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Thornton Family Cemetery


Contributed by Pat Wilson

Contributer's notes: "Directions to cemetery (check map): From the town of Lumpkin travel SE on Trotman road approx 7 miles to a dirt road/trail leading South (left) at a property line. This road - from a GIS standpoint is best identified as the trail leading to Singer Pond. Proceed South on this trail from Trotman exactly 1 mile (it winds and can get some good sized potholes). The cemetery is on the East (left) side of the trail approximately 500' in a grove of oaks. The cemetery can not be seen from the Singer Pond trail and since there is more than one oak grove you do have to wander just a bit until you'll spot it. The cemetery is marked by an X on the map, just above the number H8. It is on private land so their permission should be obtained before anyone goes trekking."

(Note These burials began in 1841 and the last one was 1879. The cemetery & burials were enumerated in the first History of Stewart County published about 1955 by Helen Ferril & Mrs. Robert Dixon. There is only one of the very large stones still standing and the cemetery is now in such poor condition that it is not possible to read most of the stones. What was reported to be on the stones and/or has been seen follows the name in parentheses)


  Capt. John Thornton (d. October 12, 1846, 62 years)

  Levisa (West) Thornton (October 11, 1806 -September 28, 1841, age 32) (2nd wife of John)

    Children of Capt. John Thornton & his 1st wife ? Rebecca Carter:

  Robert C. Thornton  (d. Dec. 7, 1854, age 40 years)

  Georgia Anna Thornton Wood (b December 22, 1822, d. 1845)

  Joseph Wood (b in MD, September 6, 1809, d.  at his home, Woodlawn, Webster Co. GA, September 21, 1879, Masonic emblems) ? husband of Georgia A. Thornton and  later  Amanda Hansen.

      Their Children:

    Joseph Georgian Wood  - (Died 7 months 13 Days) no dates

    John Henry Wood ? (Died 1 Yr, 6 Mo., 14 Days) no dates

     Marcia C. Thornton Hardwick (wife of CWH, b. September 23, 1823, d. 1858)

    Charles W. Hardwick (b. October 13, 1817, d. October 25, 1856) husband of Marcia

Their children:

      Little Georgia (Hardwick) (d. October 13, 1858)

      John William Hardwick  (b October 23, 1848, d. October 27, 1851)

   Dr. John H. Thornton (b. July 14, 1826, d. May 30, 1849)

   Dewitt C. Thornton (b. October 26, 1828, d November 5, 1858) ? Headstone is just marked DeWitt, footstone DT

   Walsingham W. Thornton (b. January 9, 1857, d. April 18, 1858) ? son of Dewitt, not enumerated in the book, but from family letters we know he's there.

   Dr. Joseph B. Thornton  (b. January 27, 1837, d. October 13, 1861, Co K. 15th Ala. Reg. C.S.A.)


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