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Hollomon Creek Cemetery


Surveyed by John and Kellie Manning

Contributor's Notes: "This cemetery is located in the woods near Louvale, Stewart County, Georgia. The cemetery is surrounded by a fence and is in generally fair shape. Some of the graves are above-ground tombs and many are in disrepair. Some of the graves are spaced out pretty far apart, although it does not look like there is any significance to the spacing. There is no cemetery name on the fence. All wording on this list is accurate, according to the stones. Parentheses are my comments. There are also many unmarked graves scattered throughout the cemetery. A few are child sized. None are close enough to tell if they belong with other groups of graves."

Alabama, daughter of (unreadable) Born May (?) 9th, 1861. Died Feb 16th, 1865.
Note - This grave is a tomb.
ALLEN, Martha E.
Martha E., wife of C. Allen born March 11th 1825, died July 25th, 1871.
Note - This grave is a tomb.
W. Allen
Note - The rest of the inscription is unreadable.
Note - This grave is a tomb.
Note - There are two unmarked children's tombs nearby.
BOONE, Nathaniel E.
Nathaniel E. Boone, born North Caroline. Died Jan 1, 1885. Age 70 Years.
"An honest man is the noblest work of God"
(Placed) By Great Great Grandsons, Bowie Co. Texas
CLEVELAND, James Monroe
James Monroe Cleveland. Born May 22, 1819. Died May 8, 1905.
"Having served his generation, by the will of God, he fell asleep"
Note - This grave is a tomb.
CLEVELAND, Catherine Wright
Catherine Wright, wife of James Monroe Cleveland, born Dec 10, 1822. Died Aug 21, 1907.
"Beautiful toiler, thy work all done.
Beautiful soul into glory gone.
Beautiful life with it's crown now won.
God giveth thee rest."
Note - This grave is a tomb.
CLEVELAND, Martha Sultana
Martha Sultana, daughter of J. M. and Catherine Cleveland, born May 26, 1841. Died Oct 5, 1861.
"Farewell loved one. Thou art gone but not forgotten."
Note - This grave is a tomb.
CLEVELAND, Amelia Hooper
Amelia Hooper, wife of Benjamine Cleveland. Born April 2, 1798. Died Nov. 9, 1820.
Note- There is a long, damaged inscription.
CLEVELAND, Benjamine
Benjamine Cleveland, Born Feb 12, 1792. Died Jan 26, 1879.
"He was an honest man. The noblest work of God."
Grady M., son of T.W. & M. Cleveland. Born July 30, 1891, Died Mar 20, 1907.
Note - There is a damaged inscription.
Footstone - G M C
DEASON, Infant
Infant of James Z. and Julia T. Deason. Born July 4, 1891. Died July 12, 1891.
"Gone to Join the Angels."
John M. Deason Born June 4, 1814. Died July 3, 1880.
Note - There is an inscription, but the slab is very badly broken.
DEASON, James Zephaniah
James Zephaniah Deason, Born June 18, 1853. Died Apr 14, 1901.
"It was hard indeed to part with thee, But Christ's strong arms supported me."
Note - There is a Masonic Seal on this stone.
FLINN, William D.
William D. Flinn
Co G 46 GA Inf CSA
Fannie Johnson
Oct 9, 1879
June 2, 1910
Ella Johnson
July 16, 1863
Jan 5, 1928
M. H. Johnson
July 20, 1846
Aug 16, 1928
JOHNSON, Sallie D.
Sallie D., wife of M.H. Johnson
Dec 11, 1845
July 21, 1886
"Her end was peace."
Footstone - SDJ
JOHNSON, Mattie S.
Mattie S., dau of M.H. and Sallie Johnson
June 13, 1875
Nov 5, 1889
"Prepare to meet me in Heaven."
Footstone - MSJ
JOHNSON, James E.**
James E. Johnson
Co G 46 GA Inf CSA
"Gone but not forgotten"
Thomas C. Johnston, born June 16, 1828. Died Jan 4, 1904.
"A precious one from us is gone, a voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled."
JOHNSTON, Harriet A.
