Magnolia Cemetery

ALTOONIAN, Mary Jo--Photo
        07 APR 1947--29 DEC 1947
        1859--11 JAN 1899
        Buried in the Patrick BARRON section
        City employee; Lived in Augusta for 8 years
BARRON, James Patrick
        1894--30 JUL 1895
        11 Months old; Son of James BARRON
        Buried in the Patrick BARRON section
        3 years & 16 days old
        Not assumed to be family, as she is not buried in same location with James BARRON
BASKERVILLE, Charles Augustus--Donated by <>
        31 JAN 1876--1951
        75 years old; died Jefferson Co, AL
        Son of Robert Edward & Mary Jane "Molly" Tice BASKERVILLE
BASKERVILLE, Marie Lois--Donated by <>
        ??--26 SEP 1901
        5 years old
        Daughter of Robert Edward & Adalaide Arabella Ingalls Smith BASKERVILLE
BASKERVILLE, Mary Jane "Molly" (nee:  TICE)--Donated by <>
        ??--13 DEC 1906
        63 years old
        Married Robert Edward BASKERVILLE
        Daughter of Seaborn a& Matilda TICE
BASKERVILLE, Robert Edward--Donated by <>
        20 DEC 1870--15 NOV 1904
        68 years old
        Married Mary Jane "Molly" TICE
        Son of Robert Edward & Permelia Broadwater BASKERVILLE
BENSON, Frank M.
        16 OCT 1887--15 JAN 1958
BENSON, Sarah J.
        ??--09 APR 1914
        Wife of John P Benson
BERRY, Fannie (nee:  RHENEY
        01 AUG 1860--25 JUL 1933
        buried in WE Rheney Section
BERRY, John I.
        11 SEP 1851--21 APR 1924
        Buried  in WE Rheney Section
BIGNON, Kathleen Menger
        11 FEB 1907--25 MAR 1988
BIGNON, Ola Mae Palmer
        30 APR 1889--09 OCT 1970
        Wife of Wm J. Bignon
BIGNON, William Joseph
        21 OCT 1884--09 AUG 1918
        Woodmen of the World
BIGNON, William Joseph, Jr.
        04 FEB 1908--28 AUG 1993
        Double stone
BLAND, Mortimer
BLAND, Richard
BROWN, Sue Walker
        07 APR 1881--26 SEP 1970
BURCH, Cornelia Winter--Photo
        02 MAY 1833--26 MAY 1902
BURCH, James Wesley--Photo
        27 DEC 1878--20 JAN 1934
BURCH, Margaret Payne--Photo
        Wife of James Wesley Burch
CHEW, Benjamin F.
        1797--16 SEP 1858
        Married Lucy Vassa BUFORD
CHEW, Lucy Vassa (nee:  BUFORD)
DEWEEN, Helen Louise Boysworth--Photo
        24 FEB 1921--09 JAN 1942
DEWEEN, Joseph--Photo
        24 MAY 1941--10 OCT 1941
        Mother (Helen) & son are buried in same plot
FRAIN, Jacob S.
        abt 1834--04 OCT 1889
        Born Wexford Ireland
        Son of John FRANCIS & Mary CAMP of Hartford Co., CT
        In Reaney plot, old yard
        buried 05 MAY 1873
        died of scarlet fever
FRANCIS, Albert King
        31 DEC 1836--05 MAR 1896
        born in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT
        bur 6 Mar 1896, age 54, traveling salesman
        died Brights Disease (aka nephrits of the kidney), sick 6 months,
FRANCIS, Elizabeth W.
        buried 30 Sep 1865, age 7 months,
        b. Athens, GA, buried in Reaney plot, old yard
        Daughter of Albert King FRANCIS & Elizabeth W. REANEY
FRANCIS, Elizabeth W. (nee:  REANEY)
        25 AUG 1838--16 APR 1933
        b. Augusta, GA, buried in Reaney plot, old yard
        Daughter of John REANEY & Matilda McKEE
FRANCIS, John Reany
        05 MAR 1867--12 SEP 1886
        buried 12 SEP 1886, age 19, died of pneumonia, in Reaney plot, old yard
        Son of Albert King FRANCIS & Elizabeth W. REANEY
        buried 20 Sep 1866, age 18, born unknown
FRANCIS, William B.
HILL, Herbert
        31 DEC 1893--09 APR 1901
HILL, Infant
        Died 15 FEB 1898
        Infant Daughter of John & Josie HILL
HILL, Infant
        Died 15 JUN 1896
        Infant Son of John & Josie HILL
HILL, Josephine "Josie" Malinda (nee:  WEST)
        20 NOV 1863--18 MAR 1898
        Wife of John William HILL; Daughter of Katie & William WEST
        03 AUG 1862--14 OCT 1892
        Daughter of John & Josie HILL
KING, Agnes
        20 AUG 1880--25 DEC 1963
        19 MAR 1871--25 NOV 1955
        Son of Edmond G.H. & Margaret Byrd INGLETT
INGLETT, Laura Elizabeth (nee:  FARRISS)
        1872--02 JAN 1953
        Born in Sparta, Hancokc Co., GA; died Milledgeville, Baldwin Co., GA
HUGHES, William E. "Turk"
        13 MAR 1873-- 30 MAR 1952
        buried 04 MAR 1875, in William Reaney Plot
MANNING, Regina O Bignon
        24 NOV 1911--02 SEP 1979
        Wife of Ernest S. Manning
MITCHELL, Georgie A.
        Infant, buried 09 AUG 1878, in William Reaney Plot
McKIE, Child of John
        buried 10 JUN 1825, 5 months old
McKIE, John
        No Dates
NEBHUT, Elizabeth (nee:  SMITH)
        ??--17 NOV 1889
PARR, Charles R.
        buried 02 MAY 1904, stillborn congestion,
        lived 517 Broad St., buried with mother who died a fortnight later
