Charlton Berrien Adams, eldest son of Peter and Mary B. Adams, was born July 16, 1860 in Vienna, Georgia, where his father was a highly respected lawyer and large planter. After the death of his father, at the age of fifteen, Charlton, with the other members of his family, moved to Hawkinsville. When he had completed the public schools and was unable to attend college on account of the difficult times resulting from the War Between the States, he began clerking in a bakery. A short time after this he worked with Mr. R. J. Taylor in his drug business. In a few years he and his brother, Adiel, bought out Mr. D. D. Rhodes and formed a partnership in the retail grocery business, a partnership of mutual satisfaction, which was maintained until Adiel’s death in 1916.

Charlton was married to Eva Riley Coney, November 11, 1885. Of this union there were four children: Marie (Mrs. J. Warren Timmerman, Cornelia (Mrs. H. Persons Heath), Charlton, Jr., and Adiel.

Charlton and Adiel had visions of enlarging their business activities, so in 1900 they formed a partnership with Mr. W. S. Hollimon and Mr. J. P. Watson to enter the wholesale grocery business, and moved to Macon. After several successful years the brothers bought out Hollimon and Watson and continued under the title of Adams Brothers Company. They owned and operated two large farms near Hawkinsville.

He who has achieved success, who has lived well, who has gained the respect of intelligent men and accomplished their tasks, who has left the world better than he found it, has lived unselfishly. Ad so Charlton’s life was devoted to Christian, humanitarian, educational and civic interests. For twenty-five years he was a steward at Mulberry Street Methodist Church, serving on the finance committee, and ever having the welfare of the church at heart. He was a trustee of Wesleyan College for many years, and also a trustee of the Methodist Orphans’ Home, which offices he held until his death, December 4, 1919.

To have known one good man, one man who through the chances and the mischances of a long life, has carried his heart in his hand, soothing all discords into peace, helps our faith in God and in ourselves.

From The History of Pulaski County Georgia 1808 – 1935, published by the Hawkinsville Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution, 1935, 1975, and 2002.