Callaway Cemetery

Welcome to the section for Whitfield County, Georgia Cemetery Pages. Ethan Geer has taken a great deal of time and effort to perform the survey of this cemetery. His work is honored and greatly appreciated by the Whitfield County coordinator. We no longer have good contact information for Ethan, if someone could help with that I would be greatful. Any new listings or entries can be submitted by e-mailing Trish Elliott-Kashima.

Due to liability concerns of the present owners of the land which surrounds, and therefore locks this cemetery from outside entry without trespassing, a location or directions can not be provided as only family are allowed to visit the cemetery.


Name Tombstone Inscription Notes by Submitter Submitter
Maud Callaway Little Maud; Daughter of L. H. & A.R. Callaway; Born Jan. 11, 1882; Died Aug. 20, 1883; Gone but not forgotten.  Ethan Geer
Alfred P. & Nettie C. Alfred P.; Nettie C.; 1918-1985; 1912- no date; Rose; In memory buried in Oak Grove Irving Tx.  Ethan Geer
Dan H Callaway Dan H Callaway; 1904-1947  Ethan Geer
Frank Hall Frank Hall; Sept. 12, 1897; Sept. 21, 1960  Ethan Geer
Ella C. Hall Ella C. Hall; Oct. 27, 1899; Mar. 5, 1982  Ethan Geer
Boda Hall Boda Hall; rock with brass plate, no dates Ethan Geer
Stella A. Callaway Stella A. Callaway; Apr. 8, 1910; June 26, 1975  Ethan Geer
Wayland Callaway Wayland Callaway; Jan. 31, 1902; July 17, 1964  Ethan Geer
Wayland Grady White Wayland Grady White; Feb. 25, 1890; June 30, 1913  Ethan Geer
Mary Catherine Callaway In memory of our mother,; Mary Catherine Callaway; Born June 3, 1833; Died July 27, 1906  Ethan Geer
Jessie Callaway Jessie Callaway; Born June 3, 1796; Died Aug. 29, 1875  Ethan Geer
J.S. Callaway J.S. Callaway,; Son of; Jessie & M. C. Callaway; Born Sept. 20, 1862; Died Sept. 9, 1878; In Christ he sleeps.;  Ethan Geer

Notes of Ethan Geer: There are several more blank stones. Here in this cemetary lies the Genesis of the Callaway family of north western Georgia. Jessie Callaway moved from Wilkes county near Washington Ga. In 1855 where upon he bought the red brick off of 201 in Gordonsprings from James Gordon. In 1856 his third wife died and is buried somewhere west of the house, but current location is unknown. In 1867 he moved to the Deck house at the corner of Trickum and Qiunton Rds. This house burned in the 1920s.It was Identical to the red brick. He is buried with his fourth wife and children. Altogether he was married 4 times and had 18 children.

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