POLLOCK Family Notes
Submitted by Mr. Vance Pollock

First generation Georgia POLLOCKs & their families, taken from U.S. Census & county courthouse records:

Houston Co. ---

Jesse c. 1763 - 1832
Sally G. c. 1765 - 1842
Girl c. 1822 -
Girl c. 1817 -
Thomas c. 1797 -
Elizabeth c. 1812 -
Elizabeth c. 1837 -
Sarah c. 1843 -
John c. 1840 -
Jesse c. 1841 -
James c. 1847 -
Frances E. c. 1851 -
Edmund Morris c. 1853 -
John c. 1810 SC (possibly son of Ed G.)
James Morris c. 1800 - 1884
Elizabeth (Simpson) c. 1805 -
Edmund Allison c. 1828 - 1890
Jesse O. c. 1833
Mary Ann c. 1839 -
Emeline c. 1841 -
Angeline c. 1844
Lewis c. 1808 -
Mary c. 1810 -
Jesse c. 1831 -
James c. 1833 -
John c. 1835 -
Albert c. 1838
Pinkney c. 1840

Randolph Co. ---

Martin c. 1799
Mary c. 1815 - 1895
Sarah A. c. 1831
Mary c. 1835
Rachel c. 1840
Jesse c. 1839
John c. 1840
Vinson c. 1842
Henry c. 1846
Eunice(?) c. 1845 -
Thomas c. 1846
James c. 1849
Jesse c. 1817 - (possibly son of Ed G.)
Jennett c. 1827
John c. 1841 -
M. A. c. 1842 -
L. M. c. 1843 -
H. L. c. 1846 -
Jesse c. 1848 -

Baker Co. ---

John c. 1787 (NC)
Sarah c. 1796 -
Elizabeth c. 1832
Thomas c.
William L. c. 1823

Twiggs Co. ---

Edmund George c. 1792 - 1828

See also Screven Co.

I have culled a great many notes, and here is the guesswork family I have come up with for Jesse, Revolutionary Soldier.

Jesse POLLOCK, b. 1763, Onslow Co., NC
    d. Nov 1832, Houston Co., GA
Sally (wife at time of death) 1765 - 1842
John (m. Sarah) 1787, Jones Co., NC -
Edmond George b. 1792, NC - 1828 Twiggs Co., GA
Thomas (m. Elizabeth Sharpe of SC) 1797 - after 1855, Houston Co., GA
Martin (m. Mary) 1799 - after 1850 Randolph Co., GA
James Morris (m. Polly Watson, Elizabeth Simpson, Charity Love) 30 July 1800 NC,
    d. 20 August 1884, Wilcox Co., GA
Elbert Lewis b. 1808, Screven Co., GA - after 1855, Houston Co., GA
Sarah ?
Rachael ?
Mary Ann ?

From Jesse (Revolutionary War) to James Monroe POLLOCK:

Jesse Pollock 1763 - 1832
James Morris Pollock 1800 - 1884
Edmond Allison Pollock 1828 - 1890
Thomas Morris Pollock 1856 - 1945
James Monroe Pollock 1893 - 1965


Letter from James Fleming to Malinda (Chance) Fleming, April 4, 1860, in the possession of Mrs. Marie (Derry) DeLamar of Albany, Georgia:

April the 4th 1860
Dear Mother:
I have received your letter a few weeks ago but have neglected to write back to you. I will now write you a few lines to let you know that we are all well as usual at this time and little Ferdinand is as good and pretty as ever. There is nothing now [???] about [???] as I know of people are generally healthy. I believe though the old man Pollock and his wife are both dead. I suppose I did not hear what was the matter with them and one of Thomas P[???]'s little girls is dead also. We have had a cold backward spring so far not withstanding we have got a fine garden. Mary Ann can get greens now every day. We have got a quantity of collard and cabbage plants. We did not plant any thing in the garden but what we got a good stand of. I shall set about the other half of the garden when it rains again. I mean the lower half. Pulaski and Martha paid a visit last week before on their way to and from David Kellims at Hawkinsville. Mrs. Key also came to see us two or three weeks ago so nothing more at present. Only remain yours, James Fleming
(P.S.) We received a letter from Aunt Nancy Leonard of North Carolina. She requested us to give her love to you. I told you that Mr. Pollock and wife were dead. I thought at the time I heard it it was Morris Pollock but it was the old man Pollock of Houston, a brother to Morris.


