Camp Joseph E Johnston #34

United Confederate Veterans

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Camp Joseph E Johnston #34, United Confederate Veterans, 1909, Dalton

Courtesy Vanishing Georgia, Virtual Vault, Georgia State Archives.



There are doubtless few who know that Camp Joseph E. Johnston. No. 34, United
Confederate Veterans, was the first camp ever organized in the South, but such
is a fact. While the camp is designated No. 34, it is rreally entitled to first
place. It came about in this way: The camp was organized August 18, 1891, and on
January 11, 1892, together with thirty-three others at New Orleans, received its
charter, or permit, from General John B. Gordon and the quotation, "The first
shall be last" -was literally verified.

   The following were the first officers: A. P. Roberts, Commander: B. M.
Thomas, Vice-commander; W. K. Moore, Vice-commander; J. A. Blanton, Adjutant;
Fred Cappes, Treasurer. There were about thirty-five charter members, among them
were: C. D. McCutchen. John R. Tarver, R. J. McCamy, L. H. Tinsley, J. W.
Barrett, J. F. Denton, A. W. Lynn, Jesse A. Glenn, Judson C. Clements, John W.
Brooker, W. H. Brooker, J. G. McAfee, C. P. Gordon, John Black, Geo. W.
Anderson, James H. Hamilton, Geo. W. Hamilton, H. C. Hamilton, R. P. O'Neill,
Thomas Jolley, Warren R. Davis, T. H. Pitner, W. H. Pruden, B. K. Hix, John
Sansom, and T. H. Pitner.

   Captain A. P. Roberts was the initial organizer, and for years was the chief
executive, and was untiring in his efforts to build up the camp.

   The selection of the name was a most happy one, and very appropriate, on
account of Dalton having been headquarters, at one time, of General Johnston,
the great strategist of the sixties.


