Asa Lott Warren Veal
Capt. A. F. Moss' Company
4th Regiment Texas Dragoons

Confederate Service Record

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Asa Lott Warren Veal was the son of Alexander Veal and Sarah Jane Godfrey of Madison County.  The family tradition on Asa is that he carried some corn to Crowders Mill over in Franklin County, GA across the Broad River from the home place in Madison County to have it ground.  The man ground the corn and tried to charge Asa for twice the weight that was ground.  They apparently got into an arguement and a fight broke out.  Asa hit the man and thought he had killed him and fled out west.   The man recovered.  This tale has been passed down and Pa Veal (James Mote Veal) told me this several times. 

Jan 13, 1862, Alexander and Sarah Jane Veal write a letter to Asa in Texas, telling him about the conditions there in Madison County, GA and advising him to be careful since he is in the war.   The letter asks why they have gotten only the one letter dated Jan 7, 1862 within a 6 month period from "Lot nor you."  Asa's mother, Sarah Jane Godfrey, apparently had a brother that lived in Texas.  Lot Legwin Godrey was born in Clarke County, GA on May 7, 1823 and moved out to Limestone County, TX in 1846 because of some trouble he got into.  This is probably the reason Asa ended up in Limestone County.   Alexander and Sarah were trying to hear from either their son or Sarah's brother.  

Contributed by Jimmy Veal and Charlotte Collins Bond

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