From the Hawkinsville Dispatch, Hawkinsville, GA, Vol. 18, #35, Thursday Morning, 28 Aug 1884:
Mr. Morris Pollock died at the home of his son-in-law Mr. William Culpepper, in Wilcox County, on Wednesday, August 20, 1884, aged eighty-four years and three weeks. The remains were buried at the old family burial ground on the place of Mr. D. H. Hendley in Pulaski County, on the 21st inst. Mr. Pollock was one of the two oldest men in Pulaski county. He was one of the original settlers of Houston County, and moved to this county about thirty-five years ago. He was the father of our present Tax Collector, Mr. E. A. Pollock, and also of Mrs. D. G. McCormick and Mrs. William Culpepper. He was never connected with any church by membership, but in faith was a staunch Primitive Baptist.


Slade Cemetery Inscriptions Pulaski County, GA

Slade Cemetery Index, Pulaski County, GA

Submitted: 03/28/2002

Made available to The USGenWeb Archives by Elliott Evans, Sr. (evans01@cstel.net)

1SLADESally K.02-11-187203-17-1887
2SLADENelpie J.02-22-185103-12-1887
4SLADESally M.09-17-186412-19-1949
5SLADEAnnie Lena06-13-189212-20-1922
6SLADE Sr.Robert Lee08-17-188901-03-1951
7HENDLYJ. Norman07-06-186806-13-1885
8DUPREEMartha Ann02-21-185501-06-1900


Onslow County, NC - Will Book A - John POLLOCK, 22 Sep 1770

Record of Wills, Book A
Onslow County, North Carolina

North Carolina:
Onslow County:

In the name of God, Amen: I John Pollock of the provience and county aforesaid planter being being very sick and weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory, do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following but first and above all I most humbly commend and deliver mercy of God my creator and my soul to him that gave it and body to completation to dectly buried at the descretion of my executors fully trusting for the salvation of the one and the resurrection of the other, through the only merits of Jesus Christ my redeemer and as for what worthly goods providence hath intrusted me with after my just debts and needful expenses are paid I desire to dispose of them as follows:

FIRST: I give and bequeath to my loving wife Sarah Pollock my negro fellow named Seasor and my negro woman named Clary with all my spending and weaving utensils and the bed and furniture thereto belonging whereon she commonly sleepeth also my horse Draggon and woman saddle and bridle also duftail chest the fourth part of all my peuter, box iron and heaters and also my plantation until my son William comes to the age of twenty one years then if she hath or doth continue her widowhood the third part of the land until she deceaseth and marrieth to her and heirs forever.

ITEM: I give and bequeath unto my son William Pollock my manner plantation and land ajasent to it excepting the third part before mentioned to his mother and him to be quietly possessed with it at the age of twenty one years also I give him my negor man named Jack and my negro woman named Sarah also my turning and carpenter tools also the fourth part of my peuter and my best gum and cain and my desk and case of bottles one young mare and my saddle and bridle and all my plantation utensils or planters tools to continue with the land and more particular I make a reseved concerning this negro wenches increase that the first two children Sarah doth bring after this date to his two sisters and thier I give them to him and his heirs forever. But if he should deceased without heirs lawfull begotten of his own body then plantation all the legacies except the two negroes to be equally divided between his two younger brothers and his negroes to be equally divided amongst the rest of the children.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Pollock one negro girl named Ruth also one cow and calf and steer yearling one yew the fourth part of my peuter the half of delf ware also my longest looking glass also one stripped bed with bedstead and the boulster rug and sheets also one fine table and my longest iron pot and the hooks thereto belonging and one chair to her and her heirs forever.

ITEM: I give my daughter Elizabeth Pollock one negro girl named Rachell also one bed with white tick bedstead and furniture thereunto belonging the fourth part of my peuter half of the delf wair one oval table and one looking glass one iron pot and hooks thereto belonging onw cow and calf and one cow yearling one ewe and chair to her and her heirs forever.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my son Jesse Pollock one negor girl named Grace one cow and calf also one ewe one iron pot and hooks one cusing knife and steel one, sow and pigs and my hand mill to him and his heirs forever. And also I desire that all my effects that is not already mentioned to be appraised and left with my executors for the use of schooling my two sons John and Jesse three years chooling each and also my wearing apparel to be put to the same use above mentioned further more my will and desire is that if any of my children should depart this life under age that the share effects should be equally divided amongst the survivors of my children. I give to the child that my wife now travails with the first child that Clarey brings after this date-to-wit: the heirs for same forever.

