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Street Scene in Dalton

Dalton, 1930s

Whitfield County


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Beaverdale 345516N 0845033W Beaverdale  
Callaway Mill 344959N 0850337W Tunnel Hill  
Cannon Heights 344603N 0845737W Dalton North  
Carbondale 343840N 0845938W Dalton South  
Cedar Ridge 344652N 0845320W Dalton North  
Cedar Valley 345115N 0845440W Dalton Place  
Cohutta 345734N 0845710W Cohutta  
Crown Mill Village 344445N 0845815W Dalton South  
Dalton 344611N 0845813W Dalton North


Dawnville 344909N 0845245W Dalton North  
Dogwood Valley      

Short Story of Dogwood Valley


Edgar (historical) 345639N 0845342W Cohutta  
Fillmore (historical) 344846N 0845455W Dalton North  
Five Springs 344246N 0845828W Dalton South  
Gordon Springs (historical) 344520N 0850814W Nickajack Gap  
Hassler Mill 344807N 0850105W Tunnel Hill  
Keiths Mill 344435N 0845252W Dalton South

Keiths Mill

Mill Creek 344357N 0850232W Villanow  
Mills (historical) 345733N 0845255W Cohutta  
Mount Vernon 344703N 0850307W Tunnel Hill  
Nance Springs 343721N 0845624W Calhoun North  
Parrett Crossing 345833N 0845729W Cohutta  
Phelps 344153N 0845900W Dalton South  
Plainview 345240N 0845640W Cohutta  
Pleasant Grove 344946N 0845631W Dalton North  
Prater Mill 345343N 0845512W Cohutta

Praters Mill

Pratersville 343738N 0845719W Dalton South  
Red Clay 345905N 0845646W Cohutta

Red Clay

Rocky Face 344818N 0850139W Tunnel Hill

Rocky Face

Ruralvale 345256N 0845150W Beaverdale  
Tilton 343954N 0845622W Dalton South  
Trickum 344746N 0850458W Tunnel Hill  
Toonnerville 345205N  0845316W  Dalton North  
Tunnel Hill 345026N  0850234W  Tunnel Hill

Tunnel Hill

Union Point 344559N 0845536W Dalton North  
Varnell 345404N 0845826W Cohutta  
Waring 345004N 0845817W Dalton North  

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