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Macon Weekly Telegraph: 16 Dec 1851:

Milledgeville: ....the bill to lay out and organize a new county out of the County of Murray, was taken up and passed.  Whitfield was the name given to this new County.


Weekly Intelligencer, Atlanta, May 12, 1859:

Whitfield County, Right Side Up. 

We received yesterday, a note from a friend, saying in reference to Whitfield County "all for Brown any way you can fix it".  The following delegates have been appointed for that County to the Gubernatorial and Congressional Conventions.  To the former: Messrs Moore, Hanks and Stancell; to the later, J. T. Taylor, J. N. Cate and J. A. Glenn.  Well done, Whitfield.


Columbus Daily Enquirer, 23 Feb 1860:

The Macon Telegraph reports the death, on the 27th ult of Hon Owen H Kenan, formerly a Judge of the Ockmulgee and Cherokee Judicial Circuits of Georgia: He was in the 75th year of his age and died at his residence in Whitfield County.


Dailey Intelligencer, Atlanta, 25 July 1860:

Forsyth Deputy Sheriff Sale: One lot of land #960, in the 3rd Dist, 1st Section as the property of Allen May, to satisfy a fifa issued from Justices Court of Whitfield County in favor of Sterling Moode.  Levy made and returned to me by a bailiff.  G. W. Hallman, D. Shff.


Gate City Guardian, Feb 20, 1861:

Mentions Edward R Harden, Whitfield County




Southern Confederacy, Atlanta, June 29, 1861:

Mentions Cherokee Insurance and Banking Co of Dalton,  Bank of Whitfield, Dalton and Planters and Mechanics Bank, Dalton




Southern Confederacy: July 23, 1861:


Mentions: Bank of Whitfield, Mr Fullilove




Southern Confederacy, Atlanta, Feb 19, 1862:

Mentions: Bank of Whitfield, L. Fullilove Esq.




Southern Confederacy, Atlanta: May 6, 1862:


Mentions Gordon Springs, near Tunnel Hill Station.





Southern Confederacy, Atlanta, Nov 6, 1862:


Last evening we had a hasty call from our friends J. M .Jackson of Whitfield and L. N. Trammel of Catoosa.  They were just from their commands and on their way Milledgeville to attend the session of the Legislature.



The Dublin Post, April 14, 1880:

Mr J C Davis, of Whitfield County, died the other day of an overdose of colchicum.


Walker County Messenger, October 14, 1880:

The population of Whitfield County, GA according to Supervisor Gatchell's report is 21, 907, an increase since 1870 of 1,894.


The Walker County Messenger, January 6, 1881:

Rev J N Myers took his departure last Friday for his new work in Tunnel Hill


Columbus Daily Enquirer, 5 Jan 1882:

Mrs John F Reynolds and Mr A E Tibbs of Dalton are dead.


Walker County Messenger, May 17, 1883

There was an amusing case last Monday before a Justice Court in upper Whitfield.  An old lady entered a suit for $3.00 for coffee borrowed at different times by the cupful.  The defendant gained.  Moral: don't sell by the cupful.


The Dublin Post, July 30, 1884:

Gold in Whitfield County. The Cohuttah Mountains whose blue heights rise grandly to the east of our city, are rich in minerals, which can be turned into fabulous wealth.  Col W L Cook visited our sanctum Monday last with 15 or 16 very fine specimens of surface, vein and quartz gold taken from the recently discovered mine at Fort Mountain, eight miles from Spring Plate.  He informed us that the vein he has opened up is from 18 inches to three feet in thickness and is supposed to be very rich.  North Georgia Citizen.


Macon Telegraph, 23 June 1895:

F T Hardwick and wife (of) Dalton were at Cumberland Island.


Americus Times Recorder, April 4, 1902:

Dalton GA, March 31, 1902.  Senator B Z Herndon died at his home in this city at 5:00 yesterday evening of pneumonia.  He had been confined to his room for two weeks, but his death came rather unexpectedly and was a great shock to the community.

Col Herndon was born in Union SC where he spent his boyhood days, afterwards removing to Georgia.  he was a son of Colonel Zachariah Herndon, a celebrated lawyer of that state.  He graduated at the best law schools in the country and ranked high in the profession.

During his life he help several positions of honor, being United States Commissioner, Representative of Whitfield County in the Legislature and was at the time of his death State Senator from the 43 Dist.


Walker County Messenger, Oct 9, 1903:

The North Georgia Citizen reports that the tax books of Whitfield County show that Mary L McDaniel has paid poll tax ever since the war.


Walker County Messenger, July 15, 1904

The Dalton District Conference which meets at LaFayette next week will be an important gathering of Methodists from all the charges in the districts.  the sessions of the Conference will begin Wens night when the opening sermon will be preached by Rev J F Davis and will continue through Saturday......The delegates so far reported by the different charges are as follows:

Dalton-First Church-Rev W F Quillian, I E Shumate, T A Berry, L B Nalley, Rev J T Richardson

Dalton - Hamilton Street - Rev Bryan, T O Stacy, Wm Lupo

Whitfield - Rev T H Bailey, R A Dean, T D Lane

Tunnell Hill - Rev N E Ware, R P Hembree, T D Bates



Atlanta Georgian, 23 Oct 1906:

Complimentary to Miss Edmondson.  Mrs W W Hardwick and Mrs C R Evans gave an elaborate reception Monday evening at the home of Mrs Hardwick at Dublin, Georgia.  Complimentary to Miss Kate Edmondson of Atlanta and Mr Frank T Reynolds of Dalton.


Atlanta Georgian 25 Oct 1906:

Frank T Reynolds of Dalton Georgia, one of the best newspaper men, and one of the best all-around fellows in every way in Georgia, has severed his connections in Georgia, has severed his connections with affairs in that progressive North Georgia City and has gone to join himself with the force of the Chattanooga Times, which has lately been making some serious inroads into the banks of Georgia newspaper men .  We congratulate the Times upon the accession of Mr Reynolds to any branch of its working for and assure them in advance that he will "make good" and that they will be stronger for his coming.


Atlanta Georgian and News, Sept 13, 1910:

Mentions: Tom R Glenn, George G Glenn, Joseph Gilbert, C G Caldwell, D C Bridges, J H Smith, M C Tarver, Walter Akerman, Hon. Gordon Lee.



Atlanta Georgian and News, May 1, 1911:

Mentions Whitfield County Singing convention and the Bryan M Thomas chapter of the UDC.


Atlanta Georgian and News, 1 Dec 1911:

Dalton Georgia, Dec 1 - Secretary F T Reynolds of the Dalton Chamber of Commerce, left Thursday nigh for Chicago to attend the big land show, where he will advertise the advantages of Dalton and Whitfield County.  Mr Reynolds goes armed with loads of advertising matter, and will remain until the big show closes.


Weekly Times-Recorder, Oct 21, 1915:

Dalton GA, Oct 18: In Judging the pure-bred cattle at the Whitfield County fair here, experts from the State College of Agriculture awarded the blue ribbon to Frank the Third, a purebred Poll-Angus bull sired by Frank the Second.  The Judges complimented H J Vernon, the owner, by stating it was the best bull they had seen in the State of Georgia.  Frank the Third is 6 months old and weighs 554 pounds.  Frank the Second, over which it won is a $500 beauty.


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