Hillcrest Memorial Park

CHANCEY, Robert Lanzel
        ??--26 OCT 1945
JAMES, Maggie M. (nee:  YOUNG)
        12 MAY 1881--11 JUL 1964
        Married to Wiley T. JAMES
JAMES, Wiley T.
        14 OCT 1878--SEP 1968
        Married Maggie M. YOUNG
PRESCOTT, Edward H.--by: Hazel P. Dewberry
        19 APR 1909--27 DEC 1988
        Age 79;  Married to Alva Jordan
        Father of Randolph E., Hazel Prescott Dewberry, & James M. Prescott
TIMMS, Bobby K.
UTLEY, Henry Dawson "Buddy"
        04 JAN 1898--16 MAY 1980
        Son of Frederick & Etta McClellan UTLEY
UTLEY, Margaret Milton
        1903--22 SEP 1993
        Wife of Morgan C. UTLEY
UTLEY, Morgan Clinton , Sr.
        ??--13 JUL 1980
        Son of Frederick & Etta McClellan UTLEY (of Burke Co., & Louisville, GA)
UTLEY, Nellie B. (nee:  BENSON)
        01 JAN 1900--08 DEC 1948
        Wife of Henry D. UTLEY (married 07 MAY 1922 Louisville, GA)
        Born in Appling Co., GA; Daughter of F.C. & Olivia Salley BENSON
WREN, Ethel Blackstone
        ??--13 JUN 1976
        Wife of Robert M. WREN


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