Maps of Whitfield County, GA

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Trish Elliott-Kashima


Cherokee Nation before removal, 1836.  (While this is before Whitfield County was formed, there are some families of Whitfield which have Cherokee Ancestry).


Whitfield County GA 1855, J H Colton Map of Georgia:


Whitfield area, 1865



Map of the Battle For Tunnel Hill, GA




Map of Dalton, GA Area Civil War Battles

Dalton Area 1864 Map


NY Herald's "Our Troops at Tunnel Hill, GA", 1864


Road to Atlanta, NW Georgia Campaign, click to enlarge


Union Map  Resaca to Dalton:


Great Locomotive Chase Route:


Early map of Whitfield County area, showing railroad


Whitfield County, 1895.  Thumbnail, click to enlarge.


Militia Districts



Whitfield County and surrounding counties, 1899:

Whitfield County topographical map, 1911. Thumbnail, click to enlarge.


1952 map of Whitfield County:


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