My will and desire is that my negro boy Luke to be sold and the money raised by the sale of him to be applied towards paying of my debts and necessary expenses and if they should not be enough to pay as above mentioned the rest to be raised of my plantation and paid in tarr and turpentine. I omitted my books but I desire all my books to equally divided amongst children and wife and if any over plush of cattle be left, I desire my son William to have them.

Further I appoint and constitute my beloved wife Sarah Pollock executor and friend Henry Rhodes executor of this my last will and testament, revoking all other wills by me made and declaring this will only as my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and fixed my seal this twnety second of September 1770.

Signed sealed published and declared by the testator John Pollock as his last will and testament.

    John Pollock (seal)

In the presence of us who signed as witness in presence of each other.
Samuel Raoyall
Pete Morten
Daniel Smith

I Daniel Smith do sware that I was a witness to the within will of Mr. John Pollock and that the said Pollock did declare it to be his last will and testament and that I verily believe at the time he assigned with within will he was in his right senses as well as I could judge by his behavior and expression to me in the time I was writing his said will and that I saw Samuel Royall and Pete Marten sign as witness with me to the within will and further saith now sworn to before me this 15th day of January 1771. Moses Cox, Junr.

Dan Smith (seal)


McBride. 1982. Consolidated list of marriage license purchases in North Carolina. 1785 - 1791. No Car Gen Soc Journal. 8(4):199. Lists marriage record for a Jesse Pollock in Jones Co., NC. in 1785.


Beaver Creek Baptist Church had burned to the ground one spring Sunday in 1936, while G. Wiley Hunt was preaching. Andrew Chapel offered their Baptist friends an opportunity to worship in their building while they got back on their feet. Not long after that, Beaver Creek built a church on Sandefur Road.


Histories of Some Houston County, Georgia Towns

To the north of Kathleen stood Beaver Creek Church, the Primitive Baptist Church, which was during the Civil War, the center of helpful activities looking to the comfort and welfare of the soldiers.


Pinckney Daniel Pollock 1896 - 1903

Born Houston County, Georgia, 22 November 1860; died Macon, Georgia, 24 July 1905. Son of James Green and Nancy Bunson [sic] Pollock.


Nancy Brunson, born December 16, 1842; died May 5, 1913. She married J. G. Pollock February 8, 1859 in Lee Co., Ga.

The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume IIV
Pomeroy, Benjamin
page 355
POLLOCK, Pinckney Daniel, educator, was born in Houston County, Ga., Nov 29, 1859; son of James Greenberry and Nancy (Brunson) Pollock; grandson of Almarine and Liza (Woodard) Brunson and of Morris and Polly Watson Pollock. He was prepared for college at Armurchee academy, Chattooga County, Ga.; attended Mercer University, Macon, Ga., and was graduated from the University of Georgia, B. L., 1884. He continued his studies in the Universities of Paris and Berlin, 1889 - 91; taught school for several years; was superintendent of city schools, Newnan, Ga., 1891 - 93; professor of English, [p.355] Mercer University, 1893 - 96, and became president of the university in 1896, as successor to Dr. J. B. Gambrell, resigned; meanwhile in 1894, declining the office of state superintendent of education for Georgia. He was married, Nov 24, 1895, to Eva, dauther of George Cowan and Mary (Briscoe) Selman of Monroe, Ga. He served as chairman of the executive committee of the Georgia Baptist Education commission in 1901 and 1902. He received the honorary degree of LL. D. from Richmond College, Va., in 1893.


I found out about P. D. Pollock while browsing the library catalogs for the family name. The following book turned up and I was curious enough to look him up in several biography reference books, like who's who and that sort. I found one entry which listed him as the grandson of Morris, but I never trusted this information.

Anyway, though you might like to know about this book. I borrowed it an there is little information on his early life and family, but it may be something you'd like to see.

