The Peoples Methodist Church

On the 17th day of July 1875, Mr. John Dove gave to the Trustees of Norcross School one acre of land. On the 29th, day of August 1898, the Trustees of Norcross Academy gave to Madison Country Board of Education the same acre of land. Then on the 22nd day of August, 1938, Mrs. Bessie Tyner transferred 1.36 of an acre to the Madison County Board of Education. Later on the 6th day of April, 1948, the Madison County Board of Education deeded to the Norcross Women's Club 2.36 acres know as the Norcross School lot.

On August 31st., 1948 the members of the Norcross Women's Club agreed to lease the school building to Rev. Lester Aliman and Coy Crowe to use for purpose of carring on religeous services and for promotion of building Christian character in the community. The Lease was drawn up for five years and it was mutually agreed that during the time of the lease, $500. would be paid to the treasurer of the Women's Club to be used for repair and upkeep of the building. It was also mutually agreed that during that time the Women's Club could carry on the regular club meetings and work. This was signed by Mrs. Minnie F. Beatenbough, Club President, Mrs. W.L. Fitts, Mrs. J.L. Fortson, Mrs. Pearl Beatenbo, Mrs. Dewitt Sexton, Mrs. J.C. James, Mrs. Robert B. Smith and Mr. J. Floyd Dean, Notary Public.

On the 6th day of March 1950 the Norcross Women's Club deeded 2.36 acres to Coy Crowe, K.O. Beard, W. L. Fitts, and Buford Carey, as Trustees of The Peoples Methodist Church, an unincorporated body and their successors in office. The deed was signed by Mrs. Minnie F. Beatenbough Club President, Mrs. Era Carey, Gladelle Sexton, Louise Sexton, Sadie Crowe, Cora James Ethel Fitts, Jonnie Beatenbo, Pearl Beatenbo, and witnessed by Dewitt Sexton and J. Floyd Dean, Notary Public.

On the 19th. day of May, 1951, Ruth C. Crowe deeded 1.83 acres of land one mile west of Shiloh Church on the Shiloh-Fort Lamar road, to K.O. Beard, Buford Carey, Jim H. Greene, and Coy Crowe, Trustees of the Peoples Methodist Church, an unincorporated body and their successors in office. This was to be used for the building of a church parsonage. In July of 1962, The Peoples Methodist Church became the Evangelicial Methodist Church, Rev. C. H. Dooley was pastor at that time.

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