Special Pardons, 1865

Whitfield County, GA

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"President Andrew Johnson pardoning Rebels at the White House" 

Sketched by Stanley Fox, 1865


Petition of William Patterson Chester of Palmetto, Georgia for Special Pardon


June 26, 1865

To His Excellency, President Johnson, President of the USA

Dear Sir, I am aware of the numerous applications to you, and without further ceremony, I introduce and bring to your recollection Wm P Chester, formerly of Jonesboro Ten. brother in law to John Blair formerly member of Congress, and son in law of Col John Snapp of Green Co E Ten, I moved to George and kept Chester House in Dalton, there I was appointed postmaster in 1858.  I discharged the duties in good faith so long as the state remained in the Union, immediately before the state ceceeded I wrote to the  Department giving my opinion that the State would ceceed and asked for instruction but received no answer.  When Georgia ceceeded I was continued in office, under the U.S. Government I was instructed to pay over all moneys of the office to mail contractors.  I done so and continued to pay over to the same, being instructed by the Confederate authorities, I feel I have acted in good faith to the powers as they existed.  Situated as I was I naturally went with my State, I am and always have been a constitutional old line Democrat  believe in the  Monroe doctrin, my interests and feeling were with the South.  I do not deny my position, I was conscentious in my opinions.  I am now and was expect to be a loyal Constitutional Citisen to the U.S. and am proud of our institutions and government.  I verry respectfully ask the clemency of the Executive Power to be extended to me in a free and full exoneration  and pardon.  I am 65 years old, the fates of War has reduced me to allmost penury and want.  I have 4 widowed daughters and families to care for.  I wish to have a clear record when I go hence etc.  Your early attention to this will be thankfully recd.  Yours to command, Wm P Chester.


August 31, 1865

Am now and always have been a loyal constitution citisen of these U.S. and am proud of our institutions and government.  I verry respectfully ask the clemency of the executive power to be extended to me by a free and full exoneration and pardon etc.  The fates of War has left me in a state of penury and want with a numerous female family dependant on me.  I am 65 years old and wish to have a clear record, and if I can, do something for my family to do so.  Verry Respectfully yours to comnd, Wm P Chester (Witnessed by Danl Pittman, Fulton County Ordinary)


Sept 18, 1865, recommended for pardon by James Johnson, the provisional governor of Georgia as "he will likely proof a loyal and useful citizen"

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Petition of Richard P Johnson of Whitfield Co GA for Special Pardon


To His Excellency, The President

Richard P Johnson, Route Agent of the Post Office Department of the Confederate States, Dalton Georgia.  Sept 11, 1865, Special Application for Pardon. 

Ex US Rebel Route Agent.


Head Quarters Department of Georgia, August 30, 1865, Augusta Georgia.  Respectfully forwarded to The Attorney General US at Washington City.  James B Steedman, Maj Genl Commdg Dept Ga

Executive Office Provisional Govt of Georgia, Milledgeville, August 21, 1865.  I recommend this applicant for pardon and amnesty, satisfied with his statements herein that they are true.  I believe he will prove a loyal and useful citizen. J Johnson

Dalton Geo, July 31, 1865


His Excellency Andrew Johnson, President of the United States

The Application and Petition of  Richard P Johnson of Dalton Whitfield County Georgia for a special pardon under the Proclamation of the President of the May 29, 1865, his case falling under the head of the first class named in said proclamation as not being entitled to a general pardon, most respectfully sheweth that he bases his application for a special pardon of the following grounds or facts viz.

1st that he was opposed to the War but when Georgia seceded and with the other seceding states he felt and believed that he was bound to support them or be sent by force to the south.  And does not feel in his conscience that he ought to be held responsible, for what he may have said or done after the action of Georgia. 

2nd that he was a route agent of the Post Office Department of the United States on the rail road line from Knoxville Tennessee to Dalton Georgia.  In which capacity he was serving when the Confederate government without having made application but accepted the appointment as he believed he was lawfully bound to serve the Confederate States in some capacity being of the conscription age and preferring these offices to going into the south as a soldier. 

He rejoices that the war is at an end and feels the deepest interest in the peace, prosperity and happiness of the United States, and pledges himself with the most willing mind to protect, support and defend in good faith of the constitution and laws of the United States and prays your Excellency to grant him a special pardon for anything he may have said or done, calculated to aid the rebellion and as in duty bound he will ever pray and while he is honor to subscribe himself. With distinguished regard, your obedient servant, Richard P Johnson.

