Brantley Cemetery Inscriptions Pulaski County, GA
Submitted:      03/26/2002
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Elliott Evans, Sr.
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Elliott Evans, Sr., Ben Churcher, J. Tilden Bembry, C. Joseph Cocking, 
Andy Adkins, Brandon Dunaway, Elliott Evans, Jr., Lee Long, Robert 
Freemont, Jr., Blake Ussery, Deanna Faircloth, Carl Crumley,
Lance Mullis, Eric Coleman, Eric Johnson, Ronald Dollar,
Charles Walters,Jr., A. Heath Wilson, & Reuben Davis
Detailed maps & GPS coordinates of each cemetery and individual
grave locations can be obtained in "Cemeteries of Pulaski County."
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   NO          LAST              FIRST            BIRTH        DEATH
   20     BARNES         CATHERINA            00-00-1806   08-01-1891
   11     BRANTLEY       AMMANDA              00-00-0000   09-10-1935
   13                    EUCEVIA              04-30-1886   03-12-1958
   05                    JUNE                 06-15-1804   04-03-1896
   06                    MARIAE               00-00-1361   05-10-1886
   12                    WILLIAM              00-00-1849   01-03-1900
   21     DAVIS          EZEKIAL              04-24-1890   03-26-1964
   25     JACKSON        CHARLIE              05-10-1897   12-14-1947
   19     LOWERY         EDWARD               03-01-1882   10-15-1887
   02     RACKET         MRS. ANNA            00-00-0000   00-00-1939
   28     TYSON          AMAMADA              11-28-1915   00-00-0000
   16                    ARPHON               00-00-1929   00-00-0000
   07     WAY            CLEVELAND            09-06-1925   09-12-1949
   04                    GEORGIA              00-00-i878   12-12-1958