New Savannah Cemetery
Also known as
Arrington Cemetery

Some History
Donated by:  Virginia Mylius
1) Work restoring the Old Cemetery, which consisted of building the wall with brick and repairing the tombs, was
commenced on April 29th and completed May 3rd, 1935; work was done by S. R. Kelly and Son, under the
supervision of Mrs. Thomas Barrett and other members of the Colonial Dames, Augusta, GA.
"The tablet placed in the north wall reading as follows:
Colonial Cemetery
Restored By The Augusta Town Committee
Of The Georgia Society Of The
Colonial Dames of America 1935

2)  "The Local Society of Colonial Dames objected to the Cemetery being named the "Colonial Cemetery",
which was done by the Society in Savannah, Georgia.  Mrs. James T. Bothwell, Jr., a member of the
Local Society, made a trip to Savannah on May 9th, 1935 and brought the matter before the meeting
of the Dames, showing them an old map (property of Morton L. Reese) and other
information and it was decided to let the Dames name the Cemetery "New Savannah"; so the tablet
was changed May 11th, 1935, to read as follows:
    New Savannah Cemetery 1733
Restored By The Augusta Committee Of The
Georgia Society Colonial Dames of America

Cemetery located about 200 yards from mouth of Butler's Creek.  Plat showing the location of the cemetery,
off Tobacco Road, near the "old landing" of the Savannah River is included in the papers about the cemetery.
14 graves are numbered on the plat, which was signed by Morton L. Reese.

"New Savannah Cemetery, Richmond County, Georgia, an Old Trading Post located on Old County
Farm, about eight and one half (8 1/2) miles southeast of Augusta, GA; one mile (1) east of New Savannah
Road, on the Old Tobacco Road;  point where Butler's Creek empties into the Savannah River.
Just when this Old Post was settled or abandoned cannot be given; the only marks
left is the Cemetery, which was at one time was enclosed by a brick wall; only part of the wall
on the north side now standing.

Per legal notice placed in the Augusta Chronicle, 1856,
 "Commissioners' Sale.   On the first Tuesday of October next, at the Lower Market House in the
city of Augusta..... pursuant to a decree of the Superior Court of Richmond county....granted on
the 12th day of May last....the following property:
     "All that tract or parcel of Land, on the Savannah River, in said county, adjoining lands of Turner CLANTON
and others, and containing 356 acres, lately owned by George L. TWIGGS, deceased, and known as
"New Savannah";  also 151 1/2 acres of Pine Land, attached thereto by the provisions of the will
of said deceased, and bounded by lands of Mrs. Sarah L. TWIGGS,
Turner CLANTON, George H. COGLE and others.
      "The 'ARRINGTON CEMETERY," on said tract, with access to it by the HEIRS of the
ARRINGTON FAMILY, as heretofore, will be reserved."

BEAL, Mrs. Elizabeth Beal
wife of James Beal
Died 20th October, 1827.  Age 55 years

WARE, Joseph
Died 25th March, 1808 (6?)
Age 35 years

HOWELL, William
Died 2nd November, 1803
Age 9 years

WARE, Sarah
Died 30th September, 1802
Age 2 years

WARE, Britton Henry--Photo--Virginia Mylius
Died 3rd January, 1806
Age 6 years

DAWSON, Britton
Died 8th March, 1795
Age __ years

HOWELL, Grace Arinton
Died 25th August, 1810
Age 17 years

Born August 25th, 1759 and
Died November 16th, 1845

ARINTON, William
Died 2nd November, 1767
Age 32 years

DAWSON, Mrs. Sabra
Died 13th June, 1819
Age 88 years

Died 8th August, 1770
Age 4 years

Sacred to the memory of
WALKER, Mrs. Mary
Late Consort of
Maj. Gen. Valentine Walker,
who departed this life on the
24th day of January, 1818, in the
25th year of her age.

Amiable & Exemplary in her deportment, she had
and endeared herself to all.  But as a wife & the mistress
of a family she was an example for her sex, mild,
gentle, dutiful & affectionate, she was the solace &
comfort of a fond husband & the prop of an aged
Mother & could the possessions & practice of all
the cardinal virtues have secured longevity the
deceased would have still have lived to cheer, animate
& to delight, but doth the cold hand of death has
prostrated her lovely form.  Yes she has fallen in the
spring tide of her life & has fought the melancholy
lesion that we are not to fix our thoughts upon
this but upon another & a brighter world.

ARINTON, Charles
died 15th November, 1794
Age 21 years

Died 14th April, 1793
Age 29 years

BUGG, Polly
Died 15th November, 1785
Age 23 years

BUGG, William A.--Photo--Virginia Mylius
Born October 9th, 1783,
and died October 11th, 1827

HATCHER, Mrs. Mary
Died 2nd August, 1833
Age 69 years

Grave #14 is marked with a small marble slab in the ground, just at the foot of Mrs. Mary Walker's grave;
all of the other thirteen (13) graves are marked with large flat amble slabs, 'Box Tombs', some walled up
with brick, some with marble slabs, several with sandstone posts and others resting level with the top of ground; most
of the graves in very good condition; Cemetery grown up with trees, bushes and brambles.

"Marker No. 9 has the name of three (3) and No. 11 has the name of two (2).

"Morton L. Reese made a visit to this old cemetery, March 12th, 1933, and found it in bad condition; some
one had torn down most of the brick that supported the marble slabs and several of the marble slabs were broken.
A fish camp is located in the edge of the cemetery, and several others close by."

Notes of Katie DeLaigle, August, 2004:   Mary married Valentine can read her name on the
gravestone, but it is broken;  a number of Hatcher's are buried is very difficult to make out the engravings
on the stones, they are so old and worn.  Captain Archibald Hatcher is buried there also.

It appears this was, at one time, an old "Home Place"; it has the old oak trees, magnolia trees that are at least 200
years old, china berry trees and Spanish moss, and old cedars.  It looks just like an old home place.  The clay pit
is there, I think perhaps it was excavated to build adjacent runways to the airport.  Tobacco Road
now dead ends at the airport; it used to run to the river; the railroad is just to the east.  The home site is on a
bluff overlooking the bend of the Savannah River and is known as "New Savannah".   It presently has just one
of the caretaker’s properties that overlook the park.  The levee road begins at part of Phinizy Swamp park
and ends near Goodale Landing; apparently this is how they traveled to the city of Augusta. Also, there were
steamboats up and down the Savannah at given times in history.   New Savannah Cemetery is dated  1733.....
and was restored by the Colonial Dames in 1935."

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