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Petition of Adam Stroup of Whitfield Co GA for Special Pardon


Dalton, Georgia, Sept 8, 1865

Adam Stroup, of Whitfield County GA; Applies for Special Pardon within 1st Exception; No oath accompanying this, July 5, 1866, Rebel Postmaster


Respectfully submitted to the Secretary of War R A Nichols, Asst Adgt Gen, Dec 26, 1865

Respectfully referred to the Honorable the Attorney General

By order of the Secretary of War Thos T Eckert Acting Assistant Secretary of War, 27 Dec 1865


Head Quarters, Mil Division Tenn, Nashville Tenn, December 16, 1865.  Respectfully forwarded to the Adjutant General of the Army.  Geo H Thomas, Major General USA Command’g

Executive Office of the Provisional Govt of Georgia.  Milledgeville, Nov 17, 1865.  This applicant was a Country postmaster, proposes and pledges loyalty and I recommend his pardon.  J Johnson Gov 

Head Quarters Department of Georgia, Augusta Georgia, December 11, 1865.  Respectfully forwarded J H Wilson, Maj Genl Vols.


Dalton, Georgia, September 7, 1865

His Excellency Andrew Johnson, President of the United States,


I was appointed on the 3rd day of January 1862 by Post M General Reagan of the so called Confederate States of America, at Anderson Whitfield County.  ------ which is a very small unimportant village.  I can ------ I have been a Union man from the commencement of the War.

I humbly petition your Excellency to extend the priviledge of the amnesty oath of May 29, 1865.  I am sir, very respectfully, your obt servant, Adam Stroup

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Petition of William Whitten of Whitfield Co GA for Special Pardon

Head Quarters Dept of Georgia, Office Provost Marshal General.

Augusta Georgia, Sept 9, 1865.  William Whitten, Whitfield Co GA Respectfully asks for special pardon under exceptions No. One of President Johnson proclamation.


Head Quarters Dept of Georgia, Office Provost Marshal General.

Augusta GA, Sept 9, 1865.  Respectfully referred to his Excellency James Johnson, Governor of the State of Georgia for investigation and report as to the merits of the within case and for his recommendation as to final action.  These papers to be returned with the report and recommendation by command of Maj Gen James B Steedman.


Rebel Postmaster 

Executive office, Provisional Govt of Geo, Milledgeville, Sept 18, 1865.  This applicant was only a village postmaster and promises well as to future loyalty.  I recommend his pardon.  J Johnson, Pro Gen of Georgia 


State of Georgia, Whitfield County.  His exelency Andrew Johnson, President of the United States.  The petition of William Whitten respectfully shows to his exelency that your petitioner was appointed to and did hold and exercise the function of postmaster at Tunnel Hill in the State of Georgia under the authority of the so called Confederate States therefore your petitioner advised and believes that embraced in the excepted class of your exelencys proclamation of May 29, 1865 under the head of domestic agent and your petitioner avers that he is not imbraced under any other head in said proclamation that the U.S. authorities has never set up any claim to his property or any part thereof nor has never been sued by any U.S. court and petitioner avers that he was utterly opposed to succession and voted and done all in his power to prevent it and that he never bore arms in the rebel army and and no wise connected with the army that he remained at home all the time while P.M. for the so called confederate states which was about eighteen (18) months and took care of famely and property with the exception of about three months he fell back behind federal lines for the protection of his person and remained there until the federal army advanced.  Your petitioner further states that he took up allegiance to the united state government on the eighteenth day of May 1864 and has since kept the same involate and your petitioner avers that above is a true statement of facts.  Sworn and subscribed before me at Tunnel Hill Georgia, 29th day of August 1865. Orziel G Smith, 1st Lieutenant, 148 IL Infantry and Provost Marshal, 1st Sub Division, Dist of Alatatoona Georgia.  Signed William Whiten


United States of America.  I, William Whitten, County of Whitfield, State of Georgia, do solemnly swear or affirm, in the presence of Almighty God, that I will henceforth faithfully support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States thereunder, and that I will, in like manner, abide by and faithfully support all laws and proclamations which have been made during the existing rebellion with reference to the emancipation of slaves; so help me God.

Subscribed and Sworn before me at Tunnel Hill, GA

The 29th Day of August 1865.

Orziel Smith, 1st Lieutenant, 148 IL Infantry and Provost Marshal, 1st Sub Division, Dist of Alatatoona.

Signed William Whitten

The above has fair complexion, gray hair, blue eyes, and is 5 feet 8 inches high.

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