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Many people have offered their time and energy to assist others by searching for information in books that they own.  Feel free to ask for a look-up from the following books.  Address your questions to the individual volunteer and please limit yourself to one name per request. 

Please put Madison County Lookup in the subject line of your request, and be sure to identify the name of the book you are requesting the lookup in.  Be as specific as possible about the type of information you're looking for.  It may help to outline what you already know about the family or individual; this will prevent our helpful, generous volunteers from spending a lot of time looking up information you already have. 

If you request a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time!

If you'd like to offer Lookups in a Madison County resource, please contact the County Coordinator listed on home page.

Madison County Cemetery Book
by Madison County Heritage Foundation

Leonard Rice
Stephanie Bradley

Madison County Georgia Census 1820-1860
by Mary Love Berryman, Susan T. Jenkins,
Amy W. Sanders and Eve B. Weeks
The History of Madison County
by Paul Tabor
Madison County Poor School Fund

Abstracted by Faye S. Poss
in "Georgia Settlers" quarterly
Lists children's names, ages, and parent/guardian
Historical Sketches, Presbyterian Churches
and Early Settlers in N
.E. Georgia
by Reverend Groves Harrison Cartledge

John Carpenter

Madison County Books & Resources for Sale

Madison County, Georgia
Marriage Records 1812-1909
by Ted O. Brooke

Arranged alphabetically by grooms and by brides.
Hardcover, 239 pages, $30 postpaid.

Ted Brooke
2055 Foster Drive
Cumming, GA 30040

Madison County Cemetery Book
by The Madison County Heritage Foundation Revised Edition 2011

8.5 X 11 inch, Hard cover, 344 pages
$45.00 plus 8.00 shipping & handling

Includes GPS Locations of Cemeteries

Madison County Heritage Foundation
P.O. Box 74
Danielsville, GA 30633

The History of Madison County, Georgia
by Paul Tabor

Published 1974
Hard cover 6 x 9 inch 212 pages

Madison County Library
1315 Hwy 98 West
Danielsville, GA 30633
(706) 795-5597

Historical Sketches
Presbyterian Churches & Early Settlers
in Northeast Georgia
by Rev. Groves Harrison Cartledge
Hard cover 6x9 inch 280 pages

Madison County Heritage Foundation
P.O. Box 74
Danielsville, GA 30633

The Madison Co, GA Censuses 1820-60
Transcribed by Mary L. Berryman, Susan T. Jenkins, Amy W. Sanders, & Eve B. Weeks

Paperback, 436 pages

Heritage Papers
Madison County, Georgia
Probate Records 1812-ca 1870

Index prepared by Amy Warren Sanders

Hardback, 106 pages

Heritage Papers
1884 Map of Madison County
7 x 9

Shows communities, churches, rivers and creeks, and the names of some county residents

Heritage Papers
Madison County Census
Scanned Images of the original censuses

Book: $15.00

Book: $20.00

1870-1880      1900-1910       1920
CD-ROMS:  $20.00 each

SK Publications
Madison County Data
Published in
"Georgia Settlers"
quarterly of the
East Georgia Genealogical Society

Back issues are available for $4.00 each

Madison County Poor School Fund 1828-29
February 2000

Madison County Poor School Fund 1831-32
May 2000

Madison County Poor School Fund 1833
August 2000

Madison County Poor School Fund 1834-35
November 2000

Madison County Poor School Fund 1836-38
February 2001

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