1900 Federal Census
Madison County, Georgia

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1.  Find your ancestor using the index at right.

2.  Note the image number listed across from your ancestor's name.  (This is the number listed after the person's age).

3.  Click on the Image Files link above.

4.  Click on the image number to see the image of the actual census page on which your ancestor appears.

5.  If the census image starts out large but then "shrinks", hold your curser over the image; a small button will appear on the bottom right hand corner of the image.  Click on the button to enlarge the image.

Surnames A
Surnames Bag-Bra
Surnames Bre-But
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Surnames K-L
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Surnames N-R
Surnames S-Stre
Surnames Stri-T
Surnames U-Z


The Census Images of Madison County are online
thanks to efforts of the following volunteers

Jeanne Arguelles
Mary Love Berryman
Michael M. Black
Charlotte Bond
Perry W. Booth
Stephanie Bradley
Sheila Casper
Sherman Eberhart
Jenny Ruth Echols
Rick Elliott
Trisha Finn
Nancy Guest
Rita Hand
William C.Kerr
Wendy McGrath
Jerry Smith
Judy Winn
Anne Wise
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