair, Lowndes, Thomas

William Blair as agent for Jos Stephens of Florida, Muscogee

John Hall, Montgomery, Lowndes

Hamilton W Sharp, Lowndes, Lee

Sion Hall, Lowndes and Lee

Nancy Hall, Widow

Asahel Renfro, Crawford

Henry Blair, Lowndes

Henry Blair as atty John Joice of Florida, Wilkinson and Lowndes

Simpson Strickland, Lowndes, Lee, Baker


Capt Burnetts Dist.


Persons and the county of land they owned


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