Friendship Cemetery - Reo Road

Ethan Geer has taken a great deal of time and effort to perform the survey of this cemetery which is no longer maintained. His work is honored and greatly appreciated by the Whitfield County coordinator, we no longer have a good email link for Ethan, and if anyone could help with that I would be greatful. Any new listings or entries can be submitted by e-mailing Trish Elliott-Kashima.

Directions to Friendship Cemetery

Exit 336 from I-75 take 41 hwy. north for 2 miles Turn left on 201 hwy. and proceed past county line Turn right on Reo Rd. Follow for 1 mile and dirt drive leading to the cemetery will be on the right.


Lucy M. Morrison In God's care- Mother Lucy M. Morrison; June 18, 1906; Sept. 20, 1983 Ethan Geer
Eula Olean Denson Eula Olean Denson; June 12, 1908; Apr. 23, 1942; Gone but not forgotten. Ethan Geer
Jessie O. Denson Denson Jessie O.; Vivian G.; Oct. 25, 1937; Mar 20, 1942; July 4, 1985; [no date] Ethan Geer
Infant Morrison Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Howard Morrison; Oct. 24, 1946; Footstone - Son Ethan Geer
Jerry A. Morrison Jerry A. Morrison; Jan. 22, 1943; Apr. 23, 1943; Footstone - Son Ethan Geer
Jimmy D. Morrison Jimmy D. Morrison; July 25, 1939; July 29, 1939; Footstone - Son Ethan Geer
Howard C. Morrison Howard C. Morrison; Aug. 14, 1938; Footstone - Son Ethan Geer
Enoch Goss Enoch Goss; 1905--1957 Ethan Geer
Jessie Lee Brooks Jessie Lee; Son of James & Jennie Brooks; Born and Died July 18, 1929 Ethan Geer
Robert Luis Mulkey Robert Luis Mulkey; Born; June 8, 1885; Died; Dec. 10, 1934 Ethan Geer
Infant Mulkey Our Baby; Son of Mr. & Mrs.; G.W. Mulkey; June 9, 1918; Jan. 21, 1919 Ethan Geer
Infant Mulkey Infant son of; G.W. Mulkey; Born & Died; Feb. 16, 1924; Footstone - Baby Ethan Geer
George Clark George Clark; Born 1891; Died1924; Age 33 Ethan Geer
Jessie Walker Jessie Walker; 1929--1972 Ethan Geer
Jackson Aaron Walker Jackson Aaron Walker; 1934--1994 Ethan Geer
Charlie E. Towers Charlie E. Towers; Born Jan. 7, 1889; Died Nov. 8, 1904; His words were kindness,; His deeds were love,; His spirit humble,; He rests above.; [(Note)-- Due to the relationship to my family I am aware of his cause of death. He was at the Freindship Baptist Church mounting his horse when a bolt of lightning struck nearby and his horse startled and threw him, where upon the fall he was killed.] Ethan Geer
Rev. William L. Lindsey Lindsey; Rev. William L.; Mary Ann C.; 1853--1922; 1859--1932 Ethan Geer
Infant Owen Infant of; C.R. & D.A. Owen; Dec. 30, 1929 Ethan Geer
Willie Maud Akins Mother; Willie Maud Akins; Mar. 27, 1886; Jan. 26, 1924; Footstone - Akins Ethan Geer
Lucy Lorman Lucy Lorman; Footstone - Larmon [spelled differently on stones] Ethan Geer
Robert Sam Akins Father; Robert Sam Akins; May 22, 1880 / Jan 2, 1948; Footstone (blank) Ethan Geer
M. W. Footstone M.  W. (headstone missing) Ethan Geer
Luther Wallace Luther son of; G.W. & Mary Wallace; Feb. 25, 1909; May 6, 1924 Ethan Geer
Emma G. Smith Emma G.; wife of; G. F. Smith; Born Mar. 11, 1868; Died July 24, 1897; Come Ye Blessed--; She crossed the troubled river,; That lies twixt us and Heaven,; To her a robe of whiteness,; A golden crown is given Ethan Geer
G. F. Smith G. F. Smith; Jan. 18, 1860; Jan. 12, 1938 Ethan Geer
M. L. Graham M.L.; son of J.D. & V. E. Graham; Born Nov. 28, 1871; Died June 2, 1888; (Reverse Side) Mrs. V. E. wife of J.D. Graham; Born Jan. 5, 1838; Died March 22, 1887 Ethan Geer
V. E. Graham (Please see inscription on marker for M. L. Graham Above) Ethan Geer
Lafayette W. & Mary E. Nuckolls Mary E. Nuckolls; Lafayette W. Nuckolls; Born July 27, 1853; Born Mar. 25, 1848; Died (no Date) Died Apr. 16, 1919; Asleep in Jesus,; Blessed sleep Ethan Geer
