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Family Group


Birth/Death Date

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Benjamin Adams

Emily Ivey 1803-1863 View File

Joseph Randall Adams

Mary Elizabeth Caldwell 1843-1920 View File
Sydney D Anglin Mary C Lowrimore 1885-1947 View File

John Gaston Baggett

Mary Elizabeth Armstrong   1820-1886 View File
Henry Crawford Bailey Elizabeth Ellen McKay 1826-1909 View File
Henry Crawford Bailey Frances Mary Bosworth 1826-1909 View File
George A Brown Julia P Brown 1826-1879 View File

William M Brown

Amanda Gray 1805-1870 View File
William Nathaniel Brown Mary Jane McMichael 1852-1912 View File
Thomas Clements Sarah Unknown   View File
Seth Cobb Martha "Patsy" Hill 1798-1853 View File
Stephen Collins Elizabeth Middleton ca 1797-ca 1855 View File
Elihue Corley/Cauley Charity Ann Porter 1817-? View File
Elihue Corley/Cauley Sarah Graham 1817-? View File
John Dillard Hilah Elizabeth Watson 1803-1861 View File
Bryant D Howell Mary unknown 1800-1860/1870 View File
Linza D Hutchinson Susan Watson 1829-1865 View File
Willis J Jinks Nicey Martin 1807-1885 View File
Edgar Jones Lizzie O'Hearn 1888-1975 View File
John Keeling Jones Martha Castleberry 1801-1860 View File
Samuel Jones Elizabeth Castleberry 1767-ca 1860 View File
Peter May Elizabeth Windham 1800-1866 View File
Sterling Jones McCrory Martha Maria Prevatt 1822-1895 View File
Josiah Tuck McLaughlin Mary Ann Jane Jordan 1812-1870 View File
William McLaughlin Susanna Tuck 1781/1790-1841 View File
James McMichael Margaret Ann (Nelson?) 1783-ca 1816 View File

John McMichael

Mary Unknown 1725-1800 View File
Algin Walter Meadows Georgia Roberts 1858-1905 View File
Daniel Meadows Ann/Anna Thompson 1779-1875 View File
Vincent T Meadows Martha E King 1804-1894 View File
McKinney Melton Martha (unknown) 1770/1780-1840 View File
Sebron Montgomery Josephine Hayes 1839-1917 View File
Thomas Jefferson Mott Harriet Taylor 1855-1926 View File
James A Porter Charity unknown ?-1843 View File
Bennett W Raiford Mary Jane Kent 1822-? View File
Claudius Raiford Julia Corley/Cauley 1852-1926 View File
Lawrence Raiford Lucy Roberta Parham 1875-1953 View File
W Nathaniel Raines Rebecca W Jackson 1796-1855 View File
John Henry Robinson Mary Jane Weeks 1841-? View file
John Henry Robinson Ella Wainwright 1841-? View File
Benjamin F Short Adelade Wilson   View File
Daniel Bartholomew Smith Julianne Dye 1822-bet 1880/1899 View File
William Smith Aletha Padget 1782-bet 1860/1870  
Ben Alexander Strange Sarah Josaphine McCrory 1845-1897 View File
William A Tate/Tait Catherine Unknown 1805-1873 View File
Daniel Walker Ella Worthy 1848-1928 View File
Jesse Wall Sarah Unknown (poss Bradford) 1783-1853 View File

Shadrach Wall

Elizabeth Matthews 1781-1871 View File



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