Articles Written by Nowell Briscoe for the Walton Tribune, Monroe, Georgia

(Republished with permission of the author and the Walton Tribune )

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Remembering Allyne and Julian Brown

A Memorial Day Remembrance - Lt. Richard Cooper Dodson

Monroe Native in Charge of Monroe-Walton County Library (Includes a history of the library 1905-1990)

What is Social Circle

Remembering Monroe Legends - Anita Sams and Travis Ellison

Monroe Area High School Class of 1965 Reunion

"That" House on Church Street

Monroe's Hotels - Offering Ice Water and Kind Words

O Monroe High - The Best School in our Land

August Brought the Cotton To Town

Launius Family Cared for Monroe

The Goodwill Ambassador of Monroe - J. L. McGarity

Josiah Roy Nunnally - Early Business and Civic Leader

Nunnally Family - Prominent in Monroe History

Monroe's "First Lady" of Food - Louelle Conyers

M. Mendel & Family - Merchants to Monroe

 Monroe's Music Legends

The Peanut Man

The Right Decision - Rufus Carrollton Harris

What Would John Denton Say?

The House on the Hill (The Briscoe, Selman, Pollock House)

The Shoeshine Man and the Caterer

Tombstone Tales

History of the National Bank of Monroe (Part 1)

A New Cross For An Old Church

Being Thankful at Thanksgiving

How Old is Santa

Monroe Memories at Thanksgiving

Old Christmas Memories - Solace for Today's Turmoil

Columnist's Interest In Long Ago Monroe

Ancient Newspaper Reflects Early Monroe History

Through Rain, Sleet, Snow and Hail

Pencils, Paper Outshine Computers

Preston Heritage Asset to County

Easter Memories, Traditions and Legends

Obits Recall Life and History

Cookie Sanders - Monroe's No. 1 Girl Scout

Legendary Doctors of Monroe

Cranberry History Adds to Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving Means Being Thankful

Interview  Shows Santa Alive and Excited at Christmas

What Makes Christmas Christmas?

Remembering Monroe's Pied Piper of Education

Remembering Monroe's Pied Piper of Education - Part 2

Memorial Day - Honoring Those Who Served and Died

Looking Back at Monroe's 200 Years

Looking Back at Monroe in 1873 (Part 1)

Looking Back at Monroe in 1873 (Parts two and three)

Remembering a Monroe "Educational" Legend

Final Memories of 1873 as Recorded by Rev. W. Stokes Walker

Remembering the Greers and the Greer House

Picture of the Greer House

Thanksgiving Blessings - 2018

Standing on the Precipice of Time 

Friendships Forged Through Old Monroe History

Christmas Memories Past and Present - 2018

The Romance of the Christmas Card

Community Names and Uniqueness - The City of Good Hope

Remembering a True "Southern Original" (Marion Armstrong Baccus)

Peter Marshall - Easter and the Celebration of Life

Memorial Day and the Monroe Doctors Who Served Their Country

Obits Reveal Lives and History

History of Battle of Jack's Creek

Monroe's Early Leaders Recalled in Obituaries 

Christmas 2019

How Christmas Trees Became a Part of the Holiday Tradition

Monroe's "Premiere Florist" - Frances Florist

"Movers and Shakers" Who Made Our City Special

Early Monroe Families Remembered

2020 Corona Pandemic Linked to 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

We Survived in 1918-We will Survive in 2020

The Bell Brothers and Coke - 1907

Monroe Junior Service League

Santa Claus Letter 2020

Santa Claus 2020

The Ghosts of Casulon Plantation 

A Tribute To My Father on Father's Day

Memorial Day and Moina Michael

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