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Sharon and Ken have taken a great deal of time and effort to secure these photos and to perform the survey of this cemetery which is no longer maintained. Their work is honored and greatly appreciated by the Whitfield County coordinator and those that will find this information useful in their research. The final column of the table is an e-mail link to contact Sharon and Ken if you have questions or would like more information on her work and she should be contacted for that information. Any new listings or entries can be submitted by e-mailing Trish Elliott-Kashima.

Driving directions to Quillian Family Cemetery

Directions to Quillian Cemetery: Interstate I75 - take the Dalton exit and go east to Hwy 41 (Glenwood Ave.) turn left (North). Road becomes Hwy 71 (Cleveland Hwy). Continue to Dawnville Road, go right (East). Just past Brooker Farm Rd. on the left and Lee St. on the right, there is a new road, Holli Lane. There is a new 4 house development being built there. Holli Lane, once it is complete, should get one right to the cemetery.

Photo Link Name Birth Death Tombstone Inscription Addl Notes by Submitter Submitter

Elizabeth A. Bell

01 Dec 1829 05 Jun 1899

Wife of S. E. Bell; Aged 69 yrs. 6 mos. 5 days; A precious one from us is gone; A voice we loved is still; A place is vacant in our home; which never can be filled!

  Sharon & Ken Thomas

Sullivan E. Bell

17 Dec 1826 31 Oct 1908

Married Elizabeth A Davis; Aug. 1852; Departed this life; Oct. 31, 1908; Age 81 yrs 11 Mos. & 13 days


Sharon & Ken Thomas

John Stevenson

20 Nov 1750

27 Apr 1851

John Stevenson Was born in the North of Ireland; In the county of Antrim; In the year of our Lord; 1750 Nov. 20th; In religion a Protestant; In politics a Democrat; In the revolution a Whig; Died 27th April 1851;

On the back of this marker is a DAR plaque that reads "Revolutionary; soldier; 1775-1783; Placed by; Gov. John Milledge Chapter; D.A.R."

Sharon & Ken Thomas

John Stevenson


Back of Marker

Sharon & Ken Thomas

Julia C. Palmer

21 Jun 1823 26 May 1896     Sharon & Ken Thomas

Rev. Noah H. Palmer

10 Jun 1817 01 Feb 1897

He is not dead but sleepeth

He was married to Julia. He was a Methodist preacher. An article in the 28 Nov 1894 The Constitution: Atlanta, Ga. paper titled Preachers at Rome – Methodists Are Getting Near the End of the Conference stated “The memorial service Sunday afternoon was a very touching occasion. The memoirs of the preachers who have fallen on sleep after life’s long labors were read by Dr. T. R. Kendall, I. S. Hopkins and J. W. Heidt. The blessed dead of this year are: Dr. W. D. Anderson, Miles W. Arnold, Walter R. Branham; Georgia T. King, Noah H. Palmer and John R. Parker.

Sharon & Ken Thomas

Sarah S. Stevenson

30 Jun 1812 28 Apr 1850  

Sarah was married to William Stevenson, grandson of John Stevenson.

Sharon & Ken Thomas

Mary Eliza Quillian

08 Mar 1841 20 May 1883  

Mary was never married.

Sharon & Ken Thomas

M. P. Quillian Jr.

30 Apr 1847 16 May 1880

Strong was his faith in him; who died to save; And bright was his name; Beyond the grave

  Sharon & Ken Thomas

Mattie E. Quillian

17 Feb 1857 20 Aug 1892

Gone from our home, but; not from our hearts

  Sharon & Ken Thomas

M. P. Quillian Sr.

18 Jan 1811 24 Feb 1894     Sharon & Ken Thomas
  Martha Quillian 18 Jan 1820 14 Oct 1898  

Martha Hutchison was the wife of Milligan P. Quillian, Sr.

Sharon & Ken Thomas
L. H. Quillian 06 May 1861 02 Aug 1899     Sharon & Ken Thomas
John I. Quillian 13 Feb 1855 10 Jul 1925  

John Isam was the son of Milligan P. Quillian, Sr.

Sharon & Ken Thomas
Birdie Quillian 01 Sept 1865 09 Sept 1914 She loved birds, flowers and children   Sharon & Ken Thomas
Ruth Daniel 18 Nov 1904 09 Feb 1924 A spotless life, a home beyond the stars   Sharon & Ken Thomas
Mary Quillian 01 Apr 1861 15 Jan 1938 She followed in the masters footsteps   Sharon & Ken Thomas
Clayton Quillian 02 Sept 1858 20 Oct 1899 Born in Dahlonega, Ga; Died in Atlanta, Ga; They that turn many to righteousness shall live in the stars for ever and ever   Sharon & Ken Thomas
Lizzie Quillian 10 Oct 1850 28 Jun 1899 Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God   Sharon & Ken Thomas
H.H. Quillian      

Henry Hardy – no dates on marker.

Sharon & Ken Thomas
C. M. Quillian      

No dates

Sharon & Ken Thomas
Lewis W. Quillian 01 Dec 1816 12 Sept 1896 The world passeth away and the lust thereof; But he that doeth the will of God abideth forever

He was married to Eliza Hutchinson

Sharon & Ken Thomas
Mary Ida Wilson 24 Dec 1871 19 Oct 1873

Daug of Willis & Mattie Wilson

The Whitfield County Cemetery book states Mary was the “s/o Willis H. & Mattie Quillian Wilson, but the stone was very clearly marked “daughter”.

Sharon & Ken Thomas
Eliza Quillian 12 May 1827 18 Mar 1905 She was a devoted wife, a loving Mother and a follower of Christ   Sharon & Ken Thomas
Infant Felker 03 Sept 1883 17 Sept 1883 Infant Daughter of Thomas M. & Sallie E. Felker   Sharon & Ken Thomas
Madeline Quillian 01 May 1884 18 Aug 1961  

Madeline Westmoreland was the wife of John I. Quillian.

Sharon & Ken Thomas
William Stevenson 03 Feb 1810 11 Apr 1896     Sharon & Ken Thomas
        Looking across the Quillian Cemetery from next to the fenced area in front of Sullivan E and Elizabeth Bell markers Sharon & Ken Thomas
        Shot of several markers near a corner Sharon & Ken Thomas
        Approaching Quillian Cemetery Sharon & Ken Thomas
        Right side of Quillian Cemetery Sharon & Ken Thomas

Shot of the fence in front of Sullivan E. Bell and his wife Elizabeth A. headstone

Sharon & Ken Thomas

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