Names of Soldiers Families Supplied with Salt - dated July 21 1863
Under the Order of Governor
Salt was essential to a family's survivial.  It was used not only for curing meat, but for many other household tasks as well. Most salt at this time was imported from Europe, but due to the war blockade, it became increasingly scarce and expensive. Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown devised a plan to donate one-half bushel to widows of soldiers and to those who had lost a son in service. One-half of a bushel could be sold for one dollar to each family of a soldier. This list shows Madison County families who were supplied with salt in 1863.  Notes in italics were added by the contributor, Charlotte Collins Bond.

Names of Widows of Deceased Soldiers

Names of Wives of Soldiers
Now in the Service

Names of Widows having a Son or Sons
Now in the Service July 24, 1863

Names of Widows of Deceased Soldiers

Mrs. Samuel Davids
Mrs. George S. Key
Mrs. J C bonds
Mrs. Catherine Stephens
Mrs. C G Crawford
Mrs. Louise Williams
Mrs. Safronia Chandler
Mrs. Mary Chandler
Mrs. Nancy Patton
Mrs. Susan Parton
Mrs. Elizabeth David
Mrs. Letty Pendleton
Mrs. Letty Wilhite
Mrs. Caroline Shields
Mrs. Melissa Swindle
Mrs. Louisa Chandler
Mrs. Caroline Martin
Mrs. S. F. Echols
Mrs. Mary Barnes
Mrs. William L Glenn
Mrs. Martha Glenn
Mrs. Martha williams
Mrs. Mary Pittards
Mrs. Adaline Williams
Mrs. Aletha chandler
Mrs. Selina Bone
Mrs. Sarah Clements
Mrs. Sarah Chandler
Mrs. Mary Freeman
Mrs. Harriet Seagraves
Mrs. Moses Sailors
Mrs. Fanny Bradley
Mrs. Nancy Smith
Mrs. Mary Payton ?
Mrs. Rosannah Hall Rosannah King m. 16 Dec 1858 Isaac S. Hall, d. CSA
Mrs. Mary David, Hariet King
Mrs. Lela Collins
Mrs. Fanny Mead
Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper
Mrs. Mary A. L. Rattliff
Mrs. Lucinda Thompson
Mrs. Mary McCurdy
Mrs. Emily Evans
Mrs. Dicey E. Simmons
Mrs. ? Thompson
Mrs. Louisa Cooper
Mrs. Rebecca McGee Rebecca Dudley m. 1 Dec 1853 Chiles McGee
Mrs. Lucy Pierce ?
Mrs. Mary Thompson
Mrs. Elizabeth Evans
Mrs. Amanda Collins
Mrs. Mary Thompson
Mrs. S. Farmer ?
Mrs. G. A. Morris  George A. Morris m. Cynthia E. Thompson, 5 Dec 1855
Mrs. J. R. Patterson
Mrs. N. J. Allen
Mrs. Martha Sartain
Mrs. Emily Sartain
Mrs. Artemissia Stricklands
Mrs. Nancy Bragg
Mrs. Mary Strickland
Mrs. Sarah Pierson
Mrs. Martha Thompson
Mrs. C. C. David
Mrs. Caroline David
Mrs. P. Porterfield  Patience C. Hall m. Horatio Porterfield, 28 Dec 1854
Mrs. C. C. David
Mrs. W. P. Floyd
Mrs. S. Threatt ?
Mrs. E. Wilson
Mrs. S. Thompson
Mrs. A. King
Mrs. A. Williams
Mrs. Mary Freeman
Mrs. Nancy Bone

