Daniel Bragg

James Daniel vs Joseph Bragg
Madison County Plat Book
Page 141

James Daniel
vs                         Caveat
Joseph Bragg

Georgia, Madison County
To Samuel Williford, County Surveyor of said county, now comes James Daniel on Caveat the passing of grant by the State of Georgia to a certain tract of land surveyed by you under a head right warrant bearing date 5th day of Nov in the year eighteen hundred and forty nine to Joseph Bragg of said county on the 20th day of this instant containing two hundred and forty acres on the following grounds (to wit), First, because the land surveyed by you by virtue of said warrant was not vacant.  Second, because the warrant the said land was surveyed under was granted and issued by judges of the Inferior Court who are not authorized by law of said State to issue land warrants.  Third, because said warrant was barred in this because it had been over two years issued previous to the date of the survey; by means of which the said James Daniel contends that the State of Georgia of right ought not to issue a grant to said tract of land, this 22nd of October 1851. 

Gabriel Nash
Atty for James Daniel

The Caveat Court advertised on Oct 25th 1851
to be holden in Danielsville on the first Tuesday of December 1851

James Daniel
vs                   Caveat                               
Joseph Bragg

Dec 2nd 1851
The above case settled by consent of the parties at interest.

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