        Son of Charles Roberts PARR & Mary Louise FRANCIS
PARR, John
        1817--buried 12 JAN 1900
        83 years, Englishman, died of old age, lived at 938 Woodlawn
        Father of Charles Roberts PARR
PARR, Mary Louise (nee:  FRANCIS)
       27 JAN 1876--16 MAY 1904
        buried 17 MAY 1904, born in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA
        Wife of Charles Roberts PARR
        Daughter of Albert King FRANCIS & Elizabeth W. REANEY
PARR, Mary Morris
        1860--23 JUN 1937
        buried 6/24/1937, age 77 yr
        died of angina, lived Graniteville, SC,
        buried John Parr section N. Second St., west of de L�Aigle
PARR, Minnie Estella, Miss
        1868--22 SEP 1960
        buried 9/13/1960, age 92 yrs
        Daughter of John PARR
PEAY, William Edward
        03 SEP 1843--22 OCT 1868
        Born in Augusta, GA
PRITCHARD Plot--Photo--donated by:  Ed PFEIFER
PRITCHARD, Catherine--Photo--donated by:  Ed PFEIFER
PRITCHARD, Jane Adelaide (nee:  STERLING)--Photo--donated by:  Ed PFEIFER
        Wife of William PRITCHARD
PRITCHARD, William Henry--Photo--donated by:  Ed PFEIFER
        abt. APR 1862--16 AUG 1864
        Grandson of William & J. Adelaide PRITCHARD
PRITCHARD, William Henry--Photo--donated by:  Ed PFEIFER
        1807--24 MAR 1862
        No Dates
RANEY, Eliza
        buried 9 Aug 1855, age 22, b. GA
        infant; buried 2/22/1880, in Wm. Reaney Plot
REANEY, Amelia E., Mrs.
        buried 10/30/1871, b. Richmond Co., age 52 years,
        lived 3rd ward, d. consumption, buried in Wm. REANEY plot
        Wife of William REANEY
REANEY, Child of John
        buried 30 MAY 1845, stillborn, in Reaney plot, old yard
        Son of John REANEY & Matilda McKEE
REANEY, Infant of Francis
        buried 16 OCT 1878, stillborn
        Child of Francis W. REANEY & Margaret GOW
        buried 3/11/1883, in Wm. Reaney Plot
        1857--17 MAR 1897
        buried 3/18/1897, age 40, conductor RR, died TB, lived at 325 Greene St.,
        buried HD Leithe Sec #B198, S side 5 th st., 4th walk E of W Wall
REANEY, George
        1886--16 JAN 1887
        buried 17 JAN 1887, 1 yr 1 mo., b. GA, died enteritis, lived 433 Reynolds,
REANEY, Henry L.
        buried 11 MAR 1883, age 35, b. GA,
        buried Reaney Sec 2nd ext.
REANEY, Infant of F.
        buried 16 OCT 1878, in Wm. Reaney Plot
        buried 14 OCT 1844, age 1 year, 10 months, 20 days,
        b. Augusta, in Reaney plot, old yard
        Son of John REANEY & Matilda McKEE
REANEY, James Gow
        1876--24 OCT 1954
        buried 10/26/1954, age 77, Platte Funeral Home,
        buried S of 11 th st., no surviving children, survived by 6 nieces, including
        Mrs. James Ellis, nephew W. S. Morris, brother-in-law, Jack Wilkins.
        buried 25 Feb 1875, 5 days old, b. Augusta, Old yard, w Kunzie Sec.
        Child of Francis W. REANEY & Margaret GOW
REANEY, John--Photo--donated by:  Sue WILSON
        1810--25 MAY 1858
        buried 25 MAY 1858, age 48, b. Ireland, 21 year resident,
        died of inflammation of the bowels,
(Name listed in original records as Reiney. St. Pauls church listed his name as John Raney.)
Tombstone reads:
        Sacred to the memory of John Reaney, who departed this life on 25 May
        1848, aged 46 years.  He was a native of County Derry Ireland.  For the
        last 21 years a resident of Augusta, GA.  His spirit is gone to the love
        he confessed.  To a Saviors Arms, whose love he confessed.  This stone
        has been erected by his Brother Mechanics of the Georgia Railroad.  As a
        token of respect for their deceased brother.
        buried in Reaney plot, old yard; surviving wife, Matilda McKEE
        05 OCT 1850--11 DEC 1860
        buried 11 DEC 1860, b. Augusta, died of measles, age 10 years
        Son of John REANEY & Matilda McKEE
        Buried in Reaney plot, old yard
REANEY, Joseph
        07 DEC 1848--29 MAY 1849
        buried 29 May 1849, age 5 months, 22 days, died of cholera.
        Funeral St. Pauls Episcopal Church, in Reaney plot, old yard
        Son of John REANEY & Matilda McKEE
REANEY, Joseph B.
        buried 20 DEC 1875, b. Atlanta, killed in Explosion of Engine General Stover,
        buried 2 nd grave from NE corner of Wm Reaney Sec B198-222, S side 5th st., 4th walk E of W wall.
        buried 30 MAY 1844, b. Ireland, 50 years, Name listed as Reeny in old book
REANEY, M.H., Mrs.
        buried 27 SEP 1879, age 21, b. Augusta, d. Typhoid,
        buried Reaney sec 2nd ext.(wife Wm b 1837??)
REANEY, Margaret (nee:  GOW)
        1838-14 DEC 1902
        buried 12/14/1902, age 65, b. GA, died liver carcinoma, sick 6 mo.
