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2nd Georgia Cavalry, Company G


Organized at Griffin, GA, in April 1862. The Company was a part of Joe Wheeler's Brigade, and surrendered near Greensboro, NC, in April 1865. Additional Information on this unit can be found here.

These records were transcribed by Betty Johnson from papers found at the Terrell County Library in Dawson, Georgia. Compiler unknown.


Muster Roll, Company G of the 2nd GA Cavalry (Terrell, Sumter, Marion, Lee, Dougherty, Baker, Calhoun, and Stewart Counties, Georgia).

Company Staff

Jordan, T.M. - Captain, Savannah, GA
Merritt, T.M. - 1st Lieutenant, Marion Co.
Parks, Joseph - 2nd Lieutenant, Marion Co.
Hawkins, S.H. - 3rd Lieutenant, Americus, GA
Majors, David - 1st Sergeant, Webster Co.
Snuggs, R.A. - 2nd Sergeant, Lee Co.
Cranford, T. - 3rd Sergeant, Marion Co.
Saunders, Jos. - 4th Sergeant, Marion Co.


Acree, Jack - Doughtery Co.
Adams, Silas - Baker Co.
Albritton, John - Sumter Co.
Avery, Jefferson - Lee Co.
Bailey, James - Alabama
Bartlett, Ruff - Marion Co.
Belk, A.P. - Marion Co.
Belk, Hollis - Marion Co.
Black, Thomas J. - Sumter Co.
Blair, W.W. - Terrell Co.
Boyd, Uriah - Sumter Co.
Broadway, Jas. - Doughtery Co.
Brooks, Thos. - Lee Co.
Brown, B.H. - Terrell Co.
Brown, John - Terrell Co.
Cabaness, Ben - Calhoun Co.
Cabaness, Rev. - Calhoun Co.
Caldwell, Wm. - Terrell Co.
Carr, W.M. - Sumter Co.
Champion, Jacob - Marion Co.
Chappell, Rufus - Sumter Co.
Clements, Orb. - Webster Co.
Clements, Thomas - Webster Co.
Clements, William - Webster Co.
Collier, Erastus - Terrell Co.
Covington, Joseph - Muscogee Co.
Cosby, H.F. - Webster Co.
Daniel, Majors - Marion Co.
Davis, James - Randolph Co.
Dawson, James - Marion Co.
Dillard, George - Webster Co.
Dobson, James - Webster Co.
Faust, Daniel - Sumter Co.
Faust, James - Webster Co.
Felts, William - Sumter Co.
Free, John - Doughtery Co.
Freeman, J.A. - Terrell Co.
Glass, M.S. - Terrell Co.
Green, Berry - Sumter Co.
Griffin, Stephen - Lee Co.
Hale, Thomas - Sumter Co.
Hawkins, Jack - Sumter Co.
Haynes, S.S. - Terrell Co.
Hendrick, Frank - Marion Co.
Jenkins, J.F. - Terrell Co.
Jones, Thos. - Lee Co.
Jordan, Jesse - Lee Co.
Jordan, J.W. - Lee Co.
Jordan, Robert - Lee Co.
Lamar, J.T. - Terrell Co.
Lee, Oscar - Talbot Co.
Loyless, T.W. (or T.M.) - Terrell Co.
Lumpkin, Phillip - Stewart Co.
Majors, Jonathan - Webster Co.
Majors, Marshall - Webster Co.
Markett, Zemaria - Sumter Co.
Martin, Fletcher - Whitfield Co.
Mathis, Amos - Sumter Co.
Mathis, Edward - Sumter Co.
Mathis, Joseph - Sumter Co.
Mercer, Jacob - Terrell Co.
Murray, James - Sumter Co.
McCollum, D. - Cobb Co.
McGarrah, Moses - Sumter Co.
McLarty, T.A. - Lee Co.
Newsom, Thomas - Lee Co.
Norman, Allen - Marion Co.
Norman, Daniel - Webster Co.
Parker, John L. - Terrell Co.
Perryman, J.L.D. - Terrell Co.
Powell, Benjamin - Marion Co.
Powell, G.W. - Terrell Co.
Powell, J.A. - Terrell Co.
Sasser, Augustus - Terrell Co.
Sears, J.W. - Terrell Co.
Short, Joseph - Marion Co.
Shropshire, J.W. - Terrell Co.
Sibley, A.B. - Doughtery Co.
Skipper, J.A. - Terrell Co.
Spencer, Jack - Sumter Co.
Spinks, Lit. - Marion Co.
Stanford, Jesse - Terrell Co.
Statham, M.G. - Marion Co.
Stewart, Jack - Lee Co.
Storey, Joseph - Marion Co.
Storey, William - Marion Co.
Suggs, - Lee Co.
Ragan, James - Sumter Co.
Randitt, James - Sumter Co.
Reagan, Simon - Sumter Co.
Rivers, Ras. - Sumter Co.
Taylor, Ezekiel K. - Terrell Co.
Taylor, T.K. - Terrell Co.
Thompson, G.B. - Terrell Co.
Thrash, Fielding - Doughtery Co.
Thrash, George - Doughtery Co.
Tracy, C.C. - Webster Co.
Tracy, John - Webster Co.
Tyler, John - Webster Co.
Upton, William - Marion Co.
Walker, J.T. - Terrell Co.
Wall, Nathan - Tennessee
Watts, W.N. - Terrell Co.
Welborn, T.R. (or Wilborn, T.R.) - Terrell Co.
White, James - Sumter Co.
Willis, Wiley - Spalding Co.
Woolbright, Willis - Terrell Co.
Woolbright, J.D. - Terrell Co.



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