Richmond County Cemeteries

Cemetery Name AKA Directions/Location
Adams Grove Baptist Church Cemetery    
Algernon Morgan Cemetery Variant Names: Morgan Cemetery; King Cemetery  
Allen Cemetery

Variant Name:  Rhodes Cemetery

Hephzibah, GA on Windsor Spring Road, across from Hephzibah Recreation Center; 331819N  0820540W
Arrinton/Arrington Family Cemetery; Variant Name:  New Savannah  
Arsenal Cemetery   Augusta, GA
Atkins Cemetery   Hephzibah, GA;  331530N  0820215W
Atkins-Winter Cemetery    
Augusta City Cemetery Variant Name: West View Cemetery 2031 Division St., Augusta, GA 706-733-6741
Bachelor Cemetery   Bel Air, GA; 10 miles West of Augusta, GA
Baker Cemetery    
Baldee Cemetery    
Ball Cemetery    
Bath Cemetery   Blythe, GA; 332008N   0821050W
Bath Presbyterian Cemetery    
Bellevue Memorial Gardens Cemetery   4501 Wrightsboro Rd. Augusta, GA; 706-863-2570
Berlin Methodist Cemetery    
Bethesda Missionary Cemetery    
Bettsy Tarver Family Cemetery    

Blythe Baptist Cemetery


Blythe, GA - US 1 to Wrens, take HWY 88 to BLYTHE Turn left on Church St.  Follow to the end.    Across from stop sign

Blythe Methodist Cemetery    
Bossick-Jones Cemetery    
Boulineau Cemetery   On Burke County, GA line
Brandon Cemetery   Augusta-West, GA; 332242N    0820138W
Broome Cemetery   On Burke County, GA line
Brothersville Cemetery   Hephzibah, GA; 331801N    0820513W
Bryant Cemetery   Ft Gordon, GA

Bugg Cemetery


Grovetown, GA; 1 1/2 mi. E. of Grovetown, GA;  Directions:  From Grovetown go east on Wrightsboro Rd. toward Augusta, GA and there is a subdivision on the right called Kingston.  Turn right into the subdivision and at top of hill turn right, go to the next street and turn left.  Just behind the house on the corner in a wooded area is the cemetery.  There is no sign.  You can drive up the narrow path and park off the street.

Burch Cemetery Augusta-West, GA; 332447N   0820048W
Burton Cemetery   Hephzibah, GA; 331927N    0820248W
Carmichael Cemetery Variant Name: Cottage Cemetery 332337N  0820001W Augusta-West, GA
Cason Plantation Cemetery    
Cedar Grove Cemetery  

Augusta-East, GA; 332746N 0815710W If you wish for a more complete listing of all data transcribed by ASU Sociology students, in coordination in a project with the city, please do contact the ASU Sociology Dept. at  (706) 737-1735.  They have published a booklet titled "Cedar Grove  Cemetery historic Augusta cemetery, founded 1820."

Chavous Cemetery   Augusta-West, GA; 332546N   0820414W
Clanton Cemetery   Hephzibah, GA; 332157N   0820057W 
Clarke-Miller Cemetery    
Conner-Arrington Henry Dismuke Cemetery    
Corinthian Cemetery    
Cosnahan Cemetery   McBean, GA; 331423N   0815909W
Cottage Cemetery Variant Names:  See Carmichael Cemetery Augusta-West, GA; 332337N     0820001W

Crawford Cemetery

  McBean, GA; 331459N    0815750W
Crockett Cemetery    
Darling Cemetery   Martinez, GA; 333138N   0820301W
Darling-Nute Cemetery   Augusta, GA
Davis Cemetery    
Dunbar-Galpin-Ardis Cemetery    
Duval Family Cemetery   Augusta-West, GA; 332411N  0820137W
Edmund Murphey Cemetery    
Fielding Church Cemetery   On Burke County, GA line
Fleming Cemetery    
Fleming Walker Cemetery    
Friendhsip Cemetery Variant Name:  Steadman  Cemetery  
Ft. Gordon Cemeteries   Near Augusta, GA
Fulcher Cemetery #1   McBean, GA; 331410N  0815928W
Fulcher Cemetery #2   Mechanic Hill, GA;  331526N  0815720W
Gay Cemetery    
Goodwin Cemetery    
Government Cemetery   Augusta Arsenal, GA

