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Berginville West-Southwest of Buena Vista
Blueville North of Buena Vista
Brantley Northwest of Buena Vista
Buena Vista Central Marion County
Church Hill South of Buena Vista on County Line
Curron see Zellobee
Doyle Southeast of Buena Vista
Draneville South-Southeast of Buena Vista
Elmview West of Buena Vista
Five Points Northeast of Buena Vista
Fort Perry  On the old Federal Road near Buena Vista
Glen Alta West of Buena Vista on County Line
Hoggs (historical)

South-Southwest of Buena Vista on County Line,

near Church Hill

Horry (historical) 3 miles NE of Tazewell, was Marion, now Schley County
Jacksonville see Draneville
Juniper North-Northwest of Buena Vista on County Line
Lancaster (historical) North of Buena Vista on County Line
Oakland North of Buena Vista
Pea Ridge see Buena Vista
Pineville Southwest of Buena Vista
Putnam Southeast of Buena Vista at County Line
Red Bone see Brantley
Tazewell Northeast of Buena Vista
Union West-Northwest of Buena Vista
Wigginsville see Doyle
Zellobee West of Buena Vista

Source: "History of Marion County, Georgia 1827-1930", by Nettie Powell




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