Union Baptist Church Cemetery

Old Columbus Rd, very near Hwy 137

There is a sign at the road that says Union Baptist Cemetery, turn right after the sign, it is a short dirt/grass driveway into the cemetery


Anyone with relatives in this cemetery, please contact me, we are probably related.


Photo courtesy of Linda Miller Riley


If you have any corrections or additions, please contact me


Sincere thanks to cousin T J Miller and his daughter Linda Riley on the cleanup and addition of the sign for this cemetery. 


I have additional photos that I will be adding to this webpage.  The Meltons, Walls and Shorts are my ancestors.


RIGSBY, Nonie b. 1/31/1916 d. 2/6/1981
RIGSBY, Arthur G. b. 2/28/1906 d. 3/7/1953
Cement slab, adult unknown
RIGSBY, Thomas D. b. 10/20/1870 d. 1/12/1940
SMITH, Carl W. Jr. s/o Carl W. & Gedia P. Smith b. 1/18/1929
SMITH, Carl W. Sgt. Co. D. 1 Div. BN WWI b. 4/23/1896 d. 1/7/1969
SMITH, Cedia Preston b. 9/9/1900 d. 11/24/1971
4 graves, dirt mound rocks at head and foot
RIGSBY, M.G. b. 8/6/1873 d. 6/11/1948
RIGSBY, Ella H. b. 3/22/1870 d. 12/8/1932
HARBUCK, Perz b. 6/14/1870 d. 7/18/1950
GIBSON, A.B. b. 1861 d. 1941
GIBSON, Betty b. 8/4/1935 d. 1/6/1936
GIBSON, infant daughter
HARBUCK, Doris 1/5/1948
Infant, mount (dirt) rock at head and foot
RIGSBY, Eula Mae b. 9/6/1926 d. 4/8/1929
2 graves, large rocks at head and foot
RIGSBY, J.W. Co. E 63 GA Inf. CSA
1 grave, large rock at head and foot (unknown)
WHEELIS, Julia b. 1892 d. 1918
WALL, Herchel L. b. 5/23/1914 d. 5/7/1919
WALL, Robert J. b. 10/18/1912 d. 1/23/1913
WALL, Monnie b. 1893 d. 1923
SHORT, Hattie b. 1876 d. 1908
s/o M.E. Short 1908

SHORT, Mathew E (headstone has disappeared, but he is buried here) 1854-1947

Rock at head (unknown)
WALL, Susan b. 9/18/1838 d. 5/30/1911
WALL, Jesse b. 6/5/1828 d. 3/20/1896
2 infants, (no name) rock at head and foot
1 adult, rock at head and foot
1 child (rock at head and foot)
PERRY, Warren s/o Claude & Naomi Dobbs b. 2/24/1928 d. 2/27/1928
DOBBS, Ellen Jane b. 4/20/1863 d. 7/10/1956
DOBBS, Della b. 11/29/1883
Infant s/o E.L. & Erin Short b. 9/1922 d. 9/1922
SHORT, Erin, w/o E.L. Short b. 5/22/1897 d. 4/15/1925
ROYAL, Jack C. b. 6/9/1878 d. 7/31/1934
ROYAL, Mattie W. b. 12/29/1874 d. 3/27/1955
WALL, J.T. b. 3/20/1871 d. 3/18/1923
WALL, Clifford Ellen Parker b. 1884 d. 1920
Infant 6/18/1920
WALL, Edgar Cliford b. 1916 d. 1928
HOLLOMON, John W. b. 7/2/1877 d. 10/7/1940
HOLLOMON, Georgia S. b. 2/9/1897 d. 10/1/1952
WALL, J. W. b. 4/14/1854 d. 5/30/1934
WALL, Mrs. J.W. b. 12/8/1860 d. 11/14/1928
EDGE, Jehu  b. 2/9/1841 d. 9/25/1903
EDGE, Virginia D. b. 10/30/1840 d. 6/2/1922
Infant s/o Jehu & V.C. Edge 7/7/1875
IVEY, Eleazer G. Co. B. 48 GA Inf CSA b. 5/28/1838 d. 4/21/1913
1 grave, wooden stake at foot
1 grave, large rock at head
1 grave, rock at head and foot
1 grave, rock at head and foot
SHORT, James E. Co. H - 46 GA Inf CSA
1 grave, large rock at head
1 grave, large rock at head and foot
EVEY, Joe d. 9/11/1951 age 65
1 grave head stone broke and gone
FUSSELL, Little Eric s/o I.C. & M.E. Fussell b. 2/10 d. 4/18/1895
s/o Mr. And Mrs. W. C. STORY
DABBS, M.W. b. 12/7/1988 d. 2/21/1933
WILLIAMS, Julia b. 1895 d. 1982
WILLIAMS, Neal T. b. 9/16/1890 d. 2/22/1966
WILLIAMS, Reuben W. b. 4/4/1868 d. 7/2/1947
WILLIAMS, Lula B. Faircloth b. 6/9/1874 d. 10/12/1947
KEMP, Bertha Morris b. 8/9/1879 d. 7/7/1950
KEMP, Charlie Armour b. 4/11/1871 d. 4/10/1919
1 grave mound with dirt rock at head
1 grave surrounded by huge rock
1 grave large rock at head & foot
Infant son of W.T. & M.V. EDGE b. 8/10/1870
WEAVER, Nellie b. 1815 d. 1880 (mother of Caroline below)
WARTHEN, Caroline b. 4/27/1838 d. 4/12/1927 (second wife of Matthew Melton)
CHAMBLESS, Z.L. b. 7/31/1812 d. 4/27/1879
CHAMBLESS, Smithy Sherrard w/o Z.L. Chambless b. 11/3/1822 d. 11/28/1909
Infant grave, bricked (4 ft. long, 2 ft. high & 2 ft. wide)
MELTON, Nancy b. 10/24/1800 d. 8/10/1863 (first wife of Matthew Melton)
MELTON, Matthew b. 9/16/1807 d. 3/7/1897
1 grave, rock at head and foot
BARTLETT S. Rosco b. 1875 d. 1876 By twin brother Oscar Bartlett
BARTLETT, W.A. b. 6/16/1818 d. 2/18/1880
BARTLETT, Mollie b. 1847 d. 1922
WALLS, Will L. b. 6/18/1875 d. 4/18/1957
WALLS, Effie May Dobbs w/o W.L. Walls b. 6/30/1890 d. 9/27/1977
CRAWLEY, Ethel G. Walls, w/o G.H. Crawley b. 2/18/1914 d. 8/25/1942
WIGGINS, Mamie R. no dates
1 grave, dirt mound, plate at head, unreadable
2 infant graves, cement slabs
MELTON, Eli E. b. 3/13/1857 d. 3/18/1945
PRESTON, Thomas Brady b. 2/13/1891 d. 4/4/1959 GA Cpt. 5 Co. 157 Depot Brigade WWI
      PRESTON, Ernest Rudolph b. 2/26/1853 d. 7/22/1921
1 infant, cement slab
J.M. Am________ Infant
2 graves, brick & rocks wooden stake & iron stake
Infant grave, covered with huge rocks
MOORE, Cordelia Ann b. 4/20/1834 d. 10/30/1940
1 grave, (sunken) solid cement, piece at head
1 grave, large rock at head & foot
1 grave, rock at head & foot
MOORE, Miss M.
MOORE, Kilby, Co. D 6 GA Mil CSA
1 grave, large rock at head & foot
JESTER, L.A. b. 4/3/1849 d. 11/24/1887
JESTER, Elizabeth C. Hillman wife of L.A. Jester 7/24/1849 d. 11/8/1931
HILLMAN, George Ann Preston wife of James G. Hillman b. 1/28/1849 d. 3/7/1916
HILLMAN, James Gee b. 2/24/1851 d. 4/27/1916
HILLMAN, Fannie Urshula d/o Mr. & Mrs. J.G. Hillman b. 9/10/1874 d. 6/2/1919
THAGGARD, J.M. b. 9/30/1871 d. 8/24/1924
THAGGARD, Arthur Eugene b. 2/27/1904 d. 8/23/1907
THAGGARD, Laura Rebecca b. 11/24/1895 d. 11/27/1895
HELMS, Lee A. b. 12/10/1862 d. 11/2/1894
THAGGARD, W. M. b. 12/24/1826 d. 5/5/1897
HILLMAN, Samuel W. Co. K 12 GA Inf CSA
HILLMAN, Sarah J.M. d/o C.W. & Marian Hillman b. 8/4/1853 d. 9/29/1856
1 grave, rock at head & foot
1 grave, large rock at foot
HILLMAN, Mariah wife of C.W. Hillman b. 10/10/1812 d. 1/13/1865
ANSLEY, Charles son of W.A. & N.E. Ansley b. 12/28/1866 d. 3/15/1883
ANSLEY, William A. b. 2/20/1837 d. 3/13/1906
ALLISON, Jessie b. 11/6/1900
MOORES, Henry, children
H. MOORE child
H. MOORE child
H. MOORE child
H. MOORE child
Son of E.C. & Roanna Moore b. 9/21/1860 d. 7/24/1861
1 solid rock at head (perhaps a grave)
1 grave, marble stone unknown
1 grave, marble stone unknown
HARPE, Alma Ansley b. 9/1/1870 d. 1/6/1966
ANSLEY, Tracy B. b. 10/18/1906 d. 5/13/1957
ANSLEY, W.B. Sr. b. 10/9/1872 d. 6/5/1953
ANSLEY, Susie Ansley w/o W. B. Ansley b. 11/11/1879 d. 6/5/1918
ANSLEY, Marian Lois d/o W.B. & Susie Ansley b. 12/1/1899 d. 2/14/1901
ANSLEY, Nancy Ellen, w/o William A. Ansley b. 8/29/1843 d. 3/1/1906
1 grave, stone at head and foot
2 graves, marble stones at head and foot
ANSLEY, Wm Bascom b. 4/16/1908 d. 2/4/1970
ANSLEY, James Alton b. 4/3/1903 d. 11/16/1978
EDGE, Nannie b. 5/2/1875 d. 10/6/1966
EDGE, Bessie b. 8/19/1877 d. 1/21/1964
EDGE, Edward E. b. 12/16/1872 d. 7/15/1961
EDGE, Mary Victoria b.3/4/1846 d. 5/9/1906
EDGE, Marlin Town, b. 8/24/1844 d. 1/8/1910
REVELL, Jesse Lee b. 11/12/1870 d. 4/22/1915
McCURDY, R.A. b. 10/30/1834 d. 5/5/1889
McCURDY, Mary Elmina w/o R.A. McCurdy b. 2/27/1838 d. 7/16/1872
PATRICK, Willie W. s/o G.W. & T.F. Patrick b. 9/24/1878 d. 11/18/1878
REVELL, Ralph Maund b. 2/19/1904 d. 8/5/1905
THAGGARD, Rebecca Hillman w/o W.M. Thaggard b. 3/12/1839 d. 7/14/1893
HUFF, Florence S. d/o G.W. & J.E. Huff b. 10/10/1877 d. 1/19/1906
HUFF, G.W. 10/10/1839 d. 6/14/1921
Adult grave, solid cement slab (unknown)
2 marble headstones no names
Marble headstone (no name)
MOORE, Miss Joe
BAILEY, Arthor Frank b. 6/4/1918 d. 3/22/1951
2 graves with granite stones no names
WOODELL, Johnie T. 1900-1931
WOODELL, Jamie Dobbs 1905-1950
MOORE, Fannie
1 marble stone at head (no name)


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