Ministers of Whitfield County, GA

Would like to know more about these Ministers and what Churches

they were at.  Hoping some of you may have information on them.  The dates in brackets are the dates that I know for sure they were ministers based on Marriage licenses. This is a work in progress.


Circuit Preacher 1860s

If you have some information to share, please contact me.


Mills Abernathy (1856-

E M Amos (1856-

J D Anthony (1853-1857

J C Bates (1853-

John B Bell (1853-1856

F Bird (1856-

Levi Brotherton (1852-1857

E M Cabel (1853-

A E Candiver (1857-

Wiley Cantrell (1853

J M Carwood (1853-

Z D Clark (1852-1856

M A Clonts (1856-1857

John Crawford (1854-

Haley G Fuller (1856-

D T Fulton (1854-

John P Gilbert (1852-1856

Alfred Gootkoontz (1853-

William W Green (1852-1856

Robert Hare (1853-

A G Johnson (1852-1853

Drury Johnson (1854-

R F Jones (1855-

J M Kenner (1854-

Beja J King (1853-

Edward McAbee (1852-1855

G A McAlister (1856-

Y L McLenor (1855-

M C Martin (1855-1856

W C Norris (1853-1854

William Nutt (1852-

S C Quillian (1855-1856

James William Ramsey (1852-1856

Gilbert Randolph (1853-

J M Richardson (1853-1855

G W Selvidge (1852-1857

D F Smith (1854-1855

Milton C Smith (1854-

--- Sutter (1855-

Jacob Tate (1852-1857

M M Vandiver (1852-

W or M H Vandiver (1852-1857

Robert Ware (1854-1857

C B Willborn (1854-1857

Britain Williams (1853-1854

V W Wilson, Elder (1856-1857

G G Witherspoon (1857-



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