Albertson, Sam W                 Co. D, 27th Ga. Reg. Inf.
Anderson. G. W                    Co. , Tenn. Inf.
Baker, R. H                           Phillips' Legion
Barnett, Andrew J                 Co. D, 22nd Ga. Reg.
Barrett, Lank W                    Co. E, 29th Tenn. Reg.
Batey, W. W                         Co. E, 20th Tenn.
Bazemore, R. M                    Co. E, 6th Ga. Reg. Inf.
Bearden, D. J                        Co. D, 65th Ga. Reg.
Bogle, Joseph                       Co. I, 40th Ga. Reg.
Bogle, John W                      Co. I, 1st State Line Troops
Bowen, T. H                         Co. D, Ga. Bat.
Bowman, William                  Co. C, 39th Ga. Keg.
Bowie, John W                     Co. B. Cobb's Legion
Black, Hamilton                    Co. B, 39th Ga. Reg.
Black, John                          Co. A, 38th Ga. Reg. Inf.
Black, Thomas                     Co. C, 3rd Ga. Reg.
Blackburn, B. F                   Co. G, llth Ga. Reg.
Blackburn, B. P                   Co. G, 10th Ga. Reg.
Blanton, J. A                       Co. B, Phillips' Legion
Bramblett, Harrison             White's Bat.
Bramblett, W. H                  White's Bat.
Bradford, N. A                   Co. C, Cobb's Legion
Bridges, J. W                      Co. D, 4th Ga. Bat.
Bridges. J. H                       Co. C, 39th Ga. Reg.
Britton, W. A                      Co. E, 4th Ga. Cav.
Brooks, John                      Cain's Tenn. Bat.
Brooker, John W                Co. B, 39th Ga. Rear.
Brooker, William H            Co. C, 39th N. C. Reg.
Brown, J. H                       Co. H, 4th Tenn Cav.
Brown, A. T                      Gibson's Bat., Cheatham's Div.
Bryeon. W. H                    Co. B, Thirty-ninth Ga. Reg.
Burroughs. W. W              Co. I, Palmetto Sharpshooters
Cannon G. M                    Co. G, 2nd Tenn. Cav.
Calhoun. A. J                    Co. B, 36th Ga. Reg.
Calhoun. J. K. P               Co. B, 36th Ga. Reg.
Callahan John S                Co. B, Phillips' Legion
Cappes, Fred                   Tenn. Battery (Cain's)
Carder, W. H                   Co. A, 3rd Confederate
Carder, Kimsey                Co. C, llth Ga. Reg.
Carr, R. S                        Co. B, 36th Ga.
Cash, J. M                       Co. H, 3rd Tenn. Inf.
Gates, W. N                    Co. K, 7th Ga. Reg.
Cator, W. M                   7th Ga. Regiment
Chapman, I. N                 Co. F, 1st Maryland Cav.
Clark, Geo                       Co. A, 36th Ga. Reg.
Clark, L. F                       Co. K, 1st Reg. S. C. State
Chester, John S               Railroad Service, W. & A.
Clements, J. P
Clements. Judson C         Co. I, Ga. State Line
Collum, Chas                   Co. B, 39th Ga. Reg.
Cooper J. G                    Co. E, 60th Tenn. Reg.
Cochran. Dr. E. C           Surgeon 31st Tenn.
Coker. Barney                 1st S. C. Cav.
Cox. Capt. Fred              Q. M. 36th Ga. Reg.
Clinton, D. P                   Co. I, 42nd Ga. Reg.
Crawford, O. A              Co. A, 4th Ga.
Crawford, "W. H            Co. C, llth Ga. Bat.
Crow, F. C                     Bugler Calloway's Battery
Crump, F. L                    Co. F, Ga. Reg.
Crump, F. L                    Co. F, llth Ga. Inf.
Darnell, W. H                 Co. C, 40th Ga. Inf.*
Dantzler, L. N                 Co. I, State Line
Davis, Warren R             Co. B. Phillips' Legion
Davis, A. R                    Co. H, 23rd Ga. Reg.
Denton, J. F                   Co. B. 39th Ga. Reg.