From Ploughboy to College President.
Memoir of Pinckney Daniel Pollock, president of Mercer University, 1897 - 1905, with sundry observations of life on the campus during a period of extraordinary interest in the history and growth of the institution,
Author(s): Ragsdale, Bartow Davis, 1861 - 1944.
Publication: Macon, Ga., the author
Year: 1942
Description: 256 p. p. ports., 23 cm
Language: English
Standard No: LCCN: 43-3224
Named Person: Pollock, Pinckney Daniel, 1860 - 1905.


POLLOCK, Edmond A.PIPKIN, Sarah Mrs.13-Sep 1877GAPulaski
POLLOCK, Edmond M.LOVE, Mary C.26-Oct 1872GAPulaski
POLLOCK, JessePICKRON, Ella19-Feb 1882GAPulaski
POLLOCK, Jim MorrisLOVE, Charity8-Mar 1869GAPulaski
POLLOCK, MorisTRIPP, W. H.30-Sep 1893GAPulaski
POLLOCK, Thomas M.AKINS, Emma E.17-Dec 1880GAPulaski


POLLOCK, A. E.FOUNTAIN, John L.22-Feb 1867GAPulaski
POLLOCK, ClaraFISHER, William5-Apr 1867GAPulaski
POLLOCK, Cornelius Mrs.DANIELS, John J.24-Apr 1879GAPulaski
POLLOCK, EmilineMCCORMICK, David G.12-Jan 1864GAPulaski
POLLOCK, Fannie L.NELSON, John T.22-Dec 1877GAPulaski
POLLOCK, Frances E.MCKINNEY, Benjamine12-Jan 1871GAPulaski
POLLOCK, Martha E.DUPREE, James M.9-Aug 1874GAPulaski
POLLOCK, Mary AnnCULPEPPER, William27-Dec 1857GAPulaski
POLLOCK, Sarah L.HENDLEY, D. H.12-Sep 1860GAPulaski

