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Trish Elliott-Kashima, County Coordinator


June 22, 2018:


Newspaper abstracts: 14 Jan 1832;  Sept 6, 1838;  Aug 7, 1839.   


Additions to WWI draft registration: Blythe, Bone, Boon, Boone, Bowles, Boynton, Bradford.


May 5, 2018:


Additions to 1850 census


Newspaper abstracts: 7 Aug 1844;


April 1, 2018:


1860 mortality census - complete


March 10, 2018:


Court of Ordinary Minutes, 1856 in progress  mentions estates of William Ware, West Parker, Thomas Hardiman,

Margarett Dowd, Lavry Hearn, Redmond Yates, Meredith Duke, Josiah Swain, John N Matthews, orphan

Henry Jurnigan Durkins, orphans Joel G Horn and Levi Horn,



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