Deveral, J. H                  Co. B, 16th Ga. Reg.
Dill, T. H                        Co. , 3rd Tenn.
Dimsdale, W. D             Co. A, 16th Ga. Reg.
Dowling, John D             Co. E, 1st Confederate Inf.
Duckett, E. A                 Co. B, 3rd Ga. Reg.
Dudley, J. L                   Co. F, 37th Ga. Inf.
Dillard, T. P                   Co. C, 39th Ga.
Echols, B. W                 Co. B, 3rdr Confederate Cavalry
Echolson, C. S              Co. E, 3rd Ga. Cav.
Echols, C. S                  Co. G, 2nd Ga. State Troops
Edwards, Lewis            Co. I, Glenn's 36th Ga.
England, O. M              Co. H, 2nd Ga. Reg. Inf.
England, J. C                Co. B, Phillips' Legion
Eubanks, Thos              Co. C, 7th Ga, Reg.
Erwin. Henry C             Co. C, 4th Ga. Cav.*
Fann, Dr. J. P               Co. I, Thomas' Legion (Tenn.)
Farnsworth, J. L           Co. I, 29th Tenn. Reg.**
Farrar, C. H                 Co. H, 18th Va. Reg.
Franklin. A. G              Ga. Militia
Felker, S. B                 Co. D, 2nd Ga. Cav.
Fletcher, R. L              Co. G, 4th Ga. Cav.
Ferguson, S. H            Army of Virginia
Freeman, Thos. P        Co. I, 1st Ga. State Line
Freeman, W. H. C       Co. C, 39th Ga. Reg.
Freeman, Jesse P         Ga. State Service***
Field, John L               Co. D, 6th Ga. Reserves
Field, W. G                 Co. A, 39th Ga. Reg.
Fincher, Oliver             Co. H, 4th Ga. Cav.
Finley, W. H                Co. C, 1st E. Tenn. Cav.
Finley, Isaac                Ga. Reserve State Troops
Ford, Timothy             Co. C, 39th Ga. Reg. lst Lieut.
Fox. Haney                 Co. F, 35th Ga. Reg.
Foster, W. H               Co. K, 1st Confederate
Gaffney, Jas                Co. F, 13th Ga. Reg.
Gardner, Wm              Co. B, Phillips' Legion
Graham, J. D              Co. E, 43rd Ga. Inf.
Gramling, Jno. F          Co. A, 9th Ga. Batt.
Graves, J. B                Co. I, 43rd Tenn. Reg.
Graves, S. G               Co. I, 43rd Tenn. Reg.
Glenn, Jesse A            36th Ga. Reg.***
Gregg, A. B                Co. F, 30th Tenn. Reg.
Gilbert, N. J                Co. K, 4th Ga. Reg. Cav.
Gillilan, D. W              Co. F, 39th Ga. Reg.
Godfrey, A. C             Co. , State Reg.
Groves, J. J                 Co. I, 4th GR. Cav.
Goodwin, J. T             Co. D, 2nd Rifles (S. C.)
Gunz, A. C                 Co. I, 4th Ga. Cav.
Hair, Geo. W              Co. C, 39th Ga. Reg.
Hall, William               Co. C, 29th N. C. Reg.
Hamilton,. Jas             Q. M. 34th Ga. Reg.
Hamilton, G. W          Co. G, 3rd Ga. Reserves
Hamilton, H. C           Co. G, 3rd Ga. Reserves
Hamilton, Thos           Co. B, Phillips' Legion
Hammontree, W. R    Co. F, 39th Ga. Reg.
Hartley, B. A             Co. B, 29th Tenn. Inf.
Hawkins, Wm            Co. I, 24th Ga. Reg.
Henderson, Perry       Co. H, 56th Ga. Reg.
Hendricks, G. W        Co. A, 64th Ga. Inf.
Henley, A. J               Co. I. 25th N. C. Reg.
Henton, John              Co. B, Phillips' Legion
Hicks, H. H               Co. A, 1st State Line Troops
Hickman, Rev. J. Q. A  Co. E, 18th Ga. Reg.
Hickman, M. Fortune  Co. E, 40th Ga. Reg.
Higgins, J. M               Co. , 60th Ga. Reg.
Hill, W. W                  Co. C, 39th Ga. Beg.
Hill, John H                Gen. W. B. Bates' Escort.
Hix, B. K                   Co. C, 39th Ga. Reg.
Hooper, Jas               Bates' Escort
Hopkins, Jacob          Co. F, Tenn. Reg. Cav.
Hord, A. J                  Co. K, 18th Tenn.