J. M. N. J. M. N.; Born 1825; Died 1904 Ethan Geer
Lucinda E. Sampson Lucinda E. Sampson; Born Sept. 2, 1836; Died Oct. 22, 1871; She now sleeps in the arms of Jesus.; Footstone L. E. S Ethan Geer
James T. Hammontree James T.; son of J.T. & M.A. Hammontree; July 2, 1902; Oct. 14, 1903; Footstone J. T. H. Ethan Geer
Rubie A. Hammontree Rubie A.; Dau. of J.T. & M.A. Hammontree; Aug. 1, 1899; Oct. 4, 1903; Footstone R. A. H. Ethan Geer
Lillie L. Hammontree Lillie L.; Dau. of; J.T. & M.A. Hammontree; Aug. 30, 1907; Feb. 29, 1908; Footstone L. L. H. Ethan Geer
Mary Ann and James T Sr. Hammontree Hammontree; Mary Ann; James T. SR.; Oct. 3, 1869; Apr. 6, 1860; Jan. 2, 1948; Dec. 8, 1939 Ethan Geer
ERN Virgil Ernest "Ern" Hammontree, born March 23, 1880; died July 8, 1945. Father was John H Hammontree (died ca 1892).  Siblings: William "Will", Lela, Fannie and Julia.  Aunt and Uncle: Ernest and Docia Hammontree. Cheryl Hammontree/Traylor
Sussie Houston In memory of Sussie Houston; Born Aug. 21, 1889; Died Oct. 5, 1907; Gone to a better land; Footstone S. H. Ethan Geer
Edward J. and Margaret M. Hammontree Hammontree; Edward J.; Margaret M.; 1864; 1931; 1870; 1937 Ethan Geer
Bessie L. and Zollie C. Keown Keown; Mother; Father; Bessie L.; Zollie C.; Dec. 21, 1892; Sept. 15, 1891; Mar. 17, 1928; Feb. 12, 1939; They were the sunshine of our home. Ethan Geer
Ollie Blanch Houston Ollie Blanch Houston; Oct. 6, 1898; Sept. 6, 1942; And 5 children Ethan Geer
Sara E. & Joseph H. Houston Houston; Sara E.; Joseph H.; July 19, 1849; Nov. 27, 1841; May 10, 1935; Sept. 17, 1913 Ethan Geer
Oma C. Houston Oma C. Houston; Feb. 9, 1892; May 2, 1975 Ethan Geer
Alex S. Houston Alex S. Houston; Feb. 24, 1880; Mar. 21, 1958 Ethan Geer
James B. Houston James B. Houston; July 8, 1878; May 9, 1929 Ethan Geer
George W. Lindsay George W. Lindsay; Dec. 25, 1845; Jan. 12, 1912; In my Father's house are many mansions.; Asleep in Jesus, Blessed sleep,; From none shall ever wake to weep. Ethan Geer
Mandy Lindsay Mandy Lindsay; May 15, 1851; Mar. 14, 1924; In my Father's house are many mansions.; Gone but not forgotten. Ethan Geer
J.W. Nuckolls Father; J.W. Nuckolls; Jan. 1, 1877; Jan. 6, 1936 Ethan Geer
Anna Nuckolls Mother; Anna Nuckolls; Apr. 23, 1881; Sept. 17, 1923 Ethan Geer
Pearline L. Roach Pearline L. Roach; Apr. 4, 1841; Apr. 15, 1916 Ethan Geer
James E. Roach James E. Roach; June 10, 1841; Nov. 12, 1906 Ethan Geer
Charlotte Henderson Charlotte Henderson; 1846--1925 Ethan Geer
Perry Henderson Perry Henderson; Born May 30, 1847; Died June 12, 1913; A precious one from us is gone.; One voice I've loved is stilled.; A place is vacant in our home.; It can never be filled.; Footstone P. H. Ethan Geer
Robert Henderson Robert Henderson; 1902--1903 Ethan Geer
Henry Henderson Henry Henderson; 1918--1919 Ethan Geer
James M. Shahan James M.; Son of John & Susan Shahan; Age 22 years; Tis hard to breath the tender cord,; when love has bound the heart. Ethan Geer
Nannie Morland Nannie Morland; Born Aug. 4, 1843; Died Jan. 10, 1921; Gone but not forgotten Ethan Geer
Mollie Douglas In memory of Mollie; wife of E.H. Douglas; Born Aug. 4, 1861; Died July 21, 1904; Blessed are the pure in heart,; For they shall see God.; Footstone M.D. Ethan Geer
Nancy Moreland Mother Nancy Moreland; Age 77 years; Blessed are the peace makers,; For they shall be called the children of God. Ethan Geer
Lee Mc Keehan Mother; Lee Mc Keehan; Nov. 9, 1873; Dec. 2, 1951 Ethan Geer
Harden Moreland Father; Harden Moreland; Age 82 years Ethan Geer
N.J. Coulter Mrs. N.J. Coulter (no date) Ethan Geer
Callie Moreland Callie Moreland; Nov. 18, 1844; Nov. 25, 1924; Gone but not forgotten. Ethan Geer