Total 76

Names of Wives of Soldiers now in the Service

Mrs. B. Sanders
Mrs. D. B. Meadows
Mrs. P. C. Smith
Mrs. Thomas Wilson
Mrs. W. G. David
Mrs. H. H. Daniels
Mrs. J. J. Carithers
Mrs. James Griffeth Junr
Mrs. Jesse Griffith
Mrs. Walton J. Carrithers
Mrs. Joseph J. Key
Mrs. John A. McCurdy
Mrs. John M. Landers
Mrs. William rice
Mrs. Asa Coker
Mrs. James W. King
Mrs. D. R. Mosely
Mrs. K. M. Strickland
Mrs. E. J. Hering
Mrs. W. H. Griffeth Junr
Mrs. Maria Herring
Mrs. Samuel H Hardeman
Mrs. Marshal David
Mrs. W. H. Anthony
Mrs. T. P. Bruce  Thomas Peter Bruce - donated land for Shiloh 1889
Mrs. W. W. Baird  Wm. Watson Beard m. Elmira Elizabeth Fortson 3 Feb 1859
Mrs. John R. Baird  John R. Baird m. Sarah E. Stovall 18 Dec 1860
Mrs. L. Bonds - Lexington Bond m. Mary Ann Allgood 25 Oct 1860
Mrs. N C. Bonds  Nathan Collins Bond m. Sarah E. Guest 24 Feb 1853
Mrs. S. C. Bonds  Sanford C. Bond
Mrs. J. Coker
Mrs. T. W. Dean  Thomas Wesley Dean m. Martha A. Guest 27 Mar 1853
Mrs. W. W. Fitts  William Walker Fitts
Mrs. W. H. Bowles
Mrs. James Wills
Mrs. S. F. Ware ?
Mrs. T. Mead
Mrs. E. S. Crawford
Mrs. L. Stephens
Mrs. M. E. Strickland
Mrs. Mary Streeman
Mrs. J F. Fitzpatricks
Mrs. W. E. Cain
Mrs. John T. Burroughs
Mrs. B. F. Mercier
Mrs. Frances Allen Dobbs
Mrs. A W McCurdy
Mrs. Joab Collins
Mrs. A. E. Barnett ?
Mrs. James Thompson
Mrs. W. C. Hitchcock
Mrs. G. L. Boltin
Mrs. James H. Bullock
Mrs. Wiley G. Eberhart
Mrs. John R Winkley
Mrs. Samuel Kilburn
Mrs. Jacob L. Bryant
Mrs. B. A. Cunningham
Mrs. John R. Patterson
Mrs. Thomas B. Thompson
Mrs. Geo. Morris
Mrs. Joel B. Thompson
Mrs. James A. Thompson
Mrs. John J. Cheatham
Mrs. W. S. Busbin
Mrs. James W. Kirk
Mrs. James K. Patterson
Mrs. James Gallaher
Mrs. G. W. Winfrey
Mrs. R. H. Bulloch Junr
Mrs. William C. Bridges
Mrs. M. Kellum
Mrs. John T. Adams
Mrs. George W. Culbertson
Mrs. O. W. White
Mrs. H. L. Hering
Mrs. Robert Power
Mrs. B. J. Carrithers
Mrs. John C. Collins married Martha T. Porterfield 6 Apr 1854
Mrs. A. Collins  Wm. C. Collins m. Amanda Porterfield 21 Aug 1853
Mrs. C. V. Collins  Charles died in prison camp, Chicago
Mrs. Crawford Woods
Mrs. M. J. Woods
Mrs. Josiah Drake
Mrs. James Brooks
Mrs. I. Anthony  Ian P. Anthony
Mrs. Jonathan Dudley  married Jane E. Patton 21 May 1850
Mrs. N. S. Dudley Nancy Suffrona House m. Lemuel Dudley 9 Jan 1851
Mrs. Willis J. Dudley married Elizabeth Porterfield 28 Dec 1848
Mrs. L. A. Dudley  Lawson A. Dudley m. Sarah E. Simmons 20 Jan 1853
Mrs. J. W. Patton
Mrs. R. Porterfield
Mrs. J. A. Gloer  Joseph A. Gloer m. Sarah E. Thompson 13 Dec 1858
Mrs. J. W. Roads married Margaret P. Power 25 Feb 1858
Mrs. John L. Cartledge married Suntha Ann McCurdy 24 Dec 1850
Mrs. ? C. Mitchell
Mrs. A. M. Power
Mrs. Samuel Wood
Mrs. Frances Alexander
Mrs. J. Parks ?
Mrs. G. Davis
Mrs. William Gunnells
Mrs. James W. Gunnells married Sarah F. Tolbert 3 Nov 1853
Mrs. John Decker
Mrs. Henry Rowland
Mrs. Crawford Sailor
Mrs. James B. Crawford
Mrs. Charles S. Madden
Mrs. E. F. Baxter ?
Mrs. M. W. Talbot
Mrs. J. C. Nelms
Mrs. ? A. Meadows
Mrs. Lucy Linsey
Mrs. H. H. Brown married Sarah W. Whitworth 25 Jul 1861
Mrs. S. S. Chandler
Mrs. W. S. Sailor
Mrs. P. L. B. Wilder  Peter L. B. Wilder m. July Ann O'Kelley 25 Oct 1848
Mrs. F. Culbertson
Mrs. H. Segar
Mrs. Moses Sailors  married Susan Sailors 12 Nov 1857
Mrs. F. O. Williams
Mrs. James Baugh
Mrs. Nathaniel Hix
Mrs. J. S. Gholston
Mrs. H. Bray
Mrs. J. L. Patton
Mrs. J. M. Bird
Mrs. J. L. Bird
Mrs. E. Bray
Mrs. W. P. Alexander
Mrs. H. C. Nash
Mrs. J. A. Montgomery
Mrs. John Wood
Mrs. O. Cleghorn
Mrs. E. W. Martin
Mrs. J. S. Smith
Mrs. J. Hill
Mrs. G. J. Rice
Mrs. J. C. Campbell
Mrs. ? Williams
Mrs. A. Fitzpatrick
Mrs. J. H. Anderson
Mrs. ? Cramer ?
Mrs. A. H. Nix
Mrs. Frances Perry
Mrs. Cynthia Bray
Mrs. L. Dudley
Mrs. J. A. Moore
Mrs. M. A. Moon
Mrs. J. T. Witcher
Mrs. Y. D. Wynn
Mrs. W. W. Sims
Mrs. Samuel Power
Mrs. M. Wiley
Mrs. J. G. Eberhart
Mrs. S Smith
Mrs. Martin Tilman
Mrs. R. W. Tillman
Mrs. ? Williams
Mrs. W. H. Bullock
Mrs. R. J. Carrithers
Mrs. J. R. Faulkner
Mrs. W. A. Collins  Wesley A. Collins
Mrs. A. H. Hampton
Mrs. Samuel W. Patten ?
Mrs. A. J. Thompson
Mrs. Eph Thompson
Mrs. H. Haywood ?
Mrs. J. A. Seagers
Mrs. Amanda Sartain Amanda Beard married Alfred Sartain 10 Jan 1850
Mrs. Martha Scarborough
Mrs. Helica Scarborough  Helica Sartain m. Lewis Scarborough 24 Jan 1856
Mrs. L. M. Sartain  Lewis Sartain m. Martha Auntney Beard 21 Sep 1854
Mrs. Mary J. Scarborough  Mary Jane Scarborough m. W. B. Scarborough 22 Oct 1849
Mrs. Cynthia Scarborough Cynthia Bragg m. W. B. Scarborough 22 Oct 1849
Mrs. Elizabeth McDuff
Mrs. Celia Ginn
Mrs. E. A. White
Mrs. Sarah Pierson
Mrs. Prudence Cheek
Mrs. Frances Dean
Mrs. Sarah Higgenbotham
Mrs. James F. Porterfield