Howell, A. H              Co. A, 41st Miss. Reg.
Johns, D. C.               Co. E, 1st Reg. Confederates (Navy)
Johnson, W. W          1st Ga. Reg.
Johnson, L. B             Co. B, 25th Ala. Reg.
Johnson, Isaac            Co. D, Phillips' Legion
Jolly, Thos
Jones, W. F               Co. A, 38th Ala. Reg.
Jordan, W. W            Co. 31st Tenn. Reg.
Jones, H. Melvin        Co. D, 4th Ga. Bat.
Kelley, Pat                 Co. C. 12th S. C.
Kenner, William H      Co. G, Tenn. Cav.
Kennemer, D. L          Co. C, 36th Ga. Reg.
Keys, W. A                Co. F, 39th Ga. Inf.
Keys, Isaac                 Co. F, 39th Ga. Inf.
King, Thomas              Co. B, 38th Ga. Reg.
Kirby, T. M                 Co. H, 14th Tenn. Inf.
LaFitte, J. V                Co. I, 5th Ala. Reg.
Lane, J. A                   Co. G, 28th Ga. Inf.
Lankford, W. C           Co. C, llth Ga. State Cav.
Long, Gilbert               Co. E, 9th Ga. Reg.
Long, Wylie M            Co. C, 21st Ga. Reg.
Long, H. P                  Co. D, llth Ga. Reg.
Longley, Jasper           Co. C, 39th Ga. Reg.
Lowry, John A            Co. A, 4th Ga. Bat.
Lowry, Esquire W
Lynch, John                 Co. I, 1st Ga. State Line
Lynn, Alex W              Co. B, Phillips' Legion
Lynn, Rev. J. C           Co. D, 15th Ga. Reg.
McAfee, Dr. J. R         Surgeon 36th Ga. Reg.
McBryde, T. C            Co. C, 44th Ala. Longstreet Corp*
McCamy, S. B             Co. F, 60th Ga.*
McCamy, R. J              4th Ga. Bat., 60th Ga.
McCutchen, C. D         Co. C, 4th Ga. Cav.*
McEntyre, Chas            Co. E, 5th Ark. Reg.
McKinney, Lee             1st Ga. State Troops
McKnight, S. J             Co. B, Taylor's Tex. Cav.
McNabb, Rev. William  Co. C, llth Ga. Reg.
Main, Dr. H. K             Co. A, 36th Ga. Reg.
Masters, Jas. A             Co. H, 36th Ga. Reg.
Messimer, P. K             Co. D, 39th Ga. Reg.
Millirons, W. J               Co. H, 2nd Ga. Reg. Inf.
Mitchell, J. F                 Co. B, Phillips' Legion
Moore, W. K               Q. M. 4th Ga. Reg. Cav.**
Moore, L. N                 Co. F, llth Ga. Reg.
Moore, Joseph H          N. B. Forrest's Command
Morgan, J. F                 Co. I, 36th Ga. Reg.***
Moss, W. A                  Co. B, 56th Ga. Inf.
Motes, Silas                  Co. G, 28th Ga. Reg.
Mullinax, Geo. W          Co. H, 1st Ga. Reg.
Mulkey, F. M                Co. D, 60th Ga. Reg.
Nations, R. H                Co. I, 12th La. Reg.
Nations, J. M                Co. A, 1st Ga. Cav.
Neal, R. P                     Co. C, 39th Ga. Reg.*
Nichols, Wash P           Co. E, 4th Ga. Cav.
Nix, William                  Co. B, 39th Ga. Reg.
Norris, James                Co. I, 24th Ga. Inf.
O'Briant, Sam                Co. H, 3rd Confederate Cav.
O'Neill, R. P
Oxford. J. L                   Co. E, 9th Ga. Reg.
Painter, W. J                  Co. F, 3rd Ga. Cav.
Parrott, Rev. J. C           Co. I, S. C. Reg.
Pearce, Jesse M             Co. E, 37th Ga. Reg.
Pelfrey, D. J                   Co. G, 36th Ga. Reg.
Perkins, Josiah               Co. P, 1st S. C. Rifles
Plemmons, J. L              Co. F, 60th Ga. Reg.
Plemmons, Z. T             Co. E, 60th Ga. Reg.
Phillips, G. W                Co. F, 4th Ky. Cav.
Phillips, J. N                  Co. I, 45th Ga.
Phillips, W. W               Co. I. 28th N. C. Reg.
Price, O. D                   Co. G, 39th Ga. Reg.
Polk, K. R                    Co. H. 2nd Ga. Reg.
Pool. A. J                      11th N. C. Reg.
