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Vanishing Madison County

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Vanishing Madison County is a collection of over 500 pre-1950 photographs and images of historic Madison County and its citizens.   A joint effort of the Madison County Heritage Foundation and the Madison County Library, the project's goal is to preserve the pictorial history of the county, and the oral history attached to those images, for current and future generations to learn from and enjoy.  A portion of the collection is currently available at the Madison County Library.  Ultimately, the entire collection will be available to the public via the internet.

A sampling of photographs from the Vanishing Madison County collection has been made available here at the Madison County GAGenWeb project.

For information on how to contribute pre-1950 photographs to the Vanishing Madison County collection, please see below.

Photos on top of page, from left to right:  William & Susannah Phillips; Shiloh Baptist Church; Alice Eugenia Boggs and daughters; George Kilburn.

How to Contribute Photographs to
Vanishing Madison County

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Vanishing Madison County welcomes contributions of pre-1950 photographs, or later photos of historical significance, relating to Madison County, Georgia.  Postcards, newspaper images, tintypes and other images are also welcome.  If you live near Madison County, members of the Madison County Heritage Foundation will be happy to scan your photographs, negatives or slides for the collection.  Scanned images may also be sent via email, or mailed on CD or DVD.   See guidelines for scanning images below.  To contribute photos, or for more information, please write or email:

Madison County Heritage Foundation
P. O. Box 74
Danielsville, GA 30633

John Barton

Guidelines for scanning images

Archivists recommend scanning images at 600 dpi (dots per inch), although images scanned at 300 dpi are also accepted.  Images should be cropped to exclude any external frame or matting, as the primary interest is in the image itself.   TIFF files are recommended, as they offer the greatest flexibility; however, JPEG files are also accepted.  If possible, images should be scaled to an 8x10 size, or as near an 8x10 scale as possible (ie; a 4x4 image can be scanned at 8x8, while a 4x6 can be upsized until one of the parameters reaches either 8 or 10, whichever comes first).   Very small pictures can be enlarged to approximately 5x7. 

The photos on this page are part of the Vanishing Madison County collection.

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