Total 184

Names of Widows having a Son or Sons now in the Service
July 24, 1863

Mrs. Eliza Carrithers
Mrs. Delilah Coker
Mrs. Emily ?ane
Mrs. Polly Bauman ?
Mrs. Mesiah Stgephens
Mrs. Letty Black
Mrs. Eliza Williams
Mrs. Judah Bone
Mrs. Mary A Shinn
Mrs. Malinda Moon ?
Mrs. Martha Anderson
Mrs. Kesiah Vaughn
Mrs. Mary Hix
Mrs. Nancy Segraves
Mrs. Mary Ledbetter
Mrs. Dicey Tucker
Mrs. Martha Sims
Mrs. Harriett Stephens
Mrs. Elizabeth Mercer
Mrs. Mary Collins
Mrs. Caroline Bullock
Mrs. Permelia ?
Mrs. Nancy Sims
Mrs. Rebecca Gallaher ?
Mrs. H. Haywood
Mrs. Millie ?
Mrs. M. A. Boltin
Mrs. Permelia Burroughs
Mrs. Sarah Higginbotham
Mrs. Sarah Jordan
Mrs. Harlow S. Strickland  Harlow Gholston m. Willis Strickland 18 Jan 1826
Mrs. Mary Hix

Total 32

Submitted by Charlotte Collins Bond

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