Harriet A. Johnston, wife of Thomas C. Johnston, born April 22, 1837. Died March 22, 1879.
"Farewell dear wife and mother. We will meet in Heaven."
Note - This grave is a tomb.
T. (?) Johnston, born Jan 14th 1866, died Feb 4, 1866.
Note - This grave is a tomb.
Julia, infant daughter of Samuel and Annie Johnston. Born Mar 21, 1888. Died Sept 1, 1888.
"This lovely bud so young, so fair, Called hence by early doom.
Just came to show how sweet a flower in Paradise would bloom."
My husband Samuel J. Johnston
Born Aug 28, 1861
May 9 18?9
Note - This stone is broken and damaged. There is a long, unreadable inscription and the death date is partially obscurred.
JOHNSTON, Margaret B.
Margaret B. wife of Sam'l Johnston, born ? 30, 1809. Died June 7, 1899.
"She was a tender mother and in her life the Lord did fear."
J.C. Johnston, Died Mar 16, 19??
Note - There is an inscription and other information, but the slab is badly cracked and unreadable.
F.M. Jones born Feb 2, 1845. Died Nov 16, 1904
Note - There is a Masonic Seal.
JONES, Mary A.C.
Mary A.C. Jones
Oct 9, 1844
May 22, 1921
"At rest"
KENT, Mary Ethel
Mary Ethel Kent, born Oct 14, 1878. Died Dec 4, 1905.
Footstone - MEK
MADDOX, Charles W.
Charles W. Maddox
Mar 25, 1878
Sept 12, 1905
"He trusted in God"
Footstone - CWM
MADDOX, George W.
George W. Maddox
June 24, 1842
Jan 26, 1922
"An honest man's the noblest work of God"
Note - This is the left side of a MADDOX stone
Mary E., wife of G.W.Maddox
Jan 19, 1852
Nov 19, 1922
"Her end was peace"
Note - This is the right side of a MADDOX stone.
MADDOX, George L.
George L. Maddox
Pvt 157 Depot Brig
February 27, 1925
McJUNKIN, Catherine
Catherine McJunkin, born July 16, 1838. Died Sept 17, 1861
Footstone - CMS
McJUNKIN, Martha M.
Martha M. McJunkin Born Aug 18, 1818. Died Oct 5, 1898
Footstone - MM McJ
McJUNKIN, Harriet
Harriet McJunkin, Born June 30, 1842, Died Sept 27, 1861
Footstone - H McJ
McMICKLE, Catholine
Catholine wife of W.D. McMickle
Apr 9, 1844
Mar 24, 1885
"At rest"
Note - This is the left side of a McMICKLE stone.
Oct 1, 1831
Oct 11, 1915
Note - This is the right side of a McMICKLE stone.
Note - Also see SHERWOOD
B.F. Meadows
Dec 3, 1853
Sept 12, 1925
Note - See note for #41
MEADOWS, Parnie Lee
Mrs. Parnie Lee Meadows
Sept 26, 1858
Sept 9, 1920
Note - B.F. and Parnie Meadows inscriptions are inset on a cement wall surrounding a plot. There is an inscription on the wall also. It reads, "The Lord is my Shepherd. Psalms 23-1"
J. G. Meadows
GA Militia
PAGE, Carrie Ann
Carrie Ann Page
July 1883
Aug 29, 1915
PAGE, Susan H.
Susan H. Page, Born Oct 1, 1836. Died Mar 1, 1915
"A Precious wife and mother from us is gone, a voice we loved is still.
A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled."
PAGE, Charlie Melvin
Charlie Melvin Page, Born Sept 5, 1900, Died June 12, 1901
"Fairer bud or promise never bloomed."
PIERSON, Hattie L.
Hattie L. Infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Pierson. 1878-1881
To My Husband
Ira E. Reeves
Born Jan 22, 1832
Died Nov 11, 1912
Member Co G 46 Ga Regt CSA
"Beloved husband farewell. He was faithful to every duty."
SHERWOOD, Laura McMickle
Laura McMickle Sherwood
Aug 5, 1876
Oct 7, 1935
TERRY, George
George N. Terry
Co G 46 GA Inf CSA
D. Terry
Ga Militia
TERRY, Lewis T.
Lewis T. Terry
Co G 46 GA Inf CSA
WALL, Mattie M.
Mattie M., wife of J.M. Wall
Mar 7, 1881
Jan 30, 1920
"Asleep in Jesus"
Footstone MMW

**James E. Johnson may have been born Oct. 18, 1835 in Washington Co., died Dec. 12, 1912, son of Moses Johnson and Surrenda Bird.

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