Letter from
Elizabeth B. Phillips to Martha A. Beard
Written prior to 1850


To  Miss Marth[a] A. Beard
Madison County huteson [Hudson] P.O. Ga.

Franklin County  Nov the 6, 18--- [Paper was torn, but it had to be prior to 1850, when the writer married] 

I will say to you i have the injoy[ment] of this Sabbath day.  I an [am] well.  I ho [pe to] find you well the first time [I] see you.   I an lonesome at this time.  I an all alone by an self.  You want to [know] when I an going to starte to texas.  I shall starte as soon as my arrangeme[nts] will fit.  If you want to go you must be redy for I will whistle when I starte.  All who aint redy will be left.  You rote to me to send you a ticket when me and Mr. J. G. get married.  That will never be for he is like noes  [Noah's] dove he sent forth from the ark that never returned.  If you will come to se me I will tell you some of my travial through this life.

We have the respects of departed friends sent to us from carolina and Alabama to remember them who is ded.   "When we shall all meet again oft shall gloomy hope my soul expire.  Oft shall wearied love retire through [though] in to in distant landes.  We sigh parch[ed] beneath a hostile sky through [though] the deepe between us roll on in fancy wid [wide] domain.  Oft shall we all meet again. "

I went to preaching last Sunday and saw some verry pretty boys.  They rode like run horse races to see who shold [should] go before they [the] [other?]   One come to our house.  He sed three wards from darke till bed time.  One of them was telling us Martha Beard is verry pretty girl.  [I] must come to close fore my pen is so bad I cant half rite.  You must speake a good ward to all the boys if you see.  I respect your letter as from a friend.  Remain yours untill seppeated [separated] .  I hope you will rite evry chance.


      Miss Elizabeth B.                Miss Marth A
              Phillips              To             Beard


The original letter was in the possession of Acqudell Sartain Hodge in 1982.  She passed it on to Glenn Gohr and he passed it on to me.  Acqudell was the granddaughter of Russell Sartain and his first wife, Melvina. 

After Melvina's death and after the Civil War, Russell Sartain left Mississippi and came back to Madison County, where he married the widow of his cousin Lewis Sartain... Martha Beard, recipient of this letter.   They moved back to Mississippi and by 1880 they had moved to Jack County, Texas.  Martha was the daughter of Samuel F. Beard and Elizabeth McEver.

The author of the letter was the young Nancy Elizabeth Phillips, daughter of Dennis Phillips and Mary "Polly" Sewell.   Elizabeth married Russell Portice Bond, the son of Eason Bond and Mary Rowsey, on January 10, 1850.  Russell was born 1827 and died February 14, 1865 of wounds he received in the battle at Nashville, TN.  He joined the Franklin Rangers in Franklin County, Georgia.  Elizabeth died April 29, 1909 in Murray County, Georgia.   Russell's death and injury date are on his wife's monument.

Contributed by Charlotte Collins Bond

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