        lived at 249 Greene St., buried SW corner Reaney Sec. N Wall 50 Yards from W wall.
        Wife of Francis W. REANEY
REANEY, Matilda (nee:  McKEE)
        1812-04 NOV 1885
        buried 05 NOV 1885, 80 years, native Ireland, resident 48 years [since 1837],
        died of heart disease, 11/4/1885, lived 3rd ward, buried Raney Section old yard.
        Widow of John REANEY
REANEY, Minnie
        buried 27 Dec 1873, age 27 days, b. Augusta, buried in Reaney plot, old yard
REANEY, Thomas C.
        buried 24 Sep 1851, age 1 year, 8 months, b. Augusta
REANEY, Thomas L.
        buried 11 DEC 1875, b. Atlanta, died Croup,
        age 4 years 10 months, in Wm. Reaney plot, NE corner
REED, George Leitner
        Infant, buried 17 JUN 1870, in Wm. Reaney Plot
REE, Mrs.
        buried 13 JAN 1870, in Wm. Reaney Plot
RHANEY, Samuel
        buried 26 OCT 1855, age 12 days
RHENEY, A J., Mrs.
        buried 5/4/1900, age 62
        09 DEC 1870--24 JUN 1890
        Wife of W.E. RHENEY; buried in WE Rheney Section
RHENEY, Elisha Anderson--Photo--donated by:  Sue WILSON
        24 FEB 1824--10 MAY 1906
        buried in WE Rheney Section
RHENEY, Eula Lee
        13 DEC 1876--23 OCT 1938
        buried in WE Rheney Section
RHENEY, Fuller C.
        12 APR 1906--07 MAR 1909
        buried in WE Rheney Section
RHENEY, Julia Agnes--Photo--donated by:  Sue WILSON
        06 OCT 1839--13 MAY 1900
        buried in WE Rheney Section
        06 APR 1867--16 MAY 1901
        Wife of W.E. RHENEY; buried in WE Rheney Section
RHENEY, William E.
        27 JAN 1859--06 MAR 1942
        buried in WE Rheney Section
ROBBE, C. Louis
        18 JAN 1869--28 JUN 1870
        buried 28 JUN 1870, buried NW part Old Yard
        Son of Charles A. ROBBE & Mary A. REANEY
ROBBE, Charles A.
        10 NOV 1833--07 JUL 1900
        buried 08 JUL 1900, age 67, native of Peterboro, NH, mayor city of Augusta,
        resident for 47 years, died of uraemia, lived at 450 Ellis, #J542,
        buried west of deL�Aigle Ave, between 12th and 13th St.
        Widower of Mary A. REANEY
ROBBE, Charles A.
        1886--MAR 1908
        buried 09 MAR 1908, 21 yr died of TB, lived at Monte Sano,
        buried 8 ft from W., CA Robbe section N of 13 ths st.
ROBBE, Frank E.
        1881--NOV 1911
        buried 11 NOV 1911, age 30, native of GA, traveling salesman, married,
        buried by WE Platt d. paresis, lived Milledgeville, GA, buried Robbe Sec.
        Son of Charles Roberts PARR & Mary A. (REANEY)
ROBBE, James Edward
        06 AUG 1877--14 AUG 1880
        buried 15 AUG 1880, age 3 yrs., b. GA,d. Whooping cough 8/14,
        lived at 423 McIntosh, 64 weeks.
        Son of Charles Roberts PARR & Mary A. (REANEY)
ROBBE, Lizzie
        23 JAN 1873--02 FEB 1873
        buried 2/2/1873 lived in 3rd ward,
        buried Old Yard, Reaney Sec.
        Daughter of Charles A. ROBBE & Mary A. REANEY, 280 Ellis
ROBBE, Mary A. (nee:  REANEY)
        1846--29 APR 1885
        buried 30 APR 1885, age 29, b. GA, d. Spinal paralysis, 4/29, lived at 423 McIntosh.
        Buried Reaney section old yard, moved to Robbe section 1900,
        Wife of Charles Roberts PARR; Daughter of John REANEY & Matilda McKEE
ROBBE, William J.
        1883--21 JUL 1887
        buried 22 JUL 1887, age 4, d brain congestion, sick 48 hours, lived at 452 Ellis,  buried Reaney Section
        Son of Charles Roberts PARR & Mary A. REANEY
        18 OCT 1828--23 OCT 1898
        14 APR 1826--02 JUN 1883
SANFORD, Frances Coleman (nee:  SMITH)--(Section #C311)
        Abt. 1804--25 SEP 1882
        Wife of James Monroe SANFORD; Daughter of George SMITH
SPEARS, Joseph
        13 OCT 1973--13 OCT 1973
STERLING, Elizabeth--Photo--donated by:  Ed PFEIFER
        Sister of J. Adelaide PRITCHARD
WALKER, Clarence V.
        07 APR 1835--09 SEP 1904
WALKER, Harry V.
        05 NOV 1890--28 JUL 1958
WALKER, M. B., Mrs.
        1825--FEB 1897
        age 72, buried 12 FEB 1897, in Wm. Reaney Plot
        27 FEB 1855--03 MAR 1935
        1825--JUN 1879
        age 54, buried 23 JUN 1879, in Wm. Reaney Plot
        ??--17 NOV 1873
        Married Sarah W. FISHER (her 1st marriage was to Isaac ROOKS)
WEST, Catherine M. "Katie"
        19 JAN 1839--03 JAN 1907
        Married to William Joseph WEST
WEST, William Joseph
        03 MAR 1837--05 NOV 1866
YOUNGBLOOD, Belle Burch--Photo
        17 APR 1871--24 OCT 1949
YOUNGBLOOD, W. Ralph--Photo
        10 AUG 1871--08 JUN 1960
ZELLER, Elizabeth Meier--Photo
        09 AUG 1893--26 APR 1966
        Wife of Joseph A Zeller
        11 MAY 1882--14 JUL 1932
ZELLER, Louise Theresa
        06 DEC 1930--12 MAR 1943
        Our Baby Tuddie
ZELLER, Tina Marie
        29 MAR 1958--21 OCT 1974
(b. 1859 – d. 11 January 1899)