Gracewood Cemetery

  Hephzibah, GA; 332202N   0820154W
Gray Cemetery    
Green Cemetery    
Grovetown Cemetery   Columbia County, GA
Hall Cemetery    
Hamburg Cemetery    
Hammond Cemetery   North Augusta, (Aiken Co, SC)--located on the west side of Martintown Rd.
Hankinson Cemetery    
Harrisburg Cemetery    
Heckle Cemetery    
Henry Little Cemetery    
Hephzibah Cemetery   Hephzibah, GA;  On Burke County, GA line;  331857N    0820541W
Hephzibah Vance Cemetery   Hephzibah, GA; Windsor Spring Road
Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery   Augusta-West, GA; 2700 Deans Bridge Rd; 332601N  0820146W
Holley's Cemetery    
Holley's Spring Cemetery    
Hopeful Baptist Church Cemetery    
Inglett Cemetery   Groveton, GA;  332305N   0821146W
Isdel Cemetery    
James Cawley Cemetery    
Johnson Cemetery   Mechanic Hill, GA;   331647N;  0815701W

Jones Chapel AME Church Cemetery

  Blythe, GA;  Hwy 1/Deans Bridge Road toward Wrens, turn left onto Highway 88 at Blythe, turn left onto Church Street, turn right onto Parwood Rd.  The church is at the dead end.
Killebrew Cemetery Blythe, GA; 331934N  0820925W
King Cemetery Variant Name:  Morgan Cemetery
Info  by:  Candice SMITH-- This cemetery was on the farm land of David E. MORGAN in southwest Augusta.  I believe it was established by a King family and my grandfather bought the land but I have no proof of this.

Augusta-West, GA; 32435N 0820400W;   From the intersection of Meadowbrook Drive &Mutimer DR (dirt road), go northeast on Mutimer Dr. for .25 miles.The cemtery is on the right.  Earliest marked grave 1864

Lamar Cemetery    
Lambeth Cemetery    
Leitner Cemetery Variant Name:  Linwood Methodist Cemetery Avondale, GA; 332131N    0821546W
Liberty Methodist Cemetery
Linwood Methodist Cemetery Variant Name:  Leitner Cemetery  
Magnolia Cemetery   Augusta-East, GA;332742N   0815726W; 702 3rd Street Augusta, GA 30901
Malone Cemetery   Hephzibah, GA; 331846N     0820354W
Matlock Church Cemetery    
McNair Cemetery    
Methodist Cemetery   Blythe, GA
Morgan Cemetery    
Morris Street Cemetery    
Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church   3695 Deans Bridge Rd.;Hephzibah, GA;
Mt. Olive Memorial Gardens   Augusta, GA; US Hwy 1
Mount Pleasant/Mt. Pleasant Cemetery   Avondale, GA;  331712N  0821558W
Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Cemetery    
Murphey Cemetery #1    
Nain-Neal-Low-Bradford-Mins Cemetery    
New Savannah Cemetery Variant Name:  Arrinton Family Cemetery  
Newman Cemetery   Bel Air, GA
Newman Cemetery   Blythe, GA
Newmen Cemetery   Augusta-West, GA; 332738N  0820721W
Old Augusta Arsenal Cemetery    
Old Bethesda  Cemetery    
Old Bugg Cemetery    
Old Franklin Covenant Missionary Baptisit Church   Hephzibah, GA;  off Hephzibah McBean Road
Old Murphey Cemetery    
Old Rhodes Cemetery    
Old Rowell Cemetery    
Old Thomas Cemetery    
Old Twiggs Cemetery    
Old Verdery Cemetery    
Old Walker Cemetery    
Pace Cemetery    
Palmer Cemetery    
Passworth Cemetery   Near Augusta, GA; From Augusta, GA, take US Hwy. #1 south for about 7 miles.  At Hwy. #1 & Glenn Hills Drive, turn right.  This will be the last right turn before the exit to I-520.  Go about 1 mile down this road and the cemetery is on the right.
Prickett Cemetery    
Pierce Memorial Cemetery    
Pierce Rock Church Cemetery
Pine Hill Baptist Cemetery   On Burke County, GA line
Pineview Memorial Gardens, Inc. Cemetery   450 Five Notch Rd. W, N. Augusta, (Aiken Co., SC)
Piney Grove Baptist Cemetery    
Pollard Plantation Cemetery    
Post Cemetery   Augusta-Arsenal, GA
Presbyterian Cemetery Bath, GA
Pugh Family Cemetery   Located on Fenwich St., behind the First United Pentecostal Church Augusta, GA
Rachels Cemetery Blythe, GA; 332047N  0821215W
Rachels-Cawley Cemetery    
Read's Methodist Cemetery    

Red Cemetery

Richard Rowe Family Cemetery    
Rhodes Cemetery Variant Name:  Allen Cemetery on Windsor Spring Road, across from Hephzibah Recreation Center; 331819N    0820540W  Hephzibah, GA
Rober Cemetery   Hephzibah, GA; 332128N   0820538W
Rock Church Pierce Chapel Cemetery    
Rock of Ages CME Church Grave    
Rollersville Cemetery    
Rowell Cemetery    
Saxon Cemetery   Blythe, GA;  331907N    0820915W
Schley Cemetery   Augusta-West, GA; 332431N 0820213W
Second Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery   On Burke County, GA line
Skinner Cemetery    
Smith Cemetery   On Burke County, GA line
South View Cemetery   1225 D'Antignac St, 332644N 0815959W Augusta-East, GA
Spirit Creek Baptist Church   On Burke County, GA line
Springfield Baptist Church Cemetery    
Springs Cemetery   Blythe, GA; 331653N  0820801W
St. Paul's Churchyard Cemetery Photo Augusta
Steadman Cemetery Variant Name:  Friendship Cemetery 332324N 0820626; Located on Tobacco Rd, right before turn off on to Old Tobacco Rd to US 1.  Augusta-West, GA
Summerhill Cemetery   Augusta, GA
Summerville Cemetery


332850N 0820059W; Augusta-West, GA
Tarver Cemetery   Blythe, GA; 331923N  0821158W
Tarver #1 Cemetery    
Tarver #2 Cemetery    
Thomas Cemetery    
Tinley Cemetery   Hephzibah, GA; 331935N  0820254W
Tinsley Cemetery    
Trowbridge Cemetery    
Twiggs Cemetery   Mechanic Hill, GA  332053N  0815826W
Union Cemetery   Mechanic Hill, GA 331729N  0815720W
Unknown Cemetery   On Clanton Rd
Unknown Cemetery   Hephzibah-McBean Rd., GA- on Burke Co line
Unknown Cemetery   Dixon Airline Road by the tracks
Unknown Cemetery   Next door to 2050 McDade Road
Unknown Cemetery   On Taylor Rd
Unknown Cemetery   On map it was to be Turner and Burton 
Unknown Gravesite My grandmother lived on Richmond Ave. the back of the cemetery is on Richmond Ave.
Directions: Take Baker Ave. cross over Central Ave. pass 5 or 6 houses take a right on to Richmond Ave.
very small Ave. as you go up the Ave. There is a curve in the corner of the Ave. this is the back of the Cemetery. I remember as a child go over to the cemetery. The city had complainants about snake coming out of the cemetary so they cleaned it up by, bring a tractor and run over some of the graves. They broke a lot of small childrens graves. Most of the cemetary was left intacted. One section of the cemetary has full flat grave stones that cover the whole graves. There is also a bricked in section and a Family Doctors grave. You can also reach the cemetary by way of Central Ave. or Wrightboro Rd. but you may not know what you are looking at, it was grown up pretty bad. If you know what you are looking for there is a stump, that is
what we child called it a long time age. I came to find out it is a Woodman of the World headstone.
Direction from Central Ave.
Going up Central Ave., pass Baker Ave.,take the next road on your left. I can't remember what the name of the street is. It's very wide for a city street. There is probably a story in that.
This cemetary is very old. I know of other cemetaries in this area (The Hill, and Harrisburg) Please contact Shannon Brittingham at my E-mails or
Location is between Central Ave. and Wrightsboro Rd.
Vance Cemetery   Hephzibah, GA; Windsor Spring Road near Hwy. 88
Verdery Cemetery    
Walker Cemetery According to USGENWEB this is located in woods off  Hephzibah McBean Road,Hephzibah, GA; Augusta-West, GA; 332837N   0820133W;
Walker Cemetery   Augusta-Arsenal, GA
Walker Cemetery   Gracewood, GA

Walker Memorial Park

  611 Laney Walker Blvd, 332717N 0815604W
Walkinshaw Cemetery    
Warren Cemetery    
Washington Cemetery    
Washington Cemetery    
Watkins Cemetery    
Welch Cemetery    
West Cemetery    
West View Cemetery Variant Name:  Augusta City Cemetery

Augusta-East, GA; 2031 Division St.; 332925N     0815954W

Westover Memorial Cemetery   332917N     0820141W 2601 Wheeler Rd behind The Augusta National Golf Course
Wheeler Cemetery    
Wilkinson Cemetery    
Wilkinson-Lamar Cemetery   Located about four and one half miles west of Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia, on the south side of the Georgia Railroad
William Wilcox Cemetery    
Williams Cemetery


Augusta-West, GA332417N      0820555W
Zubly Cemetery    

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One way to help find the era your ancestor was buried is to examine the material from which the tombstone is made.  If your ancestor has a stone made of slate or common fieldstone (except wood used by pioneers), chances are the stone dates from 1796-1830.

 * If the stone is flat-topped hard marble, dates are about 1830-1849.

 * If the "mystery" stone is round or pointed soft marble with cursive  inscriptions, look for a date of 1845-1868.

 * Masonic four-sided stones began in 1850 and are still in use today.

 * Pylons, columns and all exotic-style monuments are usually dated 1860-1900.

 * Zinc monuments date from 1870-1900.

 * Granite, now common, came into use about 1900.

 If the writing is too faded to read, use a 75 watt black light bulb in any lamp that casts light directly on the written message.  The writing will miraculously appear.

Submitted by "Gen-Kid" Gladys

Georgia Law Pertaining to Destruction of Cemeterie

36-72-4 G
*** CODE SECTION ***  08/26/98

No known cemetery, burial ground, human remains, or burial object  shall be knowingly disturbed by the owner or occupier of the land on which the cemetery or burial ground is located for the purposes of developing or changing the use of any part of such land unless a permit is first obtained from the governing authority of the municipal corporation or county wherein the cemetery or burial ground is located, which shall have authority to permit such activity except as provided in Code Section 36-72-14.

36-72-5 G
*** CODE SECTION ***  08/26/98

Application for a permit shall include, at a minimum, the following information:

(1) Evidence of ownership of the land on which the cemetery or burial ground is located in the form of a legal opinion based upon a title search;

(2) A report prepared by an archeologist stating the number of graves believed to be present and their locations as can be determined from the use of minimally invasive investigation techniques, including remote sensing methods and the use of metal probes, which activities shall not require a permit;

(3) A survey prepared by or under the direction of a registered surveyor showing the location and boundaries of the cemetery or burial ground based on an archeologist's report;

(4) A plan prepared by a genealogist for identifying and notifying the descendants of those buried or believed to be buried in such cemetery.  If those buried or believed to be buried are of aboriginal or American Indian descent, the genealogist, in preparing the notification plan, shall consult with the Council on American Indian Concerns created pursuant to Code Section    44-12-280 and shall include in the notification plan not only any known descendants of those presumed buried but also any American Indian tribes as defined in paragraph (2) of Code Section 44-12-260 that are culturally affiliated; and

(5) A proposal for mitigation or avoidance of the effects of the planned activity on the cemetery or burial ground.  If the proposal includes relocation of any human remains or burial objects, the proposal shall
specify the method of disinterment, the location and method of disposition of the remains, the approximate cost of the process, and the approximate number of graves affected.

36-72-7 G
*** CODE SECTION ***  08/26/98

(a) Within 15 days after it is satisfied that all reasonable effort has been made to notify descendants, as provided in Code Section 36-72-6, and following receipt of the recommendations of a board or commission created pursuant to Code Section 36-72-9, the governing authority shall schedule a
public hearing at which any interested party or citizen may appear and be given an opportunity to be heard.

In addition to the notice required in Code Section 36-72-6, notice of the public hearing shall be advertised in the legal organ of the jurisdiction once a week for the two consecutive weeks immediately preceding the week in which any such hearing is held.

(b) Within 30 days after the conclusion of the public hearing, the governing authority shall notify the applicant in writing of its decision. The governing authority shall have the authority to deny the application with written reasons therefor, to issue a permit adopting the application in whole or in part, or to issue a permit which may include additional requirements to mitigate the proposed activity's adverse effects on the cemetery or burial ground, including but not limited to relocation of the proposed project, reservation of the cemetery or burial ground as an undeveloped area within the proposed development or use of land, and respectful disinterment and proper disposition of the human remains.  The governing authority may adopt the applicant's proposal for  mitigation.


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