Pruden, W. H                32nd Ga. Reg.*
Quinn, John W              Co. G, 1st La. Cav.
Redwine. Henry T         Co. B, 39th Ga. Reg.
Renfro, W. A                Co. A, 62nd Tenn. Reg.
Renfrew, Henderson      Co. G, 2nd Tenn. Cav.
Richardson Robert         Co. B, Phillips' Legion
Riggs, W. B
Risner, J. N                   Co. F, 4th Ala. Inf.
Roach, J. E                   Co. A, 52nd Ga. Reg.
Roach, W. L                Co. G, 36th Ga. Reg.
Roberts, A. P               Co. H. 36th Ga. Reg. Inf.**
Roberts, M                   Jeff Davis' Legion
Rodgflrs, Joseph           Co. I, 1st Ga. State Line
Rollins, John                 Co. A, 39th Ga. Reg.
Russell, H. A                Co. G, Fifth Reg. Ga. Cav.
Roach, Joshua              Co. I, 18th Ala. Reg.
Sanfor, J. H                  Co. H, 23rd Ga. Inf.
Sanson. John                Co. A, 36th Ga.
Sapp, Geo. W              Co. D, 2nd Ga. Reg.
Saylors. Jordan H         Co. H, 23rd Ga. Reg.
Simpson. R. A              Pendleton's S. C. Inf.
Sykes, J. J                    Co. G 1st Ga. Reserves
Shannon J. C                Co. C, 37th Tenn. Reg.
Stacy, Thomas B          Co. C, 39th Ga. Reg.
Stafford, Geo. W          Co. H, 2nd Ga. Reg. Inf.
Stanford, J. H               Co. F. 4th Ga. Reg.
Stark, John W              Co. C, 39th Ga. Reg.
Stephens, W. A. P        Co. G, 2nd Tenn. Cav.
Stephenson, B. F          Co. I, 4th Ga. Reg. Cav.
Smith, J. L                    Co. E. 60th Ga. Reg.
Smith, Joe H                 Co. H, 4th Ga. Reg. Inf.
Smith, C. A                  Co. F, 39th Ga. Reg.
Smith, T. Jeff                Co. G. 36th Ga. Reg.
Smith, Geo. F               Co. H. 1st Ga. State Troops
Smithy, Robt                Co. H. 36th Ga. Reg.
Strickland, Wilson        Co. C, 39th Ga. Reg.
Stocks. J. W                Co. C, 37th Ga. Reg.
Stokes, J. W                Co. C, 37th Ga. Reg.
Stone. James                Co. C, 39th Ga. Reg.
Shumate, I. E                Q. QM. State Line
Tarver. John R              Co. H. 36th Ga. Reg.
Tate. W. J                     Co. I, 4th Ga. Reg. Cav.
Tate. A. M                    Co. A. Ga. State Troops
Tibbs, John I                 Co. G, Tenn. Cav.
Townsend. J. J              Co. E. 4th Ga. Cav.
Touchstone. S               Co. A, Roswell Bat.
Thrailkill, J. P                Co. B, 36th Ga. Inf.
Thrailkill. Isaac              Co. B. 36th Ga. Reg.
Thomas, J. G                 Co. F, 25th Va. Reg.
Thomas, Gen. B. M.**
Thomas, J. G                 Co. . 25th N. C. Reg.
Thomas, Jas. J               Co. B, 36th Ga. Reg.
Thomasson, L. W          Co. A, 1st S. C. Beg.
Thompson, W. H           Co. B, 53rd Ga. Reg.
Trippe, W. B                 Co. F, 3rd Ga. Cav.
Vance, C. N.                 Post. Q. M. Dept., Greenville, Tenn.
Wade, Ramey A            Co. A, 52nd Ga. Reg.
Wailes, W. E.***          Jos. E. Wheeler, Cav.***
West, J. N                     Co. G, 43rd Tenn. Reg.
Wood, W. T                  Co. C, 9th Ky. Reg. Cav.
White, John                    Co. C, 39th Ga. Reg.
Young, Jno. C                Co. K, 1st Ark. Inf.
York, A. J                      Co. G, llth Ga. Reg.

*This list was compiled from the minutes of the Joseph E. Johnston Camp, for
1900 et seq. and is the most accurate one now available.

**Brigradier General.
***Adjutant General for Joseph E. Wheeler.
***2nd Lieutenant.
*Lieutenant Colonel.

Sources: History of Whitfield County, 1936 (


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