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Irena Methodist Church Cemetery


Surveyed by John and Kellie Manning

(Old Cemetery in woods near Louvale: Stewart County, Georgia)

Contributor's Notes: "This cemetery is located in the woods near Louvale, Stewart County, Georgia. There is no cemetery name found there. The cemetery is in bad shape, with uprooted trees and lots of undergrowth. Many of the stones are in disrepair, and there are many unmarked graves. This list contains all of the headstones with writing. Some were hard to read or unreadable. The lines are not in order of appearance, but all spelling is as is, including variations in name spelling and date appearance."

ALLEN, Rufus
Rufus Allen, born in Fort Valley, Houston Co, GA May 23, 1833. Died in Milledgeville, GA Mar 30, 1902.
"He giveth His beloved sleep"
Note - This is a slab.
BAKER, Major
Major Baker
31 Ga Reg.
Note - The Roster of Civil War Soldiers lists Major Baker as dying in Camp Phillips, GA on Mar 19, 1862.
GERALD, Susan Colman
Susan Colman -GERALD-
April 17, 1833
June 13, 1875
Mary Gillis, born in N.C. Dec 8, 1831. Died Oct 18, 1918.
"She was ever faithful"
Footstone - M. G.
Note - Located next to Dan Gillis
Capt. Dan Gillis
Apr 2, 1838
Mar 22, 1924
"A gallant Confederate soldier and a Mason 42 years, Master of his lodge."
Footstone - D. G.
Note - This stone has the Masonic seal.
GILLIS, Christian
Christian Gillis, wife of Angus Gillis. Born in Scotland 1802. Died May 16, 1883.
Footstone - C. G.
Angus Gillis, Born in Scotland, Great Britain Feb 1, 1800. Died Nov 4, 1886
Neil Gillis Jr. Born Jan 14, 1883. Died May 18, 1884
Footstone - N. G.
Dr. Neil Gillis born July 27, 1830. Died Apr 18, 1907.
"Here sleeps an honest man"
Footstone - N. G.
Note - There is a Masonic seal with a PM in upper right space of seal on stone.
Mary L. wife of N. Gillis
June 2, 1846
Jan 10, 1922
"In God we trust"
Footstone - M. G.
Note - There are two graves nearby, marked head and foot in unwritten stone. One is infant sized.
This is only a footstone - no headstone could be found.
W. Harrison was born the 19th of Aug. 1816, died Feb 28, 1889.
Note - This stone is hand chiseled.
Jesse Kimbrough
LAWSON, Gertrude
Gertrude Lawson
July 1, 1871
Sept 21, 1873
"Sleep on sweet babe, and take thy rest. God called thee home. He thought it best."
Note - The inscription is on the back of the stone and there is a slab over the grave.
LAWSON, Lovena
Lovena Lawson
Nov 23, 1862
Oct 19, 1869
"Born from this world, ere sin could stain or sorrow blight the opening flower."
Note - The inscription is on the back of the stone and there is a slab over the grave.
LAWSON, Thaddius Beall
Thaddius Beall Lawson
July 9, 1821
Mar 24, 1873
"Thy will be done" (located on top side of stone)
"An amiable father here lies at rest, as ever God with His iamge blest.
The friend of man.
The friend of truth.
The friend of age.
The guide of youth.
Note - The inscription is on the back of the stone.
McKASKILL, Christian
Christian McKaskill wife of Angus McCaskill. Born in Scotland Feb 12, 1805. Died Nov 30, 1890
Note - The spelling difference is not a typo - it reads that way on the stone.
John H., son of J.A. & M.S. Sherling.
Jan 12, 1893
Mar 9, 1893
"At rest"
Footstone - J.H.S.
S. M. Streetman
Ga. Militia
Sacred to the memory of Mary T., daughter of T.L. &S.F. Williams. Born Aug 8th, 1857. Died Aug 3rd, 1873.
"Weep not for her who meekly led a life of piety and love, whose unassuming virtue shed a hallowed influence from above. The fallen dew drop needs must
dry, exhaled into its native sky."
Footstone - M.T.W.
WILLIAMS, Thomas James
In memory of Thomas James, second son of R.G. & P.A. Williams. Born June 12th, 1867. Died Oct 6th, 1871.
"Suffer little children to come unto Me and forbid them not for such is the kingdom of Heaven."
Footstone - BUDDIE T. J. W.
Thomas L. Williams. Born Apr 7th 1827. Died (broken stone). Aged 60 yrs. 2 mos. and 3 days.
"Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man's peace."
Note: Grave is inside an iron fence.
WILLIAMS, Sophronia F. Osborne
Sophronia F. Osborne, wife of Thomas L. Williams, born May 9, 1833. Died May 3, 1900.
"Dearest Mother thou hast left us,
And our loss we deeply feel.
But tis God that bereft us.
He can all our sorrow heal."
Note: Grave is inside an iron fence.


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