Unknown Cemetery

Unnamed cemetery located on off Brown Road on McElmurry Road. It is right at
end of dairy farm in wooded area. In fron is a large wooden cross, but has
nothing to do with the cemetery. VERY bad shape and from what I could get to
will not be there much longer  On my map it was shown to be a Tinley and
Burton cemetery in that area but could not locate any of those names on what I
could find..Wish I knew of someone who could help clean it up and save it.
I feel there are more head stone, but hard to get around in the area...briers,
more briers and YES those large snakes you almost step on.
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Donated by : Dena

COX, Terrence
        OCT 1848 (Only Date Given)
        55 Years
DAVIS, Rebeccea
        01 Sep 1882--31 MAY 1884
HEATH, Julia F.--Photo
        09 MAY 1873--11 MAY 1905
HENERY, Mattia ?
        10 JAN 1???

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