Dessie Bowen Dessie; Infant Dau. of; W.M. & M. M. Bowen; Born & Died; Jan. 1 1892; Footstone D.B. Ethan Geer
Mary T. Bowen Mary T.; Infant Dau. of; W.M. & M. M. Bowen; Born June 16, 1874; Died Apr. 29, 1875; Footstone M. T. B. Ethan Geer
Parilee Beardin Parilee; Wife of W.W. Beardin; Born Nov. 1, 1856; Died Oct. 3, 1887 Ethan Geer
W.C. Self W.C. Self; Sept. 3, 1828; Feb. 14, 1907; His soul in heaven, sought it's native place.; Reverse side; M.E. wife of W.C. Self; Apr. 30, 1837; (no date); Footstone M.E.S. Ethan Geer
M. E. Self (Please see inscription for W. C. Self above) Ethan Geer
Myrtle Myrtle; Aug. 22, 1893; Nov. 19, 1909 Ethan Geer
Dora Dora; Feb. 2, 1905; Aug. 16, 1905 Ethan Geer
Nora Nora; Feb. 2, 1905; Feb. 3, 1906 Ethan Geer
Thomas Thomas; Nov. 18, 1895; Nov. 22, 1897 Ethan Geer
William William; June 26, 1900; June 1, 1901 Ethan Geer
Infant Infant; Aug. 27, 1891 Ethan Geer
Infant Infant; Nov. 24, 1889 Ethan Geer
Jim T. Hunt Jim T. Hunt; Georgia SP5; 83 Engineer BN; WW2; April 29, 1923; Dec. 11, 1963 Ethan Geer
M. Elizabeth & J. Bartow Henderson; M. Elizabeth; J. Bartow; Feb. 15, 1870; April 1, 1866; May 29, 1941; Dec. 2, 1944 Ethan Geer
Julia H. Ward Julia H. Ward; Nov. 6, 1884; Sept. 1, 1932 Ethan Geer
Ben F. Hunt Ben F. Hunt; Sept. 21, 1882; Feb. 4, 1945 Ethan Geer
Minnie Hammontree Hunt Minnie Hammontree Hunt; Dec. 31, 1885; Apr. 30,1972 Ethan Geer
Mary Frances Hammontree Mary Frances Hammontree; Oct. 30, 1883; May 2, 1965 Ethan Geer
Jessie Willie Hammontree Jessie Willie Hammontree; Sept. 7, 1890; June 14, 1962 Ethan Geer
William H. Hammontree William H. Hammontree; Born Dec. 14, 1855; Died Jan 4, 1937 Ethan Geer
Matilda Jane Hammontree Matilda Jane; Wife of W.M. Hammontree; Nov. 14, 1852; June 26, 1924 Ethan Geer
Tula Hammontree Tula Hammontree; Jan. 30, 1881; Mar. 21, 1915 Ethan Geer
(BLANK) large marker Hammontree; [blank] Ethan Geer
Infant Hammontree Infant; son of J.E. Hammontree Ethan Geer
C. J. "Lum" & Susie Roper Hammontree Hammontree; C. J. "Lum"; Susie Roper; Sept. 10, 1853; Oct. 31, 1867; June 10, 1937; Oct. 22, 1936; Footstone C. J. H.; Footstone S. R. H. Ethan Geer
Will Will; 1874; 1948 Ethan Geer
Ernest Marion Hammontree b.  August 29, 1869   d.  July 5, 1947 Ethan Geer
Theodocia Ellen Hayes Hammontree (wife of Ernest) b. February 28, 1873  d.  November 28, 1960 Ethan Geer
Ernie Hammontree submitted the information on Ernest & Theodocia Hammontree and said they are his grandparents and are buried next to Will Hammontree behind the large Hammontree marker. He stated the family has the cemetery mowed and brush removed every October and have spoken with the County Commissioners about keeping the dumping cleaned up on road.
(BLANK) Large Marker Hammontree [blank] Ethan Geer

Notes of Ethan Geer: Friendship Cemetery - This cemetery lies outside the county line by less than 1/2 a mile. Many people who were buried here were residents of Whitfield and therefore it should be relevant to the Whitfield cemetery list. This cemetery has experienced a rebirth in present times, but still shows signs of vandalism and major litter problems due to it's remote location. It came into use in the 1850s when Gordon Springs fell out of favor and Dunagan cemetery was formed. As it was located much closer to the original Friendship Baptist Church building. There are 87 legible markers and approx. 50 burial sites marked by depressions or mountain stone. This cemetery has very irregular rows and many missing stones. I do not attempt to make any associations between stones other than they make themselves. All data present was transcribed. 3/26/2005

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