1870 Pulaski County, Ga. District #1236

1/1LOVE, John R.23MWPlanter4200/1800GA
"LOVE, Susan C.21FWKeep House-GA
"LOVE, Zephyrus1FW--GA
"LOVE, James E.4/12MWb-Feb-GA
"LAIDLER, James E.21MWStore Clerk-GA
2/2JACKSON, Lewis53MWLabor-NC
"JACKSON, Louisa38FWKeep House-GA
3/3TAYLOR, R. S.22MWLabor-GA
"TAYLOR, Nancy60FWKeep House-GA
"MIMS, Mary25FW"-GA
"MIMS, William6MW--GA
"TAYLOR, Elizabeth12FWAt Home-GA
4/4LOVE, Mingo65MBF Labor-GA
"LOVE, Mary30FBK House-GA
"LOVE, Richard12MBF Labor-GA
"LOVE, Henry10MB"-GA
"LOVE, William8MB--GA
"LOVE, Hester6FB--GA
"LOVE, John4MB--GA
"LOVE, Mingo2/12MBb-April-GA
5/5LOVE, Richard21MBF Labor-GA
"LOVE, Mollie23FBK House-GA
6/6ANDERSON, Andrew30MBF Labor-GA
"HALL, Amos23MB"-GA
"PIERCE, Joseph6MB--GA
8/8BISHOP, Powell25MBFarm Labor-GA
"BISHOP, Rebecca27FBK House-VA
"BISHOP, Jane10/12FBb-July-GA
"CONNER, Margaret35FBF Labor-GA
"CONNER, James16MB"-GA
"CONNER, Fanny10FB"-GA
9/9CONNER, Charlotte50FBF Labor-GA
"CONNER, Harriet12FB"-GA
10/10POLLOCK, Jackson26MMFarm Labor/100VA
"POLLOCK, Amanda23FBK House-GA
"POLLOCK, William3MB--GA
"POLLOCK, Mary J.2/12FBb-April-GA
11/11MCCORMICK, Jack50MBFarm Labor-NC
12/12HENDLEY, Daniel H.36MWPlanter2500/1600GA
"HENDLEY, Sarah L.26FWKeep House-GA
"POLLOCK, Francis E.19FW"-GA
"POLLOCK, Edward M.16MWLabor-GA
14/14SLADE, Jeremiah22MWPlanter800/220GA
"SLADE, Phoebe J. R.17FWwife-GA
15/15MCKINNEY, John43MWBlack Smith1500/1000GA
"MCKINNEY, William J.21MWLabor-GA
"MCKINNEY, Mary P.18FWKeep House-GA
"MCKINNEY, Elmira W.17FW"-GA
"MCKINNEY, Miles E.15MWLabor-GA
"MCKINNEY, Cornelius13MW"-GA
16/16BUSBY, Allen71MWPlanter500/390SC
"BUSBY, Sarah A.53FWKeep House-GA
"BUSBY, Burrell19MWLabor-GA
"BUSBY, Oliver14MW"-GA
"BUSBY, Lucy A. E.12FW"-GA
17/17CONNER, John W.24MWPlanter-GA
"CONNER, Missouri D.23FWnee-PHELPS; m-07/11/1867-GA
"CONNER, James W. H.2MW--GA
18/18CONNER, Lucinda Bass42FWKeeps House [widow of Wm D. CONNER; m-07/11/1841]1200/600GA
"CONNER, Mary E.17FWAt Home-GA
"CONNER, Sarah M.15FWAt School-GA
"CONNER, Elmira J.13FW"-GA
"CONNER, Elenora11FW"-GA
19/19CASON, Willis [#2]27MWPlanter1200/870GA
"CASON, Elmira [nee-SAUNDERS]26FWGRAHAM, Mrs. m-11/21/1867 [#1 marriage to Joseph M. GRAHAM 01/12/1861, may have died in war]-GA
"COLLIER, Rose23FBLabor-GA
"COLLIER, Charles3MB--GA
20/20JOINER, L.25MBF Labor-GA
"JOINER, Mary A.25FBKeeps House-GA
22/22JONES, Jack55MMF Labor/125GA
"JONES, Lucy37FMKeep House-GA
"JONES, Laura9FM--GA
"JONES, Sunday5FM--GA
"JONES, Taylor4MM--GA
"JONES, Sallie1FM--GA
"JONES, Emily6/12FMb-Dec-GA
23/23SAUNDERS, Miles66MWPlanter2800/1200 GA
"SAUNDERS, Martha31FWKeep House-GA
24/24LOVE, Adam50MBF Labor-GA
"LOVE, Esther53FMK House-GA
"LOVE, Lilla15FBF Labor-GA
"LOVE, Anthony11MB"-GA
"LOVE, Frank9MB--GA
"LOVE, Angeline7FB--GA
"LOVE, Adam5MM--GA
"LOVE, Charity2FM--GA
"LOVE, Lillie4FM--GA
25/25MCKINNEY, Peter H.30MWPLanter600/365GA
"MCKINNEY, Jane27FWnee-JONES; m-07/11/1861-GA
"MCKINNEY, Benjamin L.7MW--GA
"MCKINNEY, William E.2MW--GA
26/26POLLOCK, Morris69MWPlanter1000/1200NC
"POLLOCK, Charity47FWKeeps House-GA
"LOVE, Charles16MWLabor-GA
"LOVE, Cornelia13FWAt School-GA
"LOVE, Amos10MW"-GA
"LOVE, Emma8FW"-GA
"SMITH, Nancy65FWSuper.-GA
"CONEY, Reddick35MBLabor-GA
"CONEY, Joseph11MBServant-GA
27/27LAMPKIN, Jane33FBF Labor-GA
"LAMPKIN, Margaret B.23FB"-GA
28/28LAMPKIN, Thomas70MBMiller/100NC
"LAMPKIN, Harriet69FBK House-GA
"LAMPKIN, Laura31FBF Labor-GA
"LAMPKIN, Harriet2FB--GA
"LAMPKIN, Samuel11MB"-GA
29/29CULPEPPER, William W.41MWPlanter/500GA
"CULPEPPER, Mary Ann31FWnee-POLLOCK; m-12/27/1857-GA
"CULPEPPER, Orin E.10MWAt School-GA
"CULPEPPER, Charles D. O.3MW--GA
"DYKES, Malissa11FBHouse Servant-GA
30/30FOUNTAIN, John L.24MWLabor65/100GA
31/31FOUNTAIN, Margaret Folsom60FWKeep House-GA
"FOUNTAIN, James F.17MWLabor-GA
"FOUNTAIN, Cornelius M.13MW"-GA

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