Isaac B. Burroughs Family

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Isaac B. Burroughs was born 18 Dec 1855 in Madison County, and died 15 Jun 1912 in Madison County.  He was the son of William C. Burroughs and Mary Ann Busby.  Isaac married Eliza Cornelia "Corrie" Adams on 1 Feb 1885 in Madison County.  Corrie was born 2 Jul 1867 and died 30 July 1929.  She was the daughter of William R. and Elizabeth Ann Adams.  

On the back of the photo is written "Mr. Ike Burroughs and family, 1896."  Although the children aren't identified, they are likely Lettie Burroughs (1886), Lonnie E. Burroughs (1889), Howard B. Burroughs (1891) and Lora E. Burroughs (1893).

Contributed by Sylvia Brooks

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