James Barron (no middle name given) died on 11 January 1899 in Augusta, Georgia. He was buried 12 January 1899 in the (City) Magnolia Cemetery.  He was age 40 making his birth approximately 1859.  Records show he was born in Ireland. He was married with no wifes name given.  He was a laborer.  James was sick 7 days with acute lobar pneumonia.  Dr. JB Morgan was the attending physician and also the mortician.  James lived at:  108 Marbury Street (also called 12th Street).

James Barron is buried in the “Patrick Barron” section of the Magnolia Cemetery in Augusta, Ga.  #C68.  Location:  1st walk north of 11th Street & 5th section west of E. Wall Ave.

Two people were buried in the Patrick Barron section.  Beside James is also, I’m assuming, his son named James Patrick Barron.  JP Barron died 30 July 1895 and was 11 months of age.  Jerry Murphy assumed James purchased the cemetery section in 1895 when his son died, and gave it that name which sounds logical us.   Right?

A Mary Barron also buried in Magnolia Cemetery in 1880, was 3 years& 16 days old, but she is not assumed to be family, as she is not buried in that same location with James Barron.

James Barron had lived in Augusta, Ga. for 8 years.

By Carole Jenkins, Liberty, Missouri, September 19, 2002.
Re:  Daniel Louis Barron genealogy research-James Barron was a brother of DLB.
Ref.  Randolph County, Missouri, Higbee Newspaper death notices 27 January 1899.
These Barron brothers were born in Ireland-Parents Patrick Barron & Mary Meehan.

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