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Lt. George M. Chandler

Burvel Lois Smith Chandler

Burvel Lois Smith was born 27 July 1907 in Quincy, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.  Burvel was a professional dancer with the dance company of Franchon and Macho.  She died on 28 Aug 1976 at her home in Quartz Hills, Los Angeles County, CA.

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Burvel Lois Smith Chandler and her son,
George Madison Chandler, Jr.
circa 1945

George Madison Chandler

George Madison Chandler was born in Madison County, Georgia on 6 January 1903.  He was the son of Dr. Mitchell E. Chandler and Cora Elizabeth Freeman, who married in Madison County on 12 January 1890.  George married Burvel Lois Smith on 15 Aug 1927 in San Diego, California.  He died at sea during WWII on Mother's Day, 11 May 1945.  He was on board the USS Bunker Hill.

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Burvel Lois Smith Chandler
circa 1925

George Madison Chandler, Jr.

George Madison Chandler, Jr. was born 23 Feb 1929 in San Diego, California.  He died 13 Feb 2001 in Lancaster, Los Angeles County, California.

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Taken on board the USS Bunker Hill, CV -17. 
George Madison Chandler is seated 4th from the right.

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This picture to was taken on the USS Bunker Hill, CV-17.
George Madison Chandler is in the 2nd row from the front, 13th from the left.
(There is a white arrow pointing at his shoulder)

Photos contributed by Teddi Vial

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