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The location that Fort Perry was on is on private land. This is near Hwy 41, and Oakland and Ft Perry Roads.


Ft Perry was a stockaded fort with blockhouse, built in 1813 by General John Floyd on the old Alabama Road. General John Floyd led 400 Georgia

volunteers from here to fight the Red Sticks in Alabama. Fort Perry was named for War of 1812 veteran Oliver Hazard Perry, the hero of the Lake

Erie Battle in 1812.



This is a reproduction of Ft Mitchell in Alabama, probably similarly built to Ft Perry.


Ft Hawkins: The fort enclosed 1.4 acres, had two blockhouses, four longhouses and a building for officers' quarters. The stockade was built

 of hewn lumber 14 inches squared, 14 feet in height and buried 4 feet into the ground. Fort Hawkins was decommissioned in 1828. 

Was probably somewhat similar in plan to Ft Perry. Here is a link to alot of information on Fort Hawkins, very interesting reading.


Old Federal Road map.


Forts along the Old Federal road: Fort Wilkinson (1805, Milledgeville); Fort Hawkins (1806, Macon); Fort Lawrence (ca 1810, Taylor County); Fort Perry (1813, Marion County); Fort Mitchell (1829?, Columbus)



Old Federal Road, Monroe County AL



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