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Inmates from Marion County,



Powell Building, the main building, 1894

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This Mental Hospital was apparently considered to be the largest in the world from 1837 (its announcement of opening was 1842 by the Governor) to the 1950s.  The records are from March 1853 however, and there were 355 patients prior to the earliest volume of records.  Keep in mind that not everyone who was in this hospital was "insane".  Some people were stroke victims, senile, physically deformed, epileptic, those with chronic disease, or just unwanted by their families.  After the Civil War, it also included soldiers who were maimed physically and/or mentally by War.  The records  hold more information and if you find a relative, please look for more details at the Georgia Archives in Morrow.  There may also be information in Marion County's Court records.

Rear of Women's Convalescent Building, 1894

Courtesy of Vanishing Georgia


Source of data below: The Georgia Black Book, Vol 1 by Robert Scott Davis Jr., 1982


Inmates from Marion County:


Martin Baker (inmate # 363), admitted 5 May 1853

Miss Dolly Ann Davis (inmate # 595), admitted 27 Nov 1857

Miss Mary Ann Davenport (inmate # 604), admitted 18 Dec 1857

Florida Battle, (page 38 Book 3), admitted March 1861

Mrs Mary Wiggins (page 117 Book 3), admitted 20 May 1864

Jacob Freeman (page 126, Book 3), admitted 31 Mar 1865

Elizabeth Ingram (page 193, Book 3), admitted 23 Feb 1867

Mrs Mary F Wiggins (page 196, Book 3), admitted 23 March 1867

Dorcas (colored) (page 227, Book 3), admitted 20 Dec 1867

Mrs Elizabeth Elliott (page 272, Book 3), admitted 30 Apr 1869



African American Building, 1894

Courtesy of Vanishing Georgia




Convalescent Males Building, 1894

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