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 At time of burial this was Pulaski County.  Bleckley County wasn't created till 1912. 
Off from road...look for  tall trees ... cemetery is under those tall trees. Crude road for a short distance, then necessary to walk cemetery.  It was in very bad shape all grown up in weeds & briars.
 Rev. James P. Barrs
Oct 17, 1844 - June 24, 1919
He's in the Cool Springs Church minutes (Twiggs Co)  Elder Jackson N. Nobles help ordain him at Trail Branch Primitive Baptist Church)  
Laura E. Barrs
? - Sept 22, 1908
(wife of Jas P. Barrs)
Ederson Trippe
Born 1844 - Died April 21st 1881 
(Tripp --- tombstone added the "e")
His wife was Caroline Nobles she outlived him about fifty (50) yrs and is buried at Trail Branch Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.  
Her death made the Macon Telegraph for longitity.  They stated she lived to be well over 120 yrs. This can be proved to be incorrect if you look at the census. She did live to a ripe old age I won't denied that.  But the paper got carried away.  
I was able with her death certificate to state that my great great great grand mother's maiden name was Rebecca Caroline Davis.  She was the wife of William "Billy" Nobles. 
He buried in a field cemetery across from Cool Springs (so they say).
 004 is ( FHM ) from Fisher Funeral Home in Cochran, Ga.  some-one placed  it in front of his vault which sits on top of the ground. 
Rev. Richard Smith
1801 - 1876
Mathis Funeral Home
